Yosuda indoor cycling bike stationary – cycle bike with iPad mount review – is it for sale?


The LCD monitor on Yosuda indoor cycling bike stationary – cycle bike with iPad mount tracks your time, speed, distance, calories burned and odometer. The gift Ipad holder allows you to enjoy exercising and music at the same time, making it easier to keep exercising. 2-ways adjustable non-slip handlebar, 4-ways padded seat (inseam height 25-35in) and a large range of resistance give users a comfortable indoor riding experience. Workout your muscles / lose weight / enhance heart /lung function. 270 lbs weight capacity.. Should you buy it? Find more in Yosuda indoor cycling bike stationary – cycle bike with iPad mount review.

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Pros & Cons – Yosuda indoor cycling bike stationary – cycle bike with iPad mount


  • Fully adjustable and padded seat for extra support and comfort. The comfortable seat can be easily adjusted for height and proximity to handlebars.
  • Bio-mechanically correct narrow q-factor for a safe and low-impact spinning exercise.
  • Excellent consumer ratings across the web.
  • Free tablet holder to keep you entertained during the cardio exercise.
  • Adjustable Felt Pad resistance system with Emergency Stop Brake
  • 35 Pounds solid flywheel create more momentum and ensures stability to avoid jolting while riding.
  • Yosuda indoor cycle emergency push down brake system stops the wheel immediately for safety.
  • Portability wheels makes the transformation of your home into your own personal fitness studio effortless.
  • Yosuda spin bike is equipped with a quiet and smooth felt wool brake pad system allowing for various tension levels and intense workout.


  • The manufacturer/seller can be reached only via Amazon messages (no direct contact info to order parts under warranty).
  • Handlebars are not 4-way adjustable.
  • Bike console is not backlit.
  • It is friction resistance (not magnetic).


  • Heavy steel frame and smooth quiet belt transfer
  • 35lbs flywheel and anti-skid cage pedal
  • 2-ways (up/ down) Adjustable Handlebar and 4-ways (forward/back and up/down)Adjustable Seat
  • LCD monitor and tablet bracket
  • Inside length: 25″Min – 35″ Max
  • Maximum user weight: 270 lbs
  • Set up size: 40″L x 22″ W x 45″ H
  • 12 months parts free replacement


Though, these Yosuda cycling bike trainers were released in 2018 which is relatively recent compared to many other exercise bike, they already managed to become Amazon’s some of the best seller and highly-rated spin bikes under $500.

Compare Yosuda indoor cycling bike stationary – cycle bike with iPad mount

Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary – Cycle Bike with Ipad Mount(Model:L-001A)YOSUDA Under Desk Bike Pedal ExerciserYOSUDA Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser for Arms/Legs
Adjustable SeatUp/ down & Front/ back
Adjustable HandlebarUp/ down
Drive SystemBelt DriveMagnetic SystemBelt Drive
ResistanceFriction resistance, adjustableMagnetic resistance, adjustableFriction resistance, adjustable
Horizontal Adjustment Knobs
Inseam Height25″-35″
Assembled Dimensions40 x 22 x 45 inches (L x W x H); 68 lbs21.26*12.29*10.95 inches ( L x W x H ); 22 lbs13.39 x14.96 x 13.19 inches (L x W x H); 8.62lbs
Max User Weight270 lbs260lbs
Product Sale259.99149.7949.99

Yosuda indoor cycling bike stationary – cycle bike with iPad mount review


The dimensions and weight of the bike are:

  • Height 45 ins
  • Width 22 ins
  • Length 40 ins
  • Bike weight 68 lbs
  • Max User Weight 270 lbs


This bike offers a max support of 270 pounds, so if you weigh more than this, you’ll have to look elsewhere. The bike’s frame is made of heavy duty steel, and Yosuda says that this will “guarantee the stability while cycling.” It utilizes a belt-driven system that is a lot quieter than chain-driven bikes, making it a great choice for apartment living.


