Cosori Original Convection toaster oven CO125-TO review


Cosori original convection toaster oven CO125-TO combines multiple kitchen appliances in one machine, so you can master any recipe. Carefully crafted, the Toaster Oven is user-friendly and easy to clean. This toaster oven has a huge range of functions and really earns its spot on the counter. With 12 different preset modes, it’s easy to adjust settings for whatever is up for dinner. It acts as a toaster, oven, air fryer, dehydrator, and more. We covered details in Cosori original convection toaster oven CO125-TO review.

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Specifications – Cosori original convection toaster oven CO125-TO

DescriptionToaster Oven
Capacity30 L / 31.7 Qt.
Heating Elements5 element
FanConvection; 2 speed
Width (inches)20″
Depth (inches)11.5″
Weight20.6 pounds
Oven LightYes
Preset Options12 included presets
Temp Range170-400°
ReturnsVaries by retailer
Warranty2-Year limited

Cosori original convection toaster oven CO125-TO review

Cosori Design

The Cosori toaster oven has a wide rectangular body with a stainless steel shell and a double-layer glass door with a wide bar handle for easy access into the oven.

Inside the oven, there are four heating elements that use conventional heat to evenly distribute the hot air around the food, for more even cooking.

Cosori Original Convection toaster oven CO125-TO review
Cosori Original Convection toaster oven CO125-TO review

A digital screen on the left of the oven makes it easy to see current settings or change settings as needed.

There are also three removable and repositionable metal cooking racks. If you have a large item, like a bone-in rotisserie chicken, you will likely need to take two of the racks out and only cook on one rack.

Size & Dimensions

The exact dimensions of the Cosori toaster oven are

  • 20″ wide
  • 13″ deep
  • 11.5″ high

The Cosori toaster oven is not small by any stretch of the word, but in comparison, it is designed to replace a traditional oven and it’s much smaller than that.

A little on the hefty side, the Cosori toaster oven weighs 20.6 pounds, but this feels like a really quality appliance. You don’t move a toaster over around in the same way you may move a compact toaster so the heavier weight really isn’t a huge factor, in my opinion.

How to use Cosori original convection toaster oven CO125-TO?

The controls of the Cosori toaster oven can be broken down into six main parts.

  • LED digital display
  • Time / Temperature (radial dial)
  • Function (radial dial)
  • Light on / off (push button)
  • Fan on / off (push button)
  • Start / cancel (push button)
Cosori Original Convection toaster oven CO125-TO review

12 preset functions

There are 12 basic presets that come in cluded with the Cosori toaster oven, giving it a wide range of functions. The available presets include:

  • Toast
  • Bagel
  • Broil
  • Bake
  • Roast
  • Airfry
  • Keep Warm
  • Pizza
  • Cookies
  • Rotisserie
  • Ferment
  • Dehydrate
Digital display on the Cosori toaster oven on “Bagel” mode

When you select a preset, Corosi will adjust the settings, making some assumptions about what type of cooking you’ll be doing and which settings will suit you best.

While the initial list of presets looks impressive and robust (and it is), some of the settings did feel a little duplicative.

The “bagel mode” shown above shows how Cosori picks the appropriate settings for:

  • Time
  • Toast factor
  • Temperature

Also, the “bake”, “pizza” and “cookies” modes all feel similar. The difference between the “pizza” and “cookies” modes is simply the temperature and time settings.

For instance, “toast” and “bagel” are essentially the same, since Cosori does not have the ability to toast only one side of a bagel (the one factor that may have otherwise distinguished between these two modes).

But these two factors can be manually adjusted when the unit is in “bake” mode, so again.. it feels a little unnecessary.

Accessories & Parts

The Cosori toaster oven comes with a nice selection of accessories to help customize your cooking experience, as needed.

Accessories (from left to right) include:

  • Food tray: use it to roast, broil, or bake; you can put food directly on it
  • Crumb tray: installs at the bottom of the oven and has a pull-out, non-stick design making it easy to remove and wipe down as needed
  • Rotisserie attachments: includes a shaft / fork as well as a turning handle (as shown below) for cooking homemade rotisserie chicken
  • Wire rack: use it for baking pizza, pies, or any other food that you want the bottom to have the same exposure of heat as the top
  • Fry basket: use it on air fry mode
  • Original Cosori cookbook: includes a variety of recipes and ideas for how to use your Cosori

The rotisserie attachments is certainly something that sets the Cosori apart from a traditional oven. This attachment makes it easy to cook a rotisserie chicken and is able to crisp up all sides of the bird as it suspends it in the air.

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