Frizzlife RO Reverse Osmosis water filtration system review – how to use PD600?


Frizzlife PD600 adopts a tankless design. A compact and sleek filter system with a small and convenient footprint takes up less space, saves storage under the kitchen sink! No tank also means no more secondary pollution. Guaranteed to provide ultra-pure, safe, and clean water for you and your family. The water from the RO membrane is slightly acidic, which also removes natural minerals. The 3rd stage filter solves both issues of conventional RO systems! It balances the alkalinity of RO water and adjusts the PH to more than 7.5. Drinking weakly alkaline water is beneficial to your health. It also restores health-benefiting essential minerals to your water. Frizzlife PD600 produces the healthiest and greatest tasting water for you. Find more in Frizzlife RO Reverse Osmosis water filtration system review.

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Frizzlife RO Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System


In the box

Well made product. Came with lots of extra little o-rings and clip parts as back-up which is thoughtful on the manufacturers part. Printed illustrated instructions are easy to read and follow for a DIYer. 

Pros & Cons – Frizzlife RO Reverse Osmosis water filtration system

• Water quality seems good at an indicated 28 TDS.
• This was the only RO machine that had such a good waste ratio AND remineralized AND PH balanced the water.
• The filters are supposed to last a long time.
• The taste is great. The water now has a tiny bit of a spring flavor that I believe comes from the remineralization in stage three.
o The wife and I did a blind taste test, and both of us found the Frizzlife filtered water to taste much much
better than tap water and very similar to Aquafina.
o Because of the taste, I have increased my water consumption.
o Coffee tastes better too.
• Everything is well-packaged/protected, and the machine looks sharp. And seems well-made.
• Doesn’t take up a ton of room under the sink.

• Cost-there are a lot of similar machines on Amazon for a lot less.
• The faucet that comes with the machine looks nice, but is a little flimsy. The base is firm where attached to the counter, but the actual faucet is wiggly in its base (where is turns right or left). I hope it won’t be an issue in the future.
• Made in China.
• The speed of the fill is adequate but just barely. I fill a 50 oz. bottle in about 33 seconds. If you need to fill a lot of large containers/pots quickly, this may not be for you.
• The noise is noticeable. Any time you turn on the faucet, you are going to hear a hum. About the same as the noise that would come from a floor fan if you shoved it under the sink. I feel a slight vibration too.

What you can do?

We will be using the Fizzlife tankless Reverse Osmosis filtration system daily for all of our drinking water, herbal teas, coffee, cooking, watering plants and filling the dog bowl, etc.

Compare Frizzlife RO Reverse Osmosis water filtration system

PD400 Reverse Osmosis SystemPD500 Reverse Osmosis SystemPD600 Undersink Reverse Osmosis System
Flow Rate400GPD500GPD600GPD
Filter TypeCP Compoun filter, 400GPD RO membraneCP Compoun filter, 500GPD RO membraneCP Compoun filter, 600GPD RO membrane
Removes dissolved solids, chemicals, heavy metals and VOCs
Lead Removal
Chlorine Removal
Reduce Chloramine
Alkaline Remineralization

Frizzlife RO Reverse Osmosis water filtration system review


This is a brilliant design. It eliminates the holding tank as in other RO systems, and need for sanitizing them. Tankless reverse osmosis systems offer a compact, integrated system contained in a sleek housing instead of the pressurized water storage tank and exposed system components of traditional RO systems.

Remineralizing/alkalizing the water is a step beyond toward health, and you can taste the difference. Changing the filters is a breeze compared to most other models. And the LED display is a nice convenience. Video for installation was very helpful too. So these thoughtful features bring this system into an updated Reverse Osmosis system that you will love!

LED indicator

The smart display panel clearly tells real-time out TDS and remaining lifespan of each filter. The built-in TDS system constantly monitors the quality of your drinking water 24/7. Acting as a intelligent reminder, the color-coded indicators will always remind you to change filters in advance. With all parts included and well-organized instructions and videos, Frizzlife PD600 RO filter can be completely installed in a few minutes by yourself.


I just finished installing this myself, following the provided instructions. It was super easy and it took me about 30 minutes, all you need is a drill and a screwdriver. Water quality from tap was 194 ppm, after RO it was 9 ppm and after remineralization it was 19 ppm. It’s not very noisy, it looks great and the filters are not expensive to replace.


I have not sent my water out to a lab for testing. Will do that if i keep this unit. However, my input in TDS is about 400-ish here. The unit’s display claims 05-06 TDS output. And, at the faucet after the TAM3 remineralization filter, it readys 40 -100 (yes, weird that readings would vary that much). Keep in mind, TDS does not dictate water quality. That is just telling you the count of Total Dissolved Solids. So, those could be good or bad of is in the water. But, at least you know it’s filtering something. Going from 400 to 6 is stellar. My previous RO went from 400 to 22.

Filter replacement

No tank, easy filter replacement, and it takes up less space under the sink. There are a couple competing companies making on-demand RO systems but this is the only one I saw that put minerals back in the water. And it tastes GREAT! I checked the TDS coming out after the alkalizer filter and it reads 19. Much better than our standard tap water at 67.

I was able to put the mineral filter behind the main RO unit to save space which was key for my Wife. If you perform this type of installation, be sure to leave enough 1/4″ and 3/8″ tubing so you can pull the main unit out and sit on the floor. That way you can easily get to the mineralizing unit when it’s time to change. Frizzlife gives you plenty of tubing, but be efficient. Depending upon where it’s installed and the location of your faucet, you could run out. I had plenty.

How long does the filter last?

The first stage CP compound filter element is recommend to last for around 1 year or 900-1000 gallons of pure water. The second stage RO membrane is recommended to last around 2 years or 2000 gallons of pure water. The third stage alkaline filter is recommended to last 12 months or 1000 gallons of pure water. Actual performance will depends on different water quality and usage.

