Theragun mini – all-new 4th generation portable muscle treatment massage gun review


Is the Theragun mini worth it for sports athlete? With up to 150 min. of sustained run time, mini sets the standard for true portability and is there for you right when you need it. Slip it into a jacket pocket or stow it in your gear for easy access and a quick calf or shoulder sweep right when you need it. Know more in Theragun mini – all-new 4th generation portable muscle treatment massage gun review.

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In the box

In the box they kept it to the essentials:

  • Theragun Mini
  • Padded Case
  • Power Cord
  • Instructions

Pros & Cons


  • Ergonomic handle
  • 3 speeds
  • Small, portable design
  • Soft carrying pouch
  • Very quiet operating levels
  • LONG battery life with LED indicator
  • Short charging time


  • Only one attachment
  • No Bluetooth connectivity
  • Expensive for what it offers
  • Shorter amplitude and less power than other Theragun models

Specs – Theragun mini – all-new 4th generation portable muscle treatment massage gun

  • Battery life: 150 minutes
  • Battery charge time: 80 minutes
  • Dimensions: 6 in x 5.3 in x 2.25 in
  • PPM range: 1750-2400 (3 speeds)
  • Attachments: 1
  • Percussion range 1750 – 2400 ppm
  • Weight 1.43 lbs
  • Noise level: 50-65 decibels
  • Dimensions 6 in x 5.3 in x 2.25 in
  • (15.2 cm x 13.5 cm x 7.7 cm)
  • Stall Force 20 lbs
  • Stroke Length 12 mm
  • Speeds 3
  • Noise (decibel) 68 dB (on top speed)


It might be mini in name and size, but it’s not exactly mini in price: At $199, the Theragun Mini falls solidly into a mid-range category of massage guns. Sure, there are some that are way more expensive (like the Theragun Pro at almost $600), but you can definitely find one for cheaper (like the Sportneer Deep Tissue Massager at $89.99).

Compare Theragun mini – all-new 4th generation portable muscle treatment massage gun

Theragun EliteTheragun mini
Treatment LevelPremiumUltra-portable
Motor & PowerQX65 proprietary brushless motor with QuietForce Technology – 40 lbs Max ForceQX35 compact brushless motor with QuietForce Technology – 20 lbs Max Force
Smart CapabilitiesOLED Screen, Bluetooth, 3 Built-In Presets, Responsive Force Meter
Amplitude16 mm12 mm
Speed (Percussions per second)5-Speeds with customizable speed range through our app3 Speed
BatteryBuilt-In Battery – 120 Minute Battery LifeBuilt-In Battery – 150 Minute Battery Life
Wireless Charging Enabled
Included Attachments5 Attachments: Dampener, Standard Ball, Wedge, Thumb, Cone1 Attachment: Standard Ball
Weight2.2 lbs1.4 lbs
Size9.5 in x 6.7 in x 2.9 in5.4 in x 4.3 in x 1.6 in

Theragun mini – all-new 4th generation portable muscle treatment massage gun review


Theragun Mini is truly unique. It has a triangular shape which mirrors Therabody’s design language. The Mini comes with the standard ball attachment, whereas more expensive models come with a variety of other attachments. 


The Mini is about half the size of its larger counterparts. It measures 5.4 x 4.3 x 1.6 (inches). It’s small and compact (as a mini should be). It weighs 1.43lbs. which is way lighter than any of the bigger guns. The distance the shaft and attachment extend from the gun and into your muscle.

There’s the triangular shape, a remarkable amount of power, and the ability to deeply work muscles without stalling the gun — it also debuted smartphone app integration for this latest generation, too.


The powerful-but-compact device comes with a carrying case so you can bring it pretty much anywhere, from the gym to use in the locker room after an intense workout to the office to use on a sore back due to bad posture or on your arches after wearing uncomfortable shoes. It also has a 150-minute battery life, should you leave your charger at home by accident.


There are four color variations to choose from: matte black, white, limited red edition Product (RED) and the new one, desert rose. 


Turning it on requires a short hold of the on/off button, and pressing that same button changes the speed from its lowest setting on up to medium and high. Three lights sit atop the button to quickly alert you of what power level it’s currently set at. 