The YOSUBA Indoor Stationary Cycling Bike has a very sleek and stylish design, making it the perfect addition to any home or gym. Many other stationary bikes are big, bulky, and take up too much space with no way to move them. This bike, however, is the perfect size and design. At less than 70 pounds, this bike tucks neatly into a corner where you can work out without disturbing others in your home. The bike is black and silver with a fun pop of red. Not only does this bike help you nail your workout, it’s a stylish addition to your home gym.

There are 4 plastic end caps on the stabilizer bars that provide the stable platform. There are levelers in them and by turning the adjusters at the end of them you can balance up the bike if the floor is a little uneven.

35Lbs Flywheel

35lbs flywheel helps simulate the ride of a real road bike. The momentum of a heavier flywheel keeps the spin bike steady and securely riding. Let you enjoy the outdoor sports experience at home and perform intense aerobic exercise in a stable position. The maximum can support 270lbs, do not worry about instability.

LCD display

The LCD monitor helps you track your progress. It’s important to be able to see where you started in comparison to where you are now. The LCD monitor can also help monitor your vitals so you can ensure that you’re not pushing yourself too hard. If you’d like to follow a workout program or watch videos during your ride, there is a mount to hold your tablet or your iPhone.

  • Time
  • Speed
  • Distance
  • Calories Burned

Caged Pedals

Even the most experienced cyclist can attest to the fact that at least once in their riding career, their foot has slipped off the pedal. It can happen if you’re not paying attention, having an intense ride, or simply by accident. When this happens, it can be quite alarming and it can cause a hiccup in the flow of your ride. YOSUDA offers cage pedals which are ideal for optimal safety and comfort. The adjustable covers move to fit your feet. This provides support and won’t let your feet easily slip around during your ride.


the Yosuda’s adjustability is impressive. The handlebars can be adjusted 2 ways and the padded seat has 4 adjustable options with the height ranging from 25 to 35 inches.

The seat is contoured and padded and the pedals have an adjustable caged-toe design, which is great for accommodating different feet sizes. 

The height of seat and handlebars are adjusted using the adjustment knobs on their posts. You undo them and pull to release the pin from the preset holes in the adjustment pole, you then slide pole into position and re-insert holding pin into the hole after re-aligning and tighten into place. It is simpler than I’ve written and is a common method of adjustment for exercise bikes.


It is a quiet bike apart from low whooshing sound that won’t disturb others in the house even when they are asleep in another room. There may be only a little vibration from the bike so you should be okay using it an upstairs an apartment and an exercise mat will make it doubly sure that you don’t disturb anyone in your home or below you.


Resistance is used to make the pedaling harder is provided by felt wool pad that sits on top of the flywheel at the front of the bike. The amount of resistance is controlled by the tension knob at the front of the bike near the water bottle holder.

To increase or decrease you turn this knob. It can go from very easy to very hard. The increase is incremental and you can place it to the amount you want.


The bike won’t add too much to your cleaning chores. It is important to keep it clean to stop sweat in particular starting to corrode the bike. It takes a quick wipe down with a damp cloth to do this. It shouldn’t drop anything on your floor other than sweat and dust from the pad but an exercise mat can help prevent any damage to your floor from any movement or dirt.


The bike comes with a couple of accessories:

Media Tray There is a spot just below the console with a holder for your media devices. It can easily fit a smart phone for watching videos. It’s not really designed for anything much larger.

If you want to put an ipad or larger tablet then you can have a bit of a struggle as you need to balance it up against and covering the console. It will be at more of tilt than you might want making it difficult to read.

Water bottle holder This is situated around the middle of the bike. It puts the bottle in easy reach when in the seat without stretching too much. It fits a small water bottle comfortably but it can be stretched for larger ones – just makes it a little harder to put the bottle back when cycling.

The positioning does require you to be a little careful when getting on and off the bike. If you step through rather than swing leg over the back you may find you are kicking the holder and break it off or have the bottle disappearing to the other side of the room.

How to assemble Yosuda indoor cycling bike stationary – cycle bike with iPad mount?

You are required to add the stabilizer bars, handlebars, support posts, seat, pedals and console to the frame. It is much easier to put together than most kit set furniture.

