Can any electric car use a Tesla charger?


Can any electric car use a Tesla charger? Using a J1772 adaptor, an electric vehicle that isn’t made by Tesla can use low-powered Tesla chargers. Other electric vehicles may recharge using both the Tesla Wall Connector and Tesla Mobile Connector thanks to a Tesla-to-J1772 converter. Additionally, thousands of Tesla Destination Chargers are accessible to non-Tesla EV users thanks to the J1772 adapter.

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Dongle-like adapters from companies like Lectron and TeslaTap make it simple to connect your J1772. You could utilise the adapters on the following list:

  • The only J1772 charging adapter on the market that supports 48 Amps of maximum current and 250 V of maximum voltage is the Lectron – Tesla to J1772 Charging Adapter, Max 48A & 250V.
  • Up to three or four times faster than typical Level 2 chargers is the Lectron – Tesla to J1772 Adapter, Max 40A & 250V.

Since they work with the Tesla Wall Connector, Mobile Connector, and Destination Charger, non-Tesla owners have access to more than 15,000 charging stations.

How other brands electric car can use a Tesla charger?

The U.S. Superchargers for Tesla make use of a unique charging plug. The business has created an adapter called the “Magic Dock,” which combines the well-known Combined Charging System (CCS) charging standard into the current Tesla socket, to allow non-Tesla EVs to use its chargers. With the exception of the Nissan Leaf, which utilises a different plug standard, it will operate with almost all EVs.

Tesla charger station number

According to S&P Global Mobility, there will be almost 17,000 Superchargers and Tesla destination chargers in the US as of January 2023. By the end of 2024, Tesla has committed to opening at least 3,500 of its stations and 4,000 Level 2 charging stations to all electric vehicles.

As of June 2023, only New York, Connecticut, and California have Magic Dock Tesla Superchargers. At these stations, non-Tesla electric vehicles can charge.

What is the Tesla charger charge rate?

Cash on the spot or a $13 monthly subscription are the two payment alternatives available to non-Tesla drivers. The price is still higher than what Tesla owners pay even with the membership.

Currently, one of the most expensive fast charging alternatives per kilowatt-hour (kWh) is using a Supercharger to charge a non-Tesla vehicle. The slots that are now open range in price from $0.48 to $0.55 per kWh. Most are $0.49/kWh, which is comparable to the $0.48/kWh non-subscription price offered by Electrify America. If you sign up for a $12.99 monthly membership, they fall to $0.39/kWh. If the automobile is left at the charger after it has been fully charged, idle costs of $1/minute will be applied. The company claims that prices differ depending on region.

How any electric car use a Tesla charger at a Supercharger?

A “Magic Dock,” a CCS1 converter that sits on top of Tesla’s NACS plug and allows non-Tesla EVs to charge at a maximum rate of 250 kW, has been retrofitted into a few stations by Tesla.

To use a Supercharger:

  • Create an account on the Tesla app after downloading it.
  • Find a Supercharger station in your area by selecting “Charge Your Non-Tesla”.
  • Choose a parking space, enter a payment method, unlock the adaptor, and connect your vehicle.
  • Click “Start Charging.”
  • To end your session, choose “Stop Charging”.

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