What is the main difference between Apple Watch Series 6 and 7?


What is the upgrade – Should I buy Apple Watch 6 or wait for 7? Apple Watch Series 6 has already hit market with Blood Oxygen level and handwash countdown features. What is going to be added features in Apple Watch Series 7? There are many rumours on it. Experts are predicting that Apple Watch Series 7 will come with blood sugar level feature or unlock your car option along with enhanced fitness measurement & sleep tracking. What is the main difference between Apple Watch Series 6 and 7?

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What is the main price difference between Apple Watch Series 6 and 7?

The Apple Watch Series 7 is likely to start at £379/$399.

Pricing on the Apple Watch series has held reasonably steady over the years. At launch the previous three models were priced as followed:

  • Apple Watch Series 4: £399/$399
  • Apple Watch Series 5: £399/$399
  • Apple Watch Series 6: £379/$399

We can’t see any obvious reason why this would change drastically, so the Apple Watch Series 7 will most likely come in at £379/$399 or thereabouts.

What is the main difference between Apple Watch Series 6 and 7 – Find helpful reviews


According to Gurman’s sources, Apple is testing a “new lamination technique” that brings the watch’s touchscreen display closer to the top casing. The sources also said Apple Watch 7 could be “slightly thicker,” but not enough for users to notice. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman suggested the Apple Watch 7’s design will change. Gurman said the next Apple Watch will sport thinner bezels in a recent report detailing several upcoming features.

Color option

The Watch Series 6, however, has more design and color choices. In addition to the standard silver, grey and gold aluminum colors, the Series 6 comes in blue and red. It also has steel and titanium variants, with different color options in both materials. Hermès, the luxury fashion company and longtime partner of Apple Watch also has new bands of its own for the Series 6.

It seems Apple is exploring ways of applying a matte black finish to the anodized metal of its smartphones and watches, so it’s possible this will be a new color offered by the Apple Watch 7.


Around one and a half years ago, the Economic Daily News reported that Apple will be switching from OLED to microLED displays in Apple Watches as soon as 2020.

OS – Apple Watch Series 6 vs 7

New to WatchOS 7 and available on the Watch Series 6. This allows you to pair an iPhone to someone else’s Apple Watch, be it a family member like a young child or an elderly adult. You can then apply controls, like limiting contacts and app downloads, or automatic location tracking. The other person won’t have to have an iPhone of their own. WatchOS 7 comes with a number of new watch faces as well, including ones for Memoji stickers.

We know the Apple Watch 7 will run watchOS 8, and that’s now been announced, so we know what to expect there.

Highlights include a new Mindfulness app (which will incorporate the Breathe app), the addition of Tai Chi and Pilates to the Workout app, the ability to track respiratory rate while you sleep, and a redesigned Photos app.

Health feature

One new health feature meanwhile could be a glucometer, used to measure blood sugar levels. A report suggests the Apple Watch 7 could be one of several 2021 smartwatches to get this feature. It’d be useful for diabetics in particular, who need to keep a constant eye on their blood sugar, but other people with various other conditions could find it useful too.

Extended battery

Beyond that, we’re in the territory of patents, and based on those the Apple Watch 7 strap could be in for a big change, as a patent details a strap with a battery embedded within it, which can therefore increase the battery life of the Apple Watch. However, ideas in patents often don’t get used, so don’t count on seeing this.

Blood oxygen level

One major update that’s only on the Watch Series 6 are sensors that measure your blood oxygen levels. Known as an oximeter, this feature can gather important information about your breathing and blood circulation in 15 seconds, and lend key insight about your overall respiratory and cardiac health. It’s particularly important for those affected by COVID-19, since blood oxygen levels are indicative of how severely the disease is affecting your body.

Unlock your car

The Series 6 packs in Apple’s latest ultra-wideband U1 chip, and while it’s not really doing anything right now, it can be used in the future for using and unlocking smart devices.

It will even potentially be used in the future to unlock your car, and Tesla is already adopting ultra-wideband technology to create a new auto unlocking key fob that is immune to rely on attacks, so if you are interested in that, then the Series 6 can definitely be worth buying right now.

Sports version in Apple Watch Series 6 vs 7 2021

Talking of long shots… Another out-there rumour predicts that Apple is working on a new version of its wearable to be called the Apple Watch Sport.

In itself that isn’t too hard to believe – there was a Sport version of the original model, which just referred to it coming with a sporty strap – but we’re also hearing that this will be a completely new design focusing on shock resistance and all-round robustness. It would be covered with rubber-like material and be somewhat reminiscent of Casio’s G-Shock watches.

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