Best leg massager for arthritis reviews 2022


Does leg massage really work in treating arthritis? CDC data shows that while only seven percent of people below the age of 45 have arthritis, the percentage jumps to 29 in people aged between 45 and 65, and for those above this age, nearly one in two people has it. One of the best ways to relieve arthritis pain is to use a foot massager. These massagers help improve blood circulation and soothe foot pain. You can treat your tired feet in the comfort of your home without having to spend a fortune with a masseuse. Get details in best leg massager for arthritis reviews 2022.

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What is the Best leg massager for arthritis in 2022?

Is Revitive Medic Arthritis-knee effective?


  •  Great for arthritis
  •  Ideal for tired and sore legs
  •  Easy to use
  •  Remote control


  •  May take time to get used to it
  •  Higher price

Specs Revitive Medic Arthritis-knee

  • 15 stimulation waveforms
  • Advanced IsoRocker for greater ankle joint movement
  • Clinically tested and drug-free
  • Strengthens leg muscles to support and stabilise knees
  • Improves circulation with a 20-30-minute session
  • Relieves stiff and painful knees
  • 1-99 intensity levels to help relieve pain
  • Reduces swelling in knees, feet and ankles
  • Cordless and rechargeable for ease of use

The Revitive Osteoarthritis-Knee model has larger thigh pads that are designed to deliver electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to the quadriceps muscles which may help to strengthen thigh muscles that support the knee. This extra support may reduce aches, pains and swelling associated with knee osteoarthritis.

The foot pads also use EMS to stimulate the muscles in your calf and food to contract and relax – this can assist to increase circulation in the lower legs.

This achieves two goals: better blood circulation and stronger muscles. While the foot pads strengthen the knees from below the pads strengthen the knees from above. The combined effect is much more potent than if you just used the foot pads on their own.

The foot pads come with 99 different intensity levels. You can opt for lower intensity when starting out until you get used to the initially strange feeling. With time, you can keep revving up the intensity until you get to your ideal comfort level.

Is QUINEAR Knee Massager with Heat the best leg massager for arthritis?


  • It includes compression airbags and heating panels.
  • You can choose from three compression and two heat settings.
  • The knee wrap is adjustable and comfortable.
  • The control panel is built  into the massager wrap.


  • It is more expensive than some other massage devices.

The QUINEAR Knee Massager with Heat is an excellent choice if you want compression massage for your arthritis. It includes two airbags,  and you can choose from three different compression settings to target your pain and inflammation. It also has two heat settings.

It is one of the most user-friendly models, with a simple control panel integrated into the knee wrap fabric. This is also a comfortable choice, with an adjustable strap that can suit most legs. Although it is more expensive than some other knee massagers, it could be worth it for these features.

We recommend this knee massager for: people who want to invest in compression and heat massage for pain relief.

Renpho full-leg massager – good for arthritis

The Renpho – RF-ALM070 was the best full-leg massager we tested and came the closest to feeling like an actual massage. It was released early in 2019, and it’s the one leg massager that’s praised across the board by seniors with edema, athletes, weightlifters and high-heel wearers.

The Renpho differs from the other two full-leg massagers we tested by having a separate wrap for thighs, which makes it much easier to get into. The wraps are made from a thin polyester-wrapped foam exterior and soft felt-like interior, which feels smooth against skin. Each wrap is clearly marked for right and left legs, as are the tubes that connect the wraps to the remote control.

The foot wrap has an insole for your heel, so you simply slide your foot in and attach the wrap with its strong Velcro. The calf wrap (attached to the foot wrap) is easy to wrap around, and unlike the others we tested, it can accommodate large calves without needing an extension. The separate thigh wrap can be secured around any section of your upper leg. Although the instructions are woefully unhelpful, after you wrap yourself once in the Renpho, it will take you less than 30 seconds — unassisted — to do it thereafter.

The Renpho’s remote has six massage modes: three for full leg and three for feet, calves and thighs, all with four levels of intensity. The modes can be changed any time during the massage, so you can start with full leg and then switch to just your thighs, or vice versa, work one muscle group then move to full leg.

The Renpho is the only full-leg massager we tested that rhythmically inflates and deflates to simulate the hand-kneading of a massage therapist.See Price at Amazon

The full-leg sequence begins by inflating the feet wraps, pauses, then inflates the calves, followed by the thighs. From there, it rhythmically inflates and deflates each of the wraps separately; the Renpho is the only leg massager we tested that did this. The other two full-leg modes inflate and deflate one wrap at a time, gradually increasing in strength.

The mode for manually selecting to focus on feet, calves or thighs initially squeezes the selected muscle group, increases in intensity, then rhythmically inflates and deflates. This action best simulated the hand-kneading of muscles when being massaged by a massage therapist.