The delivered product weighs about 69 lbs. It can be helpful to have 2 people complete the installation of the parts. It makes fixing and holding easier but it can be done by one person.

It is important that care is taken over the installing of the pedals and the correct one is attached to correct side of the bike. The left pedal has a reverse thread and needs to screwed counter-clockwise and the right is turned clockwise. This is normal for bikes and prevents them coming undone as you pedal. This may help stop the issue that some customers have had with pedals coming undone or the thread being stripped.

The video below goes through the assembly process and then a brief user review of the bike from 5:50.

Yosuda indoor cycling bike stationary – cycle bike with iPad mount Performance review

Exercise Quality

The Yosuda has an excellent exercise quality that closely resembles that of a spin bike that you might find at the gym. It has an upright style that demands an athletic and serious approach with a belt-driven 35 lb flywheel and an adjustable pad to control the level of resistance.

Exercise Quality Rating0246810Schwinn IC4Echelon EX-3Nautilus R614 RecumbentSchwinn 130 Upright BikeYosuda Indoor Cycling BikeExerpeutic Folding Magnetic…Marcy Recumbent ME-709Exerpeutic Exerwork 2000i Fo…Under Desk Exerciser998876664

ProductExercise Quality Rating
Schwinn IC49
Echelon EX-39
Nautilus R614 Recumbent8
Schwinn 130 Upright Bike8
Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bike7
Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic…6
Marcy Recumbent ME-7096
Exerpeutic Exerwork 2000i Fo…6
Under Desk Exerciser4


The Yosuda is a comfortable exercise bike. It can’t quite match the comfort of the relaxed recumbent and semi-recumbent competition, but we feel it is quite agreeable for an upright style model. It has a comfortable seat as well as a large range of adjustment.

ProductComfort Rating
Marcy Recumbent ME-7098
Under Desk Exerciser8
Exerpeutic Exerwork 2000i Fo…8
Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bike8
Schwinn IC48
Echelon EX-38
Schwinn 130 Upright Bike8
Nautilus R614 Recumbent7
Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic…5

User Interface

Yosuda didn’t go out of their way to impress anyone with the display and controls on this exercise bike. The battery-powered console is attached to a bracket in the center of the handlebars with a single button to scroll through data fields and a small LCD screen.

ProductUser Interface Rating
Nautilus R614 Recumbent8
Exerpeutic Exerwork 2000i Fo…7
Schwinn IC47
Schwinn 130 Upright Bike7
Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic…5
Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bike5
Echelon EX-35
Marcy Recumbent ME-7094
Under Desk Exerciser4

Yosuda indoor cycling bike stationary – cycle bike with iPad mount customer review

Happy with this bike!

We received this bicycle fairly quickly and my husband was pretty surprised at how easy it was to put together! The only thing I wasn’t sure about was how comfortable the seat was going to be. We are over the age of 65 and most of the bikes we looked at had the skinny hard seats. So we tried it out for a couple weeks and since we both have back problems, we decided it would be better to get a wider seat. It’s much better now and I can ride it a lot longer than before. The ride is very smooth and pretty quiet. We are glad we decided to get this bike for exercising and recommend it to anyone.

By ashley s. at yosudabikes.com

Alternate of Yosuda indoor cycling bike stationary – cycle bike with iPad mount

1. Schwinn 170 Upright Bike Series

An adjustable seat and ergonomic handlebars — with integrated heart monitors — and wheels for portability make for a feature-heavy and relatively affordable at-home fitness solution from a leading brand like Schwinn. The LCD screen comes with 29 included exercise routines — no trainers here for smart workout but the bike can react with resistance to your heart rate, allowing for up to four different user profiles.

2. Sunny Health Fitness Indoor Exercise Cycle Bike

This relatively budget-friendly option offers an adjustable resistance knob — and doesn’t require a membership fee. With that, it lacks some of the bells and whistles we’ll see below. Whether you require those is a personal preference, of course: There’s no screen. And the chain drive may make it slightly noisy, although you have the option to upgrade to the belt drive option instead.

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