Compare Amcrest NV2108 vs NV4108 – do they have recording option?


What is the difference between the Amcrest NV2108 and NV4108? Blazing throughput of 80Mbps enables you to watch things happen as they happen: real-time, highly reliable HD video without loss or delay. Conveniently packaged with extras such as USB mouse, network cable, and quick start guide with user manual and CD. Get more in Amcrest NV2108 vs NV4108 compariosn.

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Pros & Cons – Amcrest NV2108 vs NV4108

Amcrest NV2108


  • Auto scan feature works fine
  • Great value for money
  • Reliable customer support
  • Stable operating platform
  • Good night vision
  • Decent picture quality


  • Poorly written manual
  • You need fast internet to have the system online
  • An issue with remote playback if you have a slow Internet connection
  • The Mobile app is flaky at times
  • The UI needs a few tweaks to make it intuitive

Amcrest NV4108


  • Great technical support
  • 6TB storage available (HDD not included)
  • Phone app loads quickly
  • High video quality
  • The Software is easy to use
  • Affordable with great features


  • The fan is noisy
  • Though the recorder is ONVIF compliant it still has limitations on the type of cameras to use
  • The Video Output format is a DAV file and not STD
  • Motion detection has issues when it snows or rains
  • The Unit might drop settings on its own and needs reconfiguration

Who is this for – Amcrest NV2108 vs NV4108?

For the majority of homeowners 8 Channel Amcrest NVR NV4108E-HS will be a no-brainer choice. It has a great price with all the features you would want for a network video recorder to have. In addition, as the storage capacity and video quality are vital factors in deciding which NVR to buy it has to 6 Terabytes of hard drive support. 

The Amcrest NVR NV2108-HS is a great choice if you want a good product without running your bank account dry. You get to use a stable operating platform with a great Amcrest NVR Software. Installation for newbies might not be easy. The software might pose a few challenges for people not familiar with common tech terms like DHCP, IP and DNS.

The other available option but with no PoE ports (what is PoE?) for your consideration is 8 Channel Amcrest Network Video Recorder NV4108-HS. This is definitely a steal considering you are getting 4K resolution for a decent amount of money. If you are tech savvy, you can comfortably set it up without further assistance from the company. For anyone who is a tech novice, you might need help installing the recorder, as the instructions are not exactly clear and understandable to everyone.

Compare Amcrest NV2108 vs NV4108

 Best Overall Amcrest NVRBest Affordable Amcrest NVR
Built-in Wi-FiNoNo
PoE ports8None
Number of cameras88
Max HDD Capacity6TB6TB
Camera Resolution8MP/6MP/5MP/4MP/3MP6MP/5MP/4MP/3MP
ConsManual not model specificRandom reset of the deviceLoud fanMotion detection is not accurateSoftware is not user friendlyInstallation instructions unclear for some people

Customer reviews – Amcrest NV2108 vs NV4108


The Amcrest NV2108-HS supports 8 Channels at 4K. You can always get third-party cameras if you prefer, but there is a high possibility of failure. Amcrest has their own cameras, but they might not have the best resolution. For playback, you can view all channels at 1080p or 1 channel at 4K. 1080p is quite decent so that should not be a problem.

NV4108 recorder works fine for cameras with less than 8MP. You can have a variety of cameras with different resolutions and still get to record in real time and playback. With 8 channels you can stream your video to multiple devices, but the process might be slow depending on the strength of your network connectivity.


The device Amcrest NV2108 comes with standard security features like motion detection. There has been an issue with previous models when it comes to motion detection sensitivity during different weather conditions.

A few customers have had the same issue with this model. It is either you get multiple alerts or none at all. This is something Amcrest needs to fix because no one wants to have sleepless nights over unnecessary alerts.

The Amcrest NV4108 comes with security features like motion detection and push alerts.

Camera & Storage

You can remote access your videos using a mobile app or via a web browser. It works perfectly for cameras less than 6MP. If you have cameras above 6MP, you might have to look for another option. There is 6TB of storage enough to give you multiple hours of videos. Just like the Amcrest NV4108-HS, this NV2108-HS has no POE ports.

With 8 channels, NV4108 comes the necessity of storage. You get a capacity of 6TB of storage. This model does not come with any POE ports. It supports both Wi-Fi connection and wired IP cameras. 

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