Aura Carver Luxe digital picture frame reviews – how to use Aura frame app?


Can your family member share photos in Aura Carver Luxe digital picture frame? The frame has a solid base with a nice matte finish. Its intuitive set up, slick appearance, and easy photo syncing abilities make the product even more likable. Send 10,000+ photos from your phone to your Aura picture frame. Unlimited cloud photo storage is included. We cover more benefits in Aura Carver Luxe digital picture frame reviews.

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In the box

  • Carver Luxe Digital Photo Frame
  • Power Cord
  • Owner’s Manual

Pros & Cons


  • Great size, and resolution (crystal clear images)
  • Ease of use/simplicity
  • You can give this to family and then add pictures to it.
  • You can adjust the speed that it changes the images.
  • The app!


  • Adding photos take time

Specs – Aura Carver Luxe digital picture frame

  • SeaSalt White Finish
  • Large 10.1″ screen
  • Overall size 10.52″ x 7.33″ x 2.13″
  • Crystal-clear 1920×1200 224 PPI pixel resolution
  • Unlimited free photo storage
  • Instant photo and short video sharing
  • Landscape only
  • 6.5′ custom braided fabric power cord
  • Gravel
  • Integrated speaker
  • Compatible With Apple & Android Devices
  • Works With Google Assistant & Alexa

Aura Carver Luxe digital picture frame reviews


The frame is modern looking, high quality, sturdy and well made,. It looks like a nicely crafted regular frame. It has an understated elegance, as it is more a matte dark graphite, rather than a flat or glossy black. Overall, solid construction.


Aura Carver Luxe digital picture frame measures at 12.4 x 9.25 x 3.5 inches and weighs only 3.67 pounds. The cord is wrapped in a nice and tight fabric which makes it very pretty. The stand is built in, too.


The Carver’s 10.1-inch IPS display has a 1920 x 1200 resolution, which comes out to 224 pixels per inch. The frame’s picture quality is excellent and bright. A nice touch is that it automatically turns itself off when the room’s lights are off with its built-in light sensor..


You can remotely control the frame timer and set – or change – the times at which you want the Aura frame to turn on or off. 


The Carver doesn’t have onboard storage for photos, and instead relies on Aura’s unlimited cloud storage. This means you can put as many pictures as you want on the frame, but it also means the frame’s use depends entirely on Aura’s servers running, and on it being connected to Wi-Fi at all times. Some measure of onboard storage for use as an offline frame would have been welcome, as would a USB port or an SD card slot for simply loading your own pictures without the app.

Photo share

After you’ve named the Carver and decided whether to invite family members or friends who can view and add images to the frame, it’s time to start adding photos. The easiest way is to pick and choose photo albums on your phone, but you can also sync the Carner with albums in your iCloud Photo Library or Google Photos account (but not Facebook, unfortunately), as well as upload images from your Mac or PC using Aura’s Web Uploader tool. If you choose to upload iCloud or Google photo albums, any subsequent photos you add to those albums will automatically be added to the frame.

Aura App

The app is straightforward and easy to upload photos from your phone to share (cloud-based).  You can use photos from your desktop via Google Photos or iCloud. The process is simple and quick. The AURA App allows you to invite others you choose to “share” their photos with the frame, no matter where they are as long as they have internet access. There is one touch bar on top of the frame. Swipe left to change the picture, hold it to open the menu for removing a photo or to shut it down. The slideshow mode has options for how fast it goes. 

I connected it to one of my iPhoto albums, and now every time I put photos in that album, it automatically uploads to the frame! It is really easy to choose a whole album, then go through and edit out photos you don’t want included. The options for timing, photo order, deleting, commenting on photos, adding photos, etc. in the app are simple and useful. 

Aura Carver Luxe digital picture frame Customer reviews

Amazing & Beautiful Wifi Picture Frame !

After getting one of these for a grandparent for their birthday, my wife had to have one! This is probably the easiest wifi sharing frame/app that I have had experience with. I have some friends who have different ones and after setting this up, I think this is the most simple and the features are very functional and easy.

Setup was simple and quick. You download the app, plug in the frame and then it discovers your frame via Bluetooth and then you add it to your wifi with your wifi password and you are done! Name your frame and you’re ready to load pics.

It then takes you to their apps view of your pictures on your phone. You can select one or as many as you want at a time.

Once you load your pics, you can invite others via email or phone number for a text invite. Once they setup their password, they can begin loading pics as well. The app will also show you who added which pictures, you can add reactions or comments to them on the app.

Additional options allow for timing to be set from 15 seconds all the way to 24 hours in which individual photos will be displayed. You can shuffle photos or have them displayed in chronological order.

It also features intelligent pairing which takes pictures in vertical alignment and pairs them with others. It seems to be getting better at the pairing as it learns from it. It’s really interesting to see the pairs pop up! You can even use your phone to “remote control the frame” by adding/removing/selecting photos. The top touch bar is a bit sensitive but it allows you to scroll backwards or forwards in the photos as well as turning the unit off and on and removing photos.

It is beautiful as well. It’s 10.1 inches, has a long quality cord and is designed to sit without having a stand. It’s gravel grey in color and it also has a nice rough texture to it that you don’t even notice but it makes it feel more solid.

I highly recommend this, I look forward to having my kids send lots of pics to it and even more hopeful that before long, they will send pics of grandkids!

By bradrobster at Best Buy

Alternate of Aura Carver Luxe digital picture frame

Aura Mason Frame

  • Resolution: 1600 x 1200
  • Dimensions: 9.7 x 7.6 x 1.9 inches
  • Wi-Fi: Yes
  • Touch screen: No
  • Remote: No
  • Built-in storage: No
  • Motion sensor: No
  • Music player: No
  • Video: No
  • USB/SD slots: No/No
  • Cloud Services: iCloud, Google Photos
  • +Gorgeous high-resolution screen
  • +App controls image posting and other features
  • +Compatible with Apple’s Live Photos
  • +Integrates with Google Photos and iCloud

-Ambient light sensor can be finicky-Does not play videos-No ports or internal storageAdvertisement

Many digital picture frames promise clear and bright images, but there is a profound difference when seeing your photos on the Aura frame, which is 9 inches with a 4:3 aspect ratio. Colors are vivid but realistic, and the 224 ppi resolution screen displays the depth of color as well as exquisite detail.

The Aura relies on its iOS and Android app more than most other digital frames. That’s because the frame accepts only cloud input – no SD cards or thumb drives. The Aura Mason also features a Smart Suggestions feature that helps choose images from your gallery.

An ambient light sensor automatically adjusts the display’s brightness and an auto function turns off the frame when it’s dark in the room. There’s no touch screen – and thus no finger smudges to mar the view. Instead, the frame operates via two touch bars: one on top and the other on the side of the unit.

The Aura Mason Frame comes in two colors – Graphite and White Quartz – and it sits on your table in either landscape or portrait orientation. The frame is a work of art from the outside in. 

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