DARKIRON EM31 massage gun review & best price


Does this DARKIRON EM31 massage gun work against sports injury? DARKIRON massager is equipped with 6 different shaped massage heads to help the user to relax different body parts. The user can change the massage gun’s speed as needed. 400 to 3300 percussions per minute. Explore more in DARKIRON EM31 massage gun review.

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Pros & Cons – DARKIRON EM31 massage gun


  • 6 different shaped massage heads
  • 15 speeds to choose from
  • Long 16mm amplitude
  • 2500 mAh battery capacity
  • Anti-slip silicone grip
  • Operates quietly
  • Accessories


  • Bulky, feels heavy
  • The battery may not hold charge for long
  • Stall force on the lower end
  • Increased noise with time
  • Increasing noise over time


  • Weight 2.1 lbs
  • Attachments 15
  • Stroke Length 16 mm
  • Stall Force ~35 lbs max.
  • Percussions / min ~1700-2500rpm
  • Battery Life 2-4 hours (2500mA)
  • Noise 50-65 dB

DARKIRON EM31 massage gun review


It’s not a mix of high quality materials that you see with the Theraguns or even the premium quality that Ekrin employs for its devices, but it’s okay for an introductory massage gun. The handle is rubberized – which makes things a lot easier because you can get a firmer grip.


This new model looks pretty compact, and that’s probably because the handle is relatively shorter. The handle is a 90-degree T-shaped one. This kind of handle tends to put tension on the wrist in case of longer massage sessions.


It weighs 2.1 pounds, which is just about the average weight for most full-sized massage guns. It’s actually an ounce lighter than both Theragun Prime and Elite (both weigh 2.2 lbs). It’s also significantly lighter than both 2 full-sized Hypervolts (weighing 2.5 and 3.0 lbs).


it has a rather unique LCD screen.

The display is intriguing, to put it simply:

  • There is the power indicator at the top (depicted by the green bars)
  • There is a timer smack in the middle of the screen and a battery charge icon just above it.
  • There us the applied pressure indicator – the dots below the timer right after the first icon
  • The speed indicators are at the bottom of the screen – marked by the red bars.


Once turned on, there is a small round LED right at the base that turns green – if the battery is fully charged. The LCD screen then turns on. There are 3 physical buttons below the LCD screen indicated as Start / Stop, Speed +, and Speed –. We like that they included physical buttons rather than touch ones – everyone loves the “click” feedback.


Six different heads should cover all your deep tissue massage needs, although there isn’t a good option for area massage – a muscle group at a time is the best you can hope for with most gun-type deep tissue massagers. The flat head does help to transmit vibration energy through a wider cross-section of tissue than you’d think, but this kind of product is not intended for general stress relief. 


This device has 15 attachments.  There is the classic set of the best 5 composed of the ball, flat, bullet, fork, and shovel/wedge attachments. We also noticed they added 2 Y-shaped (slightly varied) heads that are great for massaging legs, arms and shoulders. There are other variations of the main attachments such as the arrow head and the elbow head for the bullet attachment. 

Percussions and Speed Levels

Its percussion range varies from 1700rpm to about 2500rpm. This is a decent range. One of its notable features is that it offers no fewer than 30 speed settings, allowing you to get exactly the massage you want: as firm as possible without causing pain. In other words, you can get effective results on large, heavy muscles such as the glutes and calves, then dial it down to treat areas close to joints or those without much padding.

Battery life

The Darkiron percussion massager has a 2500mAh capacity battery. This is good capacity given the low weight of the device. A single charge can last you for up to 6 hours according to Darkiron. In reality, the battery lasts between 3 to 4 hours.


It produces noise from 30dB to 50dB. In practice, it’s actually louder and can rev up to mid 60dB. It also rattles quite a bit when pressed against the body. It’s not the worst kind of rattling though, nothing you can’t handle.

DARKIRON EM31 massage gun Performance review

Super easy to use. When first received you have to charge for quite some time (I’m impatient but followed directions). When starting up all you have to do it switch button on bottom of handle on. You know it’s on by the green ring that lights up. Next on the screen you see your battery life on the right and level of massage power on the left. Hit the + or – to start the tool massaging. 

It has a 10-minute auto-shutoff feature that shuts off the device after 10 minutes to prevent it from overheating. As much as it’s a cool thing to have, 10 minutes is probably too short.

It has a variable speed control through its digital controller that I really like. The battery charge indicator is an LED ring around the base of the battery (the battery essentially makes up the entire handle). I’ve used this thing for an hour straight without it running out of battery, and the charge indicator still showed green. It comes with several massage heads that you can switch out, my favorite of which is the cushioned air bag because if you hit any of your bones, it doesn’t hurt at all.

DARKIRON EM31 massage gun review alternative

Theragun Pro

Best massage gun for athletes

  • PPM: Up to 2,400
  • Noise level: 60 decibels
  • Battery life: 300 minutes, 150 minutes per battery
  • Weight: 2.9 pounds

+Good for serious athletes+Long battery life+Intense pressure


-Louder than other massage guns on this list 

The Theragun Pro is recommended for the more serious athlete, someone who might normally receive professional massage therapy regularly as part of their fitness program and who wants to use a professional-grade recovery gun at home. Theragun says this is a smart percussive therapy device that’s in a league of its own. According to its site, the Pro reaches 60 percent deeper into muscles than other massage guns.Advertisement

Four arm positions make it easy to access every square inch that aches and five built-in speeds allow you to apply lower pressure to sensitive areas or more intense pressure to particularly tight muscles. “The Theragun Pro is the perfect massage gun for sports people and professional therapists alike,” said one reviewer on BestBuy.com. The Pro has an ergonomic design and an intuitive interface that’s easy to use. This device is one of the best massage guns because it’s built with Active Torque Control that combes power with speed for effective treatment therapy. Some reviewers said this model was still loud and complained about the cost. 

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