Does Blink XT2 work with Echo Show 5?


Does Blink XT2 work with Echo Show 5? Blink XT2 features infrared night vision, two-way conversation audio and you can control it with your Alexa device using your free Echo Dots. It is an indoor/outdoor camera that offers 110-degree wide viewing angle to “see” large portions of a room or yard and can detect motion automatically. You can look at recorded security video clips, change your camera settings, view live video, and have two-way conversations with people near your cameras with the Blink Home Monitor smartphone app. What are Blink XT2 Alexa commands?

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If you need even more flexibility, you also watch security video clips on Alexa video devices like Echo Spot, Echo Show, Show5 and Fire TVs. Unlike other security camera companies, you can store your video clips in the could for free for up to a year, too.

Compare Blink Indoor camera system

Blink Indoor 1 Camera SystemBlink XT2 Camera System
Free cloud storageYesYes
2-year battery life (AA)YesYes
2-way audioYes
PlacementIndoor onlyIndoor and outdoor
Motion-activated instant-on recordingYesYes
Works with AlexaYesYes
Image resolution720p1080p
Infrared night visionYes
Live streaming HD audio and video with push alertsYesYes
IP65-rated/weather resistantYes
Temperature monitoringYesYes×750&ft=Open%20Sans%2C%20sans-serif%3B&tc=%2302A2AC&clp=true&mi=10&k=Blink%20camera&ctids=0&mkpid=EBAY-US&ur=false&cts=true&sf=true&pid=1606739349256-0-1421262&ad_v=2

Does Blink XT2 work with Echo Show 5?

People always ask – ‘Does Blink XT2 work with Echo Show 5?’ Yes. You can easily and quickly connect your Blink Camera to Amazon Alexa enabled devices like Echo Show 5 for additional functionality. If you enable the “Blink Camera Skill” on Amazon Alexa you it will allow you to see a live feed of your Blink smart cameras on your Echo Device but you must have an Amazon Alexa Spot or an Amazon Alexa Show to see the video feed. 

Does Blink XT2 work with Echo Show 5?

Connecting your Amazon Echo Show to your Blink Camera is great option to quickly pull up your Blink Camera feed without the need for your phone.  I have an Amazon Alexa Show and Echo Spot in my house so I can see my Blink Cameras quickly with just with a short voice command like “Alexa, show me the Garage”.  Below you can see a live view example how you can stream a smart camera feed on the Amazon Echo Spot, but you can also stream video on the larger Echo Show with it’s 10” screen. You will also find Blink XT2 Alexa commands in this article as well.

What is good in Blink XT2 with Echo Show 5?

  • Compact 5.5″ smart display with Alexa, ready to help.
  • “Alexa, show the front door camera.” This bundle includes an Echo Show 5 and a Blink XT2 1-Camera System – everything you need for smart home security. You can do everything with Blink XT2 Alexa commands.
  • Customisable motion detection – Use activity zones to choose where motion is detected so you receive the alerts that matter.
  • Extended battery life – 2-year battery life on two AA lithium batteries with a combination of two-way talk, Live View, and motion recording. Double the usage of the XT on a single set of batteries when recording video.
  • 2-way audio – Talk to visitors through the Blink app on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Cloud storage – Keep hundreds of clips stored up to a year with no additional monthly fees or service contract required.
  • Voice control compatible devices or manage them using the display.
  • Manage calendar, make to-do lists, get weather and traffic updates and cook with step-by-step recipes.
  • Watch films, news and TV programmes. Listen to songs, radio stations and audiobooks.

What are key specifications in Blink XT2 with Echo Show 5?

Field of view110 degrees diagonal
Size2.8 x 2.8 x 1.4 inches or 71 x 71 x 34 mm
Weight3.15 oz or 89 grams
CPUImmedia Proprietary – AC1002B, 4 cores / 200 MHz
Power2 AA 1.5V lithium metal (non rechargeable) batteries
Battery LifeTwo AA lithium metal batteries last up to two years, based on 53,870 seconds of video events, including Live View, motion-activated recording, and two-way talk. XT2 provides double the seconds of use as the original XT when used exclusively for Live View and motion-activated recording. Battery life will vary based on device settings, use, and environmental factors. Use of two-way talk will reduce battery life.
WirelessSingle-antenna Wi-Fi with diversity. Supports public and private Wi-Fi networks that use the 2.4 Ghz 802.11g/n; does not support connecting to ad-hoc (or peer-to-peer) Wi-Fi networks.
ConnectionWiFi, minimum 2 Mbps upload speed required
Available colorsBlack
Smart phone requirementsiOS 10.3, Android 5.0, or Fire OS 5.1
Blink AppBlink Home Monitor app
Included in the boxBlink XT2 camera (dependent on quantity selected), 1 sync module, 2 AA 1.5V lithium batteries (2 per camera), 1 mounting kit (per camera), 1 user guide, 1 USB cable, 1 power adapter
Generation2nd generation – 2019 release
Camera resolutionRecord and view in up to 1080p HD video during the day and with infrared HD night vision after dark
Camera frame rateUp to 30 frames per second
AudioSpeaker output and 2-way audio recording
LEDsOne blue LED to help you know when it’s active (optional)
SupportClick here to view more information on the Blink XT2 support page.

What are the Blink XT2 Alexa commands?