Is the alkaline remineralization filter necessary, can I connect filter directly to the faucet?

The water from RO membrane is slightly acidic, which also removes natural mineral. It balances the alkalinity of RO water and adjusts the PH to more than 7.5. Drinking weakly alkaline water is beneficial to your health. It also restores health-benefiting essential minerals to your water. It will be totally fine if you don’t want to use the TAM3, you don’t have to disconnect the tubing and the fittings on the TAM3. You only need to unscrew the TAM3 filter and the water still can go through.

Water Flow – Frizzlife RO Reverse Osmosis water filtration system review

The unit claims about 600GPD. I measured about .40-45 gallon per minute at the faucet and half that at my refrigerator faucet (see section on refrigerator below). This water flow is a bit slow for sure. But, for glass of water, you are fine. If you need to fill a pot, you need turn it on and walk away for a bit for it to finish. The 600 GPD rating is reallygood and means that the amount in day that this unit can filter is substantial. My last unit was 90GPD. However, since it had a tank, the water dispensed faster than this unit. Of course, if you sit there and deplete the tank, you have to wait for more water to be generated. With this unit, even though the flow is slow, it’s keep going and you won’t run out unless you let it run for more than 30 minutes continuously at one time. After 30 minutes, the unit go into protection mode. Which is a good thing if you accidentally left the water running. Also, saves your filters too.


This subjective, of course. I felt the taste was okay. Not sure if it will change over time. My previous RO system tasted better in my opinion. But, it might be because this one adds back the minerals. So, maybe I’m simply not used to it. Don’t get me wrong. it’s better the regular tap water. Just was exacting more of SmartWater taste. Again, I think it’s a matter of opinion.


I don’t have pro db meter handy or a controlled sound room. But, using my phone DB meter, I saw about 40-50 at 2 feet away with cabinet door open. it’s hard to really measure this as there are a ton of factors involved. Like your cabinets. Surface of the cabinet, how much stuff you have in your cabinet and such. Simply, I didn’t think it was that loud for me. With cabinet door closed, it’s really not that load. If you get this unit and want to reduce noise and vibrations, you can put a rubber mat or pad under it. I have water proof mat under my mine.

Refrigerator Integration

I have Whirpool French Door unit and it states in the manual that it needs 40-60psi water pressure. I contacted Frizzlife support and they claimed their unit delivers about 14.5~29psi of water pressure. So, below what my fridge wants. Does it work? Well, kind of. I mean, my fridge makes ice. I have to empty the bin completely and see if this unit can refill completely in one shoot and how long it takes. But, I do know the ice is smaller and production seems slower. 

Frizzlife RO Reverse Osmosis water filtration system customer review

Providing an update to my earlier review. Frizzlife support was very helpful in addressing the leak issue I had with valve after the installation, they responded to my email within hours on a weekend and promptly sent me replacement valve with express air shipping, good thing they sent two valve, one as a backup. After replacing the valve, the slow leak i was getting was addressed and my RO is functional now ( see updated pic). No issues so far and water tastes good, water flow is little slower than what I was getting with my earlier RO system with Tank but this I believe this is expected.

Earlier review: Poor experience, got rid of old RO system with tank to go tankless with Frizzlife. Installed the product as per instructions, as soon as I turn on the 3 way valve that came with the. product, it starts leaking from the valve handle itself.

By Bapat22 at Frizzlife

Alternate of Frizzlife RO Reverse Osmosis water filtration system

Waterdrop WD-G3-W Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

As far as under-sink tankless RO systems go, the Waterdrop G3 is a bonafide trendsetter. Of the systems in this guide, the WD-G3-W has the most positive reviews to back up what it brings to the table. As I mentioned in the previous section, the RO membrane in this system is massive, which allows it to make up to 400 gallons of RO water daily on demand. No more waiting around for a tank to fill or worrying about low water pressure at your RO faucet.


  • The slimmest, most compact RO system on the market
  • Excellent customer service marks
  • The RO membrane is diesel, roughly 3X larger than a standard membrane
  • The filtered water tastes amazing
  • Changing filters is a breeze
  • Great water pressure at the faucet
  • Never run out of RO water
  • Installation is so much easier than installing a traditional under-sink RO system
  • Quiet operation


  • Requires electricty to function
  • Higher TDS readings than standard systems (15 – 40 ppm range)
  • You may not be a fan of the included faucet
waterdrop g3 tankless reverse osmosis system

What I really like about this system is almost zero chance of leaks. Traditional RO systems have tubing, more connections, and other points in the system that are prone to leaking. This system features a “smart leakage protector” that automatically cuts the water and power supply to the unit in the event of a leak. That’s just awesome.

The peace of mind you get knowing that you won’t need to fork out $1000s due to an RO system leak is an essential selling point. Believe me, I’ve seen more than enough horror stories about this happening, and unfortunately, there’s no 100% certainty that it won’t happen. With the WD-G3-W, you get the safest RO system on the market.

The internal smart water pressure pump ensures you always have optimal pressure and automatically adjusts according to your incoming water pressure. The built-in pump is a big reason why the unit sports a 1:1 filtered-to-wastewater ratio. Standard RO systems without pumps create as much as 5 gallons of wastewater to make just 1 gallon of filtered water.

Additional Highlights

  • An integrated TDS indicator that monitors filter performance
  • Automatic flushing to extend the life of the filters
  • Fewer filters to replace and maintain than traditional systems
  • Almost zero installation time
  • 0.0001μm filtration rating removes over 1,000 contaminants
  • Easy filter change system, replace filters in seconds
  • Space-saving at just 5.7″ wide
  • A smart lead-free faucet

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