We tested each of the four intensity levels and felt most comfortable at level 2, since level 4 inflates the wraps very tightly, especially around the calves. However, the tightness can be alleviated by slightly loosening the wrap.

The Renpho was the loudest of the massagers we tested; its buzz is reminiscent of an electric razor. Overall, it didn’t bother us, since it was such an effective leg massager. The Renpho easily folds up into a compact shape for storage or packing into a suitcase for travel.

Key takeaways:

  • The Renpho – RF-ALM070 is the only leg massager we tested that actually simulates the hand-kneading massage of a massage therapist.
  • It’s the easiest full-leg massager to get into and out of unassisted.
  • Six massage modes allow you to work your entire leg simultaneously or select one muscle group at a time.

How good is NekTeck leg massager for treating arthritis?

At just $60, the NekTeck offers a heat function with a deep, thorough kneading massage for stiff feet.

Pros: Deep kneading, gentle heat therapy, can be used to massage other parts of the body

Cons: No air compression, one mode and intensity, may have difficulty reaching high arches, only massages bottom of feet

If you’re looking for a Shiatsu-style massage machine but don’t want to spend too much money, the NekTeck Foot Massager offers heat therapy and an intense kneading massage for about half the price of the RENPHO and similar machines.  

Instead of fully encasing your feet, this machine cradles from the bottom. With a smooth surface, it’s easy to move your feet around as needed to target the spots that ache, but it requires more finagling to knead out, say, achy arches. The machine’s height can also be adjusted for your ergonomic comfort, and, like the RENPHO, it can be easily turned on and off with your toes. 

Since it’s essentially a flat panel, the NekTeck fits a range of foot sizes and is actually a pretty versatile device, in that it can be used on virtually any part of the body — try placing it under sore calves or thighs for some relief. 

The kneading massage only has one mode and intensity, but sensitive users can wrap their feet in socks or a towel to soften the sensation. Like the RENPHO, the device may take 10 minutes to fully heat up. 

The one major downside to this device is that it only makes contact with the soles of your feet. If your ankles are a particularly painful spot, the NekTeck may not be able to help you much. 

Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager – mostly used best leg massager for arthritis

Size: 17 x 17 x 9 in. | Weight: 12.85 lb. | Heated: YesWhat We Like

  • Remote control
  • Targeted pressure points
  • Easy to clean

What We Don’t Like

  • Doesn’t accommodate larger feet

If you’re willing to spend a little more on a foot massager, this high-end product will leave your feet feeling relaxed and pampered. The Miko Shiatsu Home Foot Massager Machine With Switchable Heat has a variety of features to give you a customized massage and our tester, who loved the ease of set up and intensity levels, say it’s worth the price.

The foot massager from Miko is one of the most high-tech options out there. It features two separate foot chambers with washable cloth covers. Once you slip your feet in, you can operate the massager via the control panel on top of the machine or with the included remote. Choose between deep kneading or soothing natural vibrations, and adjust the strength and heat to suit your needs. The machine also uses air pressure to apply gentle pressure to your feet.

The Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager Relieves Sore Feet

Size: 15.2 x 15.2 x 8.7 inches | Weight: 7.9 lb. | Heated: YesWhat We Like

  • Mesh inserts are washable.
  • Fits the curve of feet
  • Automatic shut off

What We Don’t Like

  • Settings aren’t highly adjustable

For a deep kneading massage to relax tired feet, the Shiatsu Foot Massager is a great choice. This reasonably priced automatic foot massager uses Shiatsu therapy-style massage, combined with heat, to pamper your dogs after a tough day.

This foot massager has three adjustable modes and five pressure levels. There’s an additional built-in heat function to warm up your toes during the massage, making it the perfect product for people who are always cold. The massager is angled perfectly so you can sit in a chair or on the couch and use it, and there’s also a 15-30 minute timer to keep you from overdoing it. Our tester noted the single button on the device is large enough to be used with your toe, which means no bending over.

Buying guide for Best leg massager for arthritis

Massage mode

Foot massagers employ a number of different modes and methods to soothe sore feet, including shiatsu massage, manual massage, air compression, water jets, and electric massage rollers. Some machines use a combination of these techniques, but shiatsu is considered to be most similar to a massage you’d receive from human hands. Most massagers will also offer a variety of patterns and intensities to suit your personal preferences.


While some foot massagers come with a remote control to adjust settings, many only have a control pad mounted to the machine. This means you’ll need to lean forward to adjust the speed and intensity. For some people, this is a major interruption to their relaxation routine while others don’t mind pausing to adjust settings.


Many foot massagers use heat to increase effectiveness and relaxation. Look for adjustable heat settings to make sure that the experience is comfortable in all seasons and temperatures. Of course, manual massagers skip the heating function, so be sure to evaluate whether the convenience of a portable massager is worth losing the power of heat.

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