Attachments – Theragun mini – all-new 4th generation portable muscle treatment massage gun

While it only includes one attachment, the Theragun mini is compatible with all six attachment heads in the Pro, Elite and Prime series by Theragun, as well as any attachment heads from the previous generation G3PRO and G3 models (for example the previous large ball will work as well). You can also purchase any of the attachments heads ala carte online.

  • Standard Ball – Perfect for overall use on large and small muscle groups.
  • Dampener – Comes standard with the mini. Used mostly for tender or bony areas. Perfect for overall use.
  • Large Ball – previous generation attachment that is also for all around body treatment.
  • Cone – Used mostly for pinpoint muscle treatment, including the hands and feet.
  • Wedge – Perfect for shoulder blades and IT bands and commonly used for “scraping” and“flushing,” which help to decrease the amount of lactic acid in muscles.
  • Thumb – Used mostly for trigger points and the lower back.
  • NEW Supersoft™ -Theragun’s version of vibration therapy and mostly used for sensitive areas,including bones.

Percussion & vibration

That reliable and effective performance is almost entirely attributed to how Theragun built the Mini. With three separate speed options of 1,750, 2,100, and 2,400 PPM, the Mini is anything but a watered-down version of the brand’s more advanced models.

In fact, each of the brand’s Fourth Generation massage guns offers speeds ranging from 1,750 to 2,400 PPMs, allowing the Mini to mostly stand toe-to-toe with its kin. Though the advanced models offer more custom PPM control within that range, the Mini still packs the same percussive punch — even if it lacks customization by only offering those exact three speeds.

Battery life & charging

The Mini’s battery is strong enough and will last up to 2-3 hours under normal usage. There’s an LED indicator next to the power button that will let you know how much juice you’ve got left.

This is how it indicates:

  • Flashing green: High charge
  • Flashing red: Low charge
  • Flashing blue: Half-way charged
  • Solid green: Fully charged

We noticed that the battery drains if any kind of pressure is applied for a bit longer. 


The Mini never exceeded 65 decibels during usage, and stayed mostly in the 60-63 decibel range. This is a little quieter than the Theragun Elite that I tested, which got as loud as 70 decibels. It’s a lot quieter than models like the LifePro Sonic Handheld Percussion Massager, which can clock up to 75 decibels. 

Therabody Apps – Theragun mini – all-new 4th generation portable muscle treatment massage gun

Therabody takes all of the guesswork out of using Theragun products with the Therabody App. Its extensive library has programming for a wide range of ailments, warm-up and recovery plans for specific sports and activities, and even methods to address better sleep health and overall wellness. Diagrams within each routine tell the user where to place the gun, the PPM setting to use, and how long to massage each area with an in-app timer. Connect the app to your phone or fitness tracker, and you’ll get personalized programming suggestions based on your activity. 

The Therabody Prime, Elite, and Pro go a step further with Bluetooth connectivity, which automatically sets the gun to the appropriate PPM and tells the user when they’re applying an optimal amount of force. This is a very helpful feature for those of us without a lot of massage gun experience and allows even the non-athlete to fully reap the benefits from their Theragun.

The smaller, less-expensive Theragun Mini lacks that Bluetooth connectivity, so while you’ll still be able to utilize all of the programs in the app, you won’t have as much guidance or feedback. Since the Therabody app is free and doesn’t require the purchase of a Theragun product to download, there’s fundamentally no difference between using the Mini to follow along, or purchasing a cheaper massage gun and doing the same. 

Theragun mini How to use?

For anyone who hasn’t heard of percussive massage before, it uses a pulsing tip of various shapes and density to cause vibrations in the muscles, stimulating blood flow and loosening tight muscles. From devices as simple as DIY reciprocating saw-based massagers to high-end massagers with multiple speeds, lots of angles and tips, and near-silent use, even professional physical therapists are finding percussive massage helpful in treating muscle soreness. 


Where the Theragun Mini really excels though, is in its portability. I was able to bring the Mini with me anywhere I went. It fit in my gym bag, in my backpack, even in one of my smaller purses, and I never noticed any extra weight or bulk.

The battery is decent on the Mini, with a two and a half hour life. I only needed to charge it once, and it lasted for an entire week’s worth of testing. Charging time was also decent — it took a little under an hour to power the Mini from a low charge to a full one. If your Mini is completely dead, expect a charge time of an hour and twenty minutes. 

