Does Revitive help with PAD (Peripheral Artery Disease)?


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Surprisingly, nearly one in five Australians suffer from PAD. About 50% of those who have PAD don’t exhibit any symptoms, which results in underdiagnosis and undertreatment. How does Revitive help with PAD?

What is PAD?

The accumulation of fatty deposits (atheroma) inside your arteries, which reduces blood flow throughout your body, is what leads to PAD. Most often, PAD affects the legs, which can cause walking pain, gangrene, and even amputation in extreme cases.

  • Leg sores or lesions that won’t heal
  • Aches and pains, as well as heaviness when walking
  • Skin that is pale or bluish on the legs.
  • It feels cooler on one leg than the other.

How does Revitive help with PAD?

Insufficient blood flow in the lower limbs and inadequate oxygen delivery to the muscles can cause PAD symptoms as pain, aches, cramps, and discomfort. A registered medical device called Revitive® Circulation Booster® with OxyWave® may be able to relieve symptoms brought on by poor circulation in persons with medically diagnosed PAD.

Your lower leg muscles contract when using Revitive’s Oxywave technology, increasing the amount of oxygen-rich blood flowing to your legs and feet, which may –

  • Walking with less discomfort in the legs
  • Increased leg circulation while being used
  • Before experiencing any pain or cramping, extend your walking distance.

The Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) supports Revitive, and it has been scientifically shown to improve leg circulation when used.

How long you use Revitive to help with PAD symptoms?

It delivers electrical pulses to the soles of the feet over the course of a 30-minute session, stimulating neurons in the legs to contract and relax muscles and increase blood flow. In various conditions, the device provides changing levels of stimulation.

According to specialists at Charing Cross Hospital in London who are conducting a trial with 34 patients, improvements in blood flow point to a potentially useful role for the device in maintaining the open state of these grafts and extending their lifespan.

Following surgery, these patients will use the device only once to see if it enhances blood flow.

Revitive Conducted Clinical Study on Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD)

Patients with intermittent claudication (IC) who could complete a supervised exercise program (SEP) were divided into two groups in a study by Babber et al.: the SEP only group and the SEP with Revitive (NMES) group. The Revitive device was briefly introduced to and trained on by the patients in the SEP/Revitive group.

For a period of six weeks, these patients were told to utilize the gadget at home for a minimum of 30 minutes each day. 37 patients in all successfully completed the study, 20 in the SEP group and 17 in the SEP/Revitive group.

Walking distances, blood flow, and quality of life were all considerably enhanced after combining Revitive with SEP after six weeks.

In comparison to Supervised Exercise Program (SEP) alone, Revitive plus SEP together produced:

  • The initial claudication distance (ICD) showed a 46% increase in walking distance at week 6 (p =.014).
  • ICD changed noticeably more over the course of six weeks (Revitive/SEP: 40.4 m, SEP only: 7.5 m, p =.012).
  • With the device turned on, blood volume flow and time-adjusted mean velocity both considerably increased (P0050).
  • The Intermittent Claudication Questionnaire score changed significantly (Revitive/SEP: -11.2 vs. SEP only: -4.2, p =.037).

Is Revitive worth buying for treating PAD