1. Non-Screen Device Supported Blink XT2 Alexa commands

Arming your System“Alexa, ask Blink to Arm”

If you have more than one system:

“Alexa, ask Blink to Arm (System Name)”
Disarming Your System“Alexa, ask Blink to Disarm, my pin is ####”

If you have more than one system:
“Alexa, ask Blink to Disarm (System Name), my pin is ####”
Status“Alexa, ask Blink to get my status”
 “Alexa, ask Blink what’s my status”
Detailed Status
(Includes last motion clip occurrence from each system)
“Alexa, ask Blink what my detailed status is”
 “Alexa, ask Blink to get my detailed status”
Schedule“Alexa, ask Blink to list my schedule”
 “Alexa, ask Blink what my schedule is”
Motion Clip“Alexa, ask Blink when was the last motion clip”
 “Alexa, ask Blink when was my last motion alert”
Motion Clip Count“Alexa, ask Blink how many motion clips do I have?”
 “Alexa, ask Blink how many recordings do I have?”

2. Screen Device Supported Blink XT2 Alexa commands

Live View“Alexa, show me (Camera Name)
Exiting Live View“Alexa, hide my (Camera Name)
Viewing Last Motion Clip“Alexa, show me the last activity on (Camera Name)

If “ask Blink” is not included when issuing a voice command, Alexa will report back saying, “You have Blink SmartHome skill enabled, would you like me to open it”, to indicate an incomplete command.

How to Set up Blink XT2 to work with Echo Show 5?

Enabling Blink Smarthome Skill:

  1. Open the Alexa app, tap the curtain menu in the upper lefthand corner, and select “Skills & Games.”
  2. Search for “Blink SmartHome”, then tap into that Skill.
  3. Tap the Enable button. This will pull up a Sign In page. Here, we will need to enter in the email address and password that you use for your Blink account. You will also need to create a 4-digit pin that will allow you to disarm your system via voice command.
  4. Once linked, you’ll get a message saying, “Blink SmartHome has been successfully linked.”
  5. Close this screen by tapping the X icon in the upper righthand corner of the screen. You’ll then be presented a popup reading, “Smart Home devices must be discovered before they can be used with Alexa”.
  6. Tap the Discover Devices button. This will take about 20 seconds, and will locate all the Blink cameras and Sync Modules on your account. 

What are the other security cameras work with Alexa Devices?

Skill NameCompatible CamerasFeatures Exclusive to ‘Screened’ Alexa DevicesFeatures Available to all Alexa Devices
Amazon Cloud CamCloud CamShow/Hide Camera, Show Last Activity/Most Recent EventTurn On Camera, Receive/Play/Delete Notifications, Trigger Routines With Motion Detection
Blink SmartHomeBlink, Blink XTShow/Hide Camera, Show Last Activity/Most Recent EventArm Camera, Disarm Camera (Requires PIN), Ask “When was my last motion alert?”, “What’s my status?”, and “What’s my schedule?”
RingRing Video Doorbell 2, Video Doorbell Pro, Video Doorbell Elite, Floodlight Cam, Spotlight Cam, Ring Stick Up Cam Wired; Limited Features Only For Ring Video Doorbell (1st Gen) and Stick Up Cam (1st Gen)Show/Hide Camera, Answer Doorbell, Show Last Activity/Most Recent EventDoorbell Ring Triggers Alexa Announcements, Trigger Routines With Motion Detection & Doorbell Rings
ArloArlo Wire-Free, Arlo Q & Q Plus, Arlo Pro & Pro 2, Arlo Go, Arlo BabyShow/Hide Camera, Show Last Activity/Most Recent EventTurn On Light/Change Light Color (Arlo Security Lights)
Nest CameraDropcam, Dropcam Pro, Nest Cam, Nest Cam Outdoor, Nest Cam IQ, Nest Cam IQ Outdoor, Nest HelloShow/Hide Camera
August Smart HomeAugust Doorbell CamShow/Hide Camera, Show Last Activity/Most Recent Event, Answer Doorbell (Coming Soon)Doorbell Ring Triggers Alexa Announcements, Trigger Routines With Motion Detection & Doorbell Rings
Logi Circle – LiveLogi Circle, Logitech Circle 2Show/Hide Camera, Show Last Activity/Most Recent Event
TP-LINK KasaKasa CamShow/Hide CameraControl TP-Link Kasa Smart Home Devices
CanaryCanary All-In-One, Canary Flex, Canary ViewShow/Hide Camera
WyzeWyze Cam v2, Wyze Cam PanShow/Hide Camera, Discover Devices
EZVIZMini Plus, Mini 360 Plus, Mini O, Mini Trooper, Husky, ezGuardShow/Hide Camera
Honeywell HomeC1 Wi-Fi Security Camera, C2 Wi-Fi Security CameraShow/Hide CameraTurn On Camera
Chk-In CamConeC CamPlayback Event RecordingTurn On/Off Camera, Arm/Disarm Camera, Launch Smartphone App,
SmartCam+ for live viewSmartCam D1, SmartCam N1, SmartCam N2Show/Hide Camera
Amcrest CloudAmcrest IPM-723S, Amcrest Pro HD, Amcrest Ultra HD Series (require premium cloud subscription)Show/Hide Camera, Discover Devices
ZmodoEZCam, Zmodo Greet HD & Pro, Zmodo Outdoor Pro, Zmodo Sight Series, Zmodo Snap, Zmodo Wireless CamShow/Hide CameraTurn On Camera

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