LEDMO LED parking lot light 200W best price


LEDMO LED parking lot light 200W uses durable material: Die-casting aluminum + PC design and IP65 waterproof rating, excellent weather and erosion resistance, heat dissipation capacity. This outdoor led parking lot lights can turn on automatically at dusk and off at dawn. Get more in LEDMO LED parking lot light 200W review.

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Specification – LEDMO LED parking lot light 200W

  • Finish: Brown
  • IP Rating: Weatherproof IP66
  • LED Lifetime : 50000 Hours
  • Lens Type: Polycarbonate
  • Intensity: 26000 Lumen
  • Material Aluminum
  • Beam Angle: 120 degree, 90 degree
  • Comparable Wattage: 750 Watts HID
  • Power: 200W
  • CRI : 80
  • Current Draw : 1731 mA
  • Efficacy: 130 lm/w
  • Mount Type: Knuckle Mount
  • Operating Temperature: -30~+50 °
  • Operating Voltage Range: 100~277 VAC

Where you can use

  • Warehouses
  • Parking Lots
  • Streets
  • Stadiums
  • Campuses
  • Parks
  • Billboards
  • Building Facades
  • Area Lighting
  • Arenas
  • High Bays
  • Tunnel Lighting

Key feature

  • These led shoebox pole light have created a new standard for led parking lot lighting and area street light.
  • This LED area light is designed to slip-fit onto a round pole or can be used with one of several mounting options (sold separately) for walls, ceilings, and on the sides of round or square poles.
  • This powerful, energy-efficient LED area light uses just 200 watts of power—comparable to a 750-watt HID fixture.
  • Life expectancy that’s 3 times as long as MH fixtures—the LED light reduces costly repairs and the need for replacements.
  • Perfect for parking lots, roadways, car dealerships, campuses, parks, and as a replacement for street lights and vapor lamps—this LED shoebox area light shines brightly when reliability and performance are critical.
  • The weatherproof die cast aluminum housing guards against damage done by harsh or wet weather conditions, and a removable cover allows for easy access to the driver and mounting arm hardware.
  • This LED area light is equipped with a constant-current driver and operates within a wide 100-277 VAC range.

Compare LEDMO LED parking lot light 200W

Available Color Temperatures3000K4000K5000K3000K4000K5000K3000K4000K5000K3000K4000K5000K
Max Lumen26000 lm13000 lm19500 lm39000 lm
Comparable Wattage750 Watt Metal-Halide250 Watt Metal-Halide400 Watt Metal-Halide1000 Watt Metal-Halide
Power Consumption200 Watts100 Watts150 Watts300 Watts

LEDMO LED parking lot light 200W review


Weight14.82 pounds
Product Dimensions15 x 13 x 4 inches
Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo
Assembled Height4 inches
Assembled Length15 inches
Assembled Width13 inches

Mounting with flexible head

The head is adjustable, which makes it great mount type. It needs bolts to secure it to the pole.

Distance coverage

We installed ours on a 2″ pole at 22ft high (Rigid conduit) and ran #12 THHN down the pole and into a Junction box. We have a Single Pole 20amp breaker in the panel that is designated for the light. The LED lights do not push that many amps and you could get away with a 15amp breaker. The photocell option is key for us and we were happy the light came with one. We should of put our light a little higher to disperse the light further. Its providing light right now for a 50-60ft radius.

Close to natural light

These lights provide better Color Rendering Index rating. This is because these never buzz or flicker. This makes them safer and more appealing to the eye as well. It will look more appealing from a distance and up close as well. It has 5000K color temperature, which is closure to sun (5778K(.

Higher lumen

The LED emits Emits over 26000lm. As a result, the intensity of the LED lights is high and making the parking lot safer and brighter. Along with this, it works great with CCTV. For example, if an accident occurs, the security video could capture the incident clearly.

Long life span

The LED lights offer lower energy and maintenance costs. They are 50% more energy efficient allowing you to save thousands of dollars in energy cost. As a result, the LED light have a useful life of 50,000 hours.

Energy efficient

The outdoor security light can save 85% energy and reduce your electricity running cost. Built-in dusk-to-dawn photocell sensor automatically turns on at sundown/night and off at sunrise/daytime.

LEDMO LED parking lot light 200W installation

Disconnect power; wire the receptacle according to the diagram below. An arrow indicating
NORTH on the top of the receptacle is used to assist correct direction. Push the photocontroller on and twist it clockwise to lock it into the receptacle.

Install the photocontroller with the Photocell facing the NORTH direction as indicated on the top of the photocontroller. Adjust the receptacle position if necessary

Alternate of LEDMO LED parking lot light 200W

Hyperikon Commercial and Industrial Outdoor Lighting

Hyperikon LED Parking Lot Lights

The best LED parking lot light comes from Hyperikon which is one of the most preferred brands of many. The light comes with a warranty of five years which give you enough reasons to get one and sit back without any stress.

Key Features:

  • This is a waterproof light which is UL listed and DLC certified.
  • For a greater illumination, it consists of a beam angle of around 110 degrees.
  • Made up of commercial grade materials the light can handle harsh weather conditions without getting rugged.
  • It is anti-corrosion and makes sure you a uniform distribution of light.

LEONLITE Ultra Bright LED Parking Lot Light

LEONLITE LED Parking Lot Lights

Great illumination and backing up with a warranty this becomes one of the best LED parking lot light to ponder. There is photocell as well to make it automatic in radiating the light in the dark.

Key Features:

  • There is slip fitter mount area lighting fixture that allows uniform distribution of light.
  • It is easy to install due to the presence of adjustable arms with different angles.
  • It endows 18000 LM intensity of light by utilizing 450 watts of power.
  • Made up of die-casting aluminum the product is durable and lasts forever.

Buying guide – LEDMO LED parking lot light 200W best price


This is an important factor to consider because if the light is dim, there will be a lot of problems including poor security and poor vision. You need 20,000 lumens to light up a 100 sq meter.


This is also another important factor to consider when lighting your parking lot. Uniform lighting ensures there are no uneven light spots. To measure uniformity, you need to calculate the ratio between minimum to average lux in the area.

Color temperature

Another thing you need to consider is the color temperature. If you go for 5000K to 6000K, this represents cool white light. Yellow lights range somewhere 2800 to 3500K. While white lights are more invigorating, many people also prefer yellow lights because they penetrate fog.


As an energy saving feature, it is important to go for a product with a photocell. Instead of relying on people and timers to turn the lights on or off, this special add on turns the lights on at night and off during the day.


Another important factor to consider when it comes to lighting your parking lot is whether the model is anti-glare. The best lighting for your parking lot should be anti-glare. This feature is important because it ensures the light is not blinding to drivers even when they look directly at it.

Motion Sensors

To improve security and save power consumption, motion sensors are a great feature to consider when buying parking lot lights. This lets you set the intensity so that it only glows brighter when motion is detected and dims when no one is around.

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