I actually preferred using the Mini over the Elite on my calves, which can be painful to massage (but desperately need the attention). I also liked using the Mini on my lower and mid back — the shorter amplitude was more tolerable, and the Mini was easier to maneuver than the Elite. 

Theragun mini – all-new 4th generation portable muscle treatment massage gun customer review

Quiet, Portable and Effective

The Theragun Mini is a small handheld percussive massager. It is triangular in shape and its ergonomic design fits comfortably in your hand. It has a rubberized material on the exterior which is both comfortable and non-slip. It is light enough to not fatigue your hand while in use, yet it is heavy enough to exude quality. I weighed the Mini at 1lb 7oz with the ball attachment. The power button is in easy reach of your finger while holding and operating the device. That is the only button and it also controls the speed and is the battery power indicator.

My device came with a 50% charge, as indicated by a solid blue light, and it took 45 minutes to fully charge. Theragun rates the battery life at 150 minutes. After using this for 2 days I have no reason to doubt that claim.

The Mini comes with 1 standard massage ball attachment. Additional sizes are available from Theragun. Also included is a neoprene travel case and the power adapter. The case is high quality and fits snugly around the mini. There isn’t any room in the case for the power adapter, however the power lasts so long that you will probably not have the need to take the adapter with you unless you are traveling for an extended period of time.

The Therabody app is very well designed and offers visual guided massage demonstrations for specific ailments such as Plantar Faciitis, Tech Neck, Muscle Cramps, Jet Lag, Sciatica, Knots, Carpal Tunnel and Shin Splints. I suffer from Sciatica and Leg Cramps and I found these demos to be very helpful.

Upon my first use of the Mini, I was pleasantly surprised how quiet the device was, especially in the low speed (1750 percussions per minute). The noise naturally increases as the speed increases ( 2100 and 2400 ppm), however still very quiet. There is also no vibration transferred through the handle to your hand on speeds 1 and 2, and only slightly on the highest speed.

Most importantly the massage seems to be effective. I massaged the areas that typically cause my pains at night while trying to sleep. I have not been able to sleep on my left side for 3 years due to my sciatica. Last night was the first night I was able to sleep on my left side without pain. And no leg cramps either.

I found that the Mini basically does all the work. Your hands don’t have to apply any additional pressure, just glide the Mini along.

I love this device and will definitely consider taking it to the gym, sporting activities and travel.

I highly recommend this product.

By gtdad at Best Buy

Theragun mini – all-new 4th generation portable muscle treatment massage gun alternative

Hyperice Hypervolt 2 Pro

  • PPM: 1700-2700
  • Noise level: 55-65 decibels
  • Battery life: 3 hours
  • Weight: 2.6 pounds
  • Solid and sturdy construction
  • Long battery life
  • Cushion attachment allows for massage in especially tight or bony areas
  • No carrying case
  • Heavy and awkward to hold
  • App can be confusing

The Hyperice Hypervolt 2 Pro is a well-made massage gun, especially suited for athletes and advanced users. The basic yet solid construction of the Hyperice Hypervolt 2 Pro makes it a good choice for nearly anyone looking to invest in a high-end massage gun. However, a few key factors gear the Pro towards a more experienced user.  

The Hypervolt 2 Pro has an exceptional battery life —  at three hours, it outlasts the Theragun Elite and the Theragun Mini by 60 and 30 minutes respectively. The Theragun Pro doubles the Hypervolt 2 Pro’s run time with a six-hour life, but you’ll pay $200 more for that extra three hours. Charging the Pro once got me through an entire week’s worth of testing, with plenty of battery left to spare.  

The Hyperice App is capable of leading accomplished athletes through comprehensive programing for a competitive edge. A variety of textured attachments combined with a speedy 2700 PPM effectively releases the tightest trigger points and muscle groups.  

The downsides here are that the gun is slightly awkward to hold, and doesn’t come with a carry case, which could be an issue if you plan on traveling with the gun. Since it’s pretty sturdy, you could most likely get away with cushioning it between some thick sweatshirts and tossing it in your bag. But on the other hand, if I’m going to pay a few hundred bucks for a massage gun, I’d like to know that it could be protected appropriately during transport.

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