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Any gadget can receive power from the ALLPOWERS Portable Power Station, an all-in-one battery charger. You can charge your phone, tablet, and other gadgets with its three USB connections. You can operate the device in dimly lit settings thanks to its LED light and built-in flashlight. These power stations are ideal for power outages, camping, vacations, festivals, and charging all of your technology when you’re at home or on the go. Should you invest on ALLPOWERS Portable Power Station? Find here more in our review.

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In the box

  • 1x ALLPOWERS Portable Power Station 288Wh
  • 1x AC Adapter
  • 1x User Manual 

Pros & Cons


  • Compact design and portable
  • Multiple output
  • Solar charging option
  • Fast charging


  • Solar charging take longer time


  • 288Wh/78000mAh of battery capacity
  • Rated Power: 300W
  • Peak Power: 500W,
  • Output Pure Sine Wave as a Waveform
  • AC Source: AC 110 v/60 hz, 2 a, and 240 v (please use the adapter included with this generator)
  • Input for a solar charger/Anderson Power 12V-22V/3.2A from solar input (Max.)
  • Car Charger: 3.2A/12V-22V (Note: When driving, use this charging technique just for the 12V battery; do not use it for the 24V battery.)
  • AC Two outputs: AC 220V / 50Hz
  • Three USB outputs at 5V 3A (Max.)
  • 5V3A, 9V3A, 12V3A, and 20V3A Type-C in/out (PD 60W at Max.)
  • 12V/5A DC Output (Max.)
  • 12V/10A Cigaratte Output Port (Max.)
  • Wireless charging: 2.1A at 5V
  • Size: 8.1×6.5×4.3 inches/20.6×16.5×11 cm
  • 3.41 kg / 7.5 pounds

ALLPOWERS Portable Power Station review


It boasts a simple, generally unadorned boxy form that feels well-built, but unlike its competitors, it still lacks an IP or water resistant rating.


The ALLPOWERS 372Wh power station kept things simple with a typical portable handle shaped like a basket and no fancy or distinctive design features. The trick is making it portable and simple to carry. It has a small lithium battery inside a rectangular shell.

Compared to other power stations of a similar size, the power station is smaller and lighter. It weighs little over 5.4kg and measures 263 x 140 x 180mm (10.4 x 5.5 x 7.1 inches).


The ALLPOWERS powerhouse has six output options, including two 12V/15A DC outputs, two AC sockets, three fast-charging USB ports, and one Type-C output. It is rechargable through solar panel, power outlet, or vehicle.

Two DC ports are located on the left side of the device: one Anderson Powerpole port and one 5521 port that can both be used with the supplied AC adapter. Then, below an air intake vent, is a 12V 10A automobile socket output with a dust cover.


Underneath the AC sockets there’s a 1W LED light, the power button which can also turns on Bluetooth, the DC outputs power button that turns on the USB-A ports, the car socket output and the 12V DC outputs, and the AC outputs power button that needs a 3-5 second to switch on and off to avoid accidental operation.


The LCD display displays a Bluetooth icon if it is active, the amount of time left to charge or discharge the internal battery based on the amount of power being used or consumed, a graphical representation of the battery capacity with an exact percentage underneath, and the amount of power being consumed or consumed. Additionally, there are a number of indicators that show which ports are active, as well as a fan icon that illuminates when the fan is running.

  • Bluetooth Mode
  • Cooling Vent
  • In/Out Indicator
  • USB Outing
  • Time to Empty/Full
  • In/Out Power Balance
  • DC Outing 8.AC Outing


The Allpowers’ 5521 input accepts the 20V, 5A, or 100W AC adapter that comes with the device. This will use less than 100W to charge the device from zero to 100 percent in 5 to 6 hours. It takes longer to charge fully than the Ecoflow River Max, which charges at up to 500W directly from the mains and in around one-third the time.

Solar charging

A built-in MPPT controller allows for more effective solar charging, and the input supports 16.6V to 24V up to 5A, or a maximum of 120W under ideal circumstances with the appropriate solar panel. The 500W Allpowers should be able to be charged in 8 hours using the Allpowers AP-SP-027 100W solar panel, according to the Allpowers documentation. It has polycrystalline cells and is a single fold panel that is rather small.

Energy capacity

Two USB ports, an AC outlet, and a DC output port are all included with the ALLPOWER. The charger can be used to power a variety of devices, including your camera, tablet, laptop, GPS, MP3 player, and more.

ALLPOWERS Portable Power Station has enough power to power a 55″ TV for roughly the same amount of time as a 60W small fridge. Alternately, you could charge the most recent 16″ M1 MacBook Pro’s 100Wh battery about five times, or a more conventional 50Wh laptop at least ten times from zero.

Charging devices

As household wall outlets, it can power practically all of your large power appliances, including your coffee maker, electric drill, microwave, electric fry pan, electric kettle, refrigerator, and washer.


To fulfil the demands of various applications, it provides a variety of charging alternatives.

You can charge the ALLPOWERS 372Wh portable power station in one of the following three ways:

Utilize the ALLPOWERS solar panel to recharge (Using the MC4 AndersonConnector Cable)
Connect it to the outlet to charge
Recharge using the 12V adaptor in your car

With a 154Wh lithium-ion battery pack, the ALLPOWERS Portable power bank can cover a variety of electricity needs for outdoor work, education, emergencies, and travel. It can charge computers, phones, cameras, drones, and more.

Allpowers app

To operate the power plant, a companion smartphone app is available. You launch the Allpowers app on your smartphone and tap on the smartphone symbol in the top right corner of the screen after turning Bluetooth on with a long press of the power button. The S500 can then be tapped to connect. Using the app, you may remotely turn on and off the LED lights as well as the DC and AC connections. Additionally, you can choose between 50Hz and 60Hz.

Alternate of ALLPOWERS Portable Power Station

Bluetti AC200 Max

The Bluetti AC200 Max is ideal for supplying electricity off the grid due to its high solo capacity and flexibility to daisy-chain with additional batteries.

Positives – Huge capacity, ability to form a daisy chain, Two wireless charging mats and a 30A RV plug with lightning-fast input capacity.

It will be difficult to find a solar generator that is more appropriate for long-term off-grid life than the Bluetti AC200 Max.

With a sizeable 2,048Wh capacity, it has a longer runtime than other portable generators and can power your entire life.

Even better, you can daisy-chain several Bluetti batteries together to increase their combined capacity to a whopping 8.192Wh. That is absolutely vast and equates to the capacity to run an entire refrigerator for more than a day or several hours of air conditioning. It will continue for a very long period for the most basic demands of folks who are accustomed to relying on a generator.

The AC200 Max has a remarkable input capacity of 1,400W at the same time. This implies that if you plug in a fairly large array of solar panels, you can quickly restock its stockpiles.

You can continue using your off-grid system with little to no interruption thanks to this. It also has some specialised charging options, such as numerous wireless charging mats for smaller devices and a 30A connection that allows you to plug it directly into an RV.

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