Air Doctor vs Dyson air purifier reviews – are they good for asthma & allergy?


Air Doctor vs Dyson air purifier reviews – are they good for asthma & allergy? Are they different than air cleaners or filters? Can they help to combat the coronavirus? And should you consider getting one otherwise? Air Doctor is the smart choice for young children, elderly, smokers, pet owners and those with allergies or breathing problems. Perfect in the kitchen, bedroom, or nursery. Purify your entire home or office quickly, large space or small with AirDoctor! Dyson technology helps create a cleaner, healthier home – their vacuums and purifiers are scientifically proven to capture particles as small as allergens and bacteria.

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“We take about 20,000 breaths each day and spend 90 percent of our time indoors,” Mendez noted. And with all this newfound time spent at home, reducing exposure to particles that can trigger things like allergies and asthma symptoms is important. “If you live in an area with high outdoor pollution, like a metropolitan city, it’s essential to monitor the air quality in your home,” he added.

Key features – Air Doctor vs Dyson air purifier


  • Filters 99.97% of all particles as small as 0.003 microns, 100 times smaller than others.
  • Captures ALL solid particles including, mold spores, smoke, dust, cat and dog dander, viruses, bacteria, and pollen. 
  • It contains a carbon filter to reduce VOCs in paint, furniture, construction dust etc…
  • Energy Star certified which means you can run it 24/7 for about $30-$40 per year.
  • The machine is sealed which means unfiltered air cannot enter and recontaminate dirty air.
  • Has an optional Ionizer feature that detects an increase in particulates in the air, such as mold spores, mycotoxins, fine smoke particles, dust, cat and dog dander, virus, bacteria, and pollen, and adjusts the fan speed automatically to remove them more quickly. I actually love this, when the dogs run into the room it boosts automatically!
  • Powerful enough to filter ALL of the air in a 2,400 square foot space once per hour. Amazing.
  • AirDoctor is plug in and go, no Bluetooth or wifi needed, winning.

Dyson air purifier

Healthier Home

Dyson technology helps create a cleaner, healthier home.


Intelligently purifies and cools you.


Air Multiplier™ technology circulates purified air throughout the whole room.


360° filtration system uses activated carbon to remove gases and odors and a HEPA filter to capture 99.97% pollutants as small as 0.3 microns.

Auto / Connectivity

Automatically senses and reacts to changes in air quality – then reports pollution in real time on LCD screen and on your Dyson Link app.***

Energy Star Certification

Energy Star Certified.

Oscillation/Fan Modes

Choose between Fan mode for direct cooling with your choice of 0 to 350° oscillation and Backwards airflow mode to purify without cooling.

Sleep Timer

Program your machine to turn off after pre-set intervals between 1 hour and 8 hours.

Night-time Mode

In Night-time mode, the machine monitors and purifies using the quiet settings, with a dimmed display.


Safe and easy to clean with low maintenance, easy-to-replace filters. With built-in notifications when they require replacing.


Curved and magnetized remote stores neatly on top of the machine.

Voice Control

Using compatible voice control services, control your machine with simple, spoken instructions. Works with Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri®.

AAFA Certification

Certified Asthma and Allergy friendly™ by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

PTPA Certification

Awarded the Parent Tested Parent Approved seal of approval. The seal of approval that families trust.

Customer reviews – Air Doctor vs Dyson air purifier

AirDoctor air purifier reviews

When it detects particles, the machine will auto-adjust in speed to get the air back to blue. I love hearing and seeing it change because then, I know it’s working. It cleans the air pretty quickly too! The dogs will run in, jump on the bed, spread their dander about, and then within a minute it is back to blue. I also love the sound of it, it is so soothing!!! Like the most perfect airplane soft white noise. Super smooth and so peaceful, both Kyle and I love sleeping with it on at night and I swear my nose has been less inflamed since using it. Obsessed is an understatement, truly. My air feels so fresh, I love hearing it work hard and it is just so simple I am smitten.

