Butyce Y8 Pro Max massage gun review – what is the best price?


Is it good for athletes? This massage gun can effectively helps relieve muscle soreness, promote blood circulation. Its 1300 to 3,200 rpm capability provides great deep tissue massage for athletes anywhere. Find more in Butyce Y8 Pro Max massage gun review.

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In the box

Inside we found the device, the wall charger, 8 attachments, and an instructions manual.

  • Charger Adapter 1
  • Massage Gun 1
  • Travel Case 1
  • Massage Head 8
  • User Manual 1

Pros & Cons – Butyce Y8 Pro Max massage gun


  • Low noise
  • Long 14mm amplitude
  • Huge battery capacity
  • Pressure-based adaptive speeds
  • Accessories


  • Tiny font on the LCD
  • So-so ergonomics


  • Pressure sensor and adjustable speed
  • Large battery capacity with 4800mAH
  • Interchangeable head attachments
  • AI intelligent control chip for quick response

Butyce Y8 Pro Max massage gun review


It’s made of hard PC alloy. It looks sturdy and durable. This gun-like muscle massager has a body built with Nylon 66 and Glass Fibre. While giving a lightweight to the device, this material has made the BUTYCE Y8 Pro Max extremely durable. It can easily survive a 2m drop.


The Y8 Pro Max measures 9.3” x 6.5” x 2.95”. It feels compact. It weighs 2.1lbs. which is just about the standard weight for most guns in its category. The screen at the base displays the battery percentage left. There’s a display screen at the back of the device that is unique – unlike what you see on most devices. 

Attachments in Butyce Y8 Pro Max massage gun

 The Y8 Pro Max has 8 attachments: flat, ball, fork, bullet, air cushion, spade, arc, tower.

Here’s a brief information on some of them:

  • Ball
    It’s the all-purpose attachment because it can work on both large and small muscle groups. 
  • Flat
    It’s the perfect attachment if you want to work on large muscle groups. You can use it on your quads, hamstrings and pecs.
  • Bullet
    This is the go-to attachment when you need to work on target areas around your hands and feet. It’s also good to work on ligaments.
  • Fork
    The fork or spinal attachment works on the area around the spine and the neck. The two prongs slide across either side of the spine. You can also use it to massage your Achilles. 

The other attachments are really just variations of these. 


the power button is right at the base of the device. Instead of a press-and-hold button, it’s a switch button. Push either side of the ON/OFF markers to turn it on and off.


For Y8 Pro Max, 7 speeds is okay given it starts way low – at 1300rpm. It has a pressure sensor that responds to the pressure applied on the gun and consequently increases the intensity of the massage.


The Y8 Pro Max has what they call “23kg beat strength” which translates to 50lbs. stall force. This device will definitely give a deep tissue massage. It only falls short (in stall force) against the powerhouses like Theragun Pro, Happygun, Achedaway Pro, and Ekrin B37/B37s. In fact, Ekrin’s two full-sized guns only have 12mm amplitudes. 


The Y8 Pro Max has a 1300-3200rpm percussion range. This is very impressive given the fairly long stroke length. Also, the fact that the intensity starts way low means that you can get an accurate massage – start way low before you can crank it up to the top speed. It’s a great device for a warm up massage or if you want to have a delicate massage.


The battery on this gun is massively juiced. We are yet to see anything like it. 4800mAh capacity battery is no child’s play by any means. If you are wondering how long that will last, it’s 15-24 hours! Talk about a percussive massage day!


The Y8 Pro Max is a surprisingly quiet device. It’s listed as revving between 25dB to 55dB but it feels more 35dB to 60dB which is still really hushed down.

Butyce Y8 Pro Max massage gun customer review

Good massager with plenty of power

I am a jogger and my upper legs get sore. I use this massager to help relieve sore spots on my upper legs and lower back. Also, I occasionally use it on my upper arms. Pros: 1) Wide variety of tips help to get vibrations to the sore spots; 2) Plenty of power to keep massaging, even through clothing, without need to recharge; 3) Reasonably lightweight so it doesn’t inflict more pain. Con: The instruction book is inadequate. It would help users to have some suggestions about which tips to use. It would also help users to understand why there is a battery level indicator at the handle base (in white numbers) as well as the level indicator (in red and blue numbers 20-40-60-80-100%) on the control panel.

By customer at ubuy

Butyce Y8 Pro Max massage gun alternative

Ekrin Athletics B37

In the percussive therapy arena, there’s a common trade-off: power for sound. It’s tough to find a moderately priced and quiet yet powerful massage gun. Ekrin Athletics has created just that with its B37 massage gun. 

The Ekrin Athletics B37 massage gun packs all the leading industry standards, including an ultra-quiet motor (even quieter than the Hypervolt, in my opinion), multiple speed and pressure settings that deliver up to 56 pounds of force, an eight-hour battery life, an ergonomic design and a convenient carrying case with several massage head attachments. 

Ekrin Athletics is a relative newcomer on the muscle gun scene, but make no mistake: This brand, founded by two former collegiate athletes, is raising standards and lowering prices for percussive therapy.

At a list price of $230, the value is phenomenal — it’s a low price for the value you get, as the Ekrin massage gun compares to the well-known and highly desired brands in the percussive therapy arena. And, it’s backed by a lifetime warranty, so there’s really no reason not to at least try the Ekrin Athletics B37 massage gun. 

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