They came pretty quick and setup was effortless. Remove from box, pop in the filter and plugin. I actually LOVE how damn simple it is, no app to connect to, no wifi to mess with, just plug it in and let it get to work. The more complex our gadgets seem to get has me craving simplicity and this was exactly that.

Dyson DP04 Air Purifier reviews

Dyson DP04 Air Purifier
  • Pros: Smart display, modern design, can divert fan in cold weather
  • Cons: Pricey

Dyson has long been known as an innovator in the home cleaning space, though its product line recently evolved beyond vacuums to include technology like purifying fans. The Dyson Pure Cool Fans come in several sizes, though this counter top model is equipped to handle a moderately large room with a HEPA-certified filter system.

Dyson engineered this air purifier with features that distinguish it from most other models in its price range. It is a “smart” purifier, for example. A small display on the unit itself reports what kind of pollutants it’s actually detecting in real time, and it connects to a smartphone app that can deliver lots of additional information, such as when the filter needs to be changed and the environmental conditions both inside and outside the house. The fan is also configurable in a way you probably won’t find anywhere else: Not only can you set the rotational angle, so it can spin around to clean the air in any direction, but you can change how the fan works, providing cooling in warm weather but diverting the air so it doesn’t cool in winter.

Similarities and Differences Compared to Dyson

  • Dyson filters also are fully sealed systems to keep the filtered air clean.
  • Dyson captures 99.95% of pollutants up to .03 microns. AirDoctor has better stats.
  • Dyson can be simple if you want, simply pop to Auto mode and let it work!
  • Dyson is about twice as expensive, likely due to the increased technology it offers. If you are into data and more sleek designs, Dyson is still a great choice.
  • Both have light dimmer options for PM and with Dyson, you can easily deactivate wifi.

Overall, both really are great options and it really comes down to what you prioritize. I think AirDoctor is a great place to start and for those that want a more chic and technological model, the Dysons are also great but do come with a slight downgrade when it comes to size it filters.

Which is worth buying?

For someone super sensitive to air, I think the AirDoctor is the very best choice since it does tackle particles 100 times smaller than its competition. If you do get this, they do come with the filters you need to get started. They also are offering $300 OFF right now which is a crazy amazing deal!

For someone more into tech and design but that still wants clean air and a heating feature, perhaps the Dyson would be best, especially come Winter. I sure hope this review helped you pick your next air filter and if you try either, leave a comment below on why you love it!

Alternate – Air Doctor vs Dyson air purifier

Levoit LV-H132 Air Purifier

  • Cleaning capacity: 129 square feet
  • AHAM approved: No
  • HEPA filter-equipped: Yes

The Levoit LV-H132 removes particles from the air with its three stage filtration system including a pre-filter, true HEPA filter and activated carbon filter. It circulates the air in the room over four times in an hour and is equipped with a built-in smart filter replacement reminder and night light.

Blueair Blue Pure 411

The Blueair Blue Pure 411 is a simple, straightforward purifier with smart design and solid bang for your buck. You get particle and carbon filtration (the activated carbon filter removes odors, airborne allergens and gaseous airborne pollutants) that will work well in a 160-square-foot room, all for $120. Some devices, like Sharp’s Air Purifier, don’t even offer that much cleaning power at nearly twice the price.

The Blue Pure has different colored prefilter sleeves for the outside of the device, so it will fit into almost any color palette, and its single-button interface is as intuitive as it gets. The device is also light, with middle-of-the-road noise production. Besides the noise, the only real downside of the Blue Pure is the lack of extra goodies, like timer buttons.

Molekule Air

  • Cleaning capacity: 600 square feet
  • AHAM approved: No
  • HEPA filter-equipped: No

The Molekule Air has a sleek design and includes two filters, designed to capture pollutants smaller than the average air purifier using PECO technology. Though the Molekule is more expensive than other air purifiers, it boasts hundreds of positive reviews and a new approach to air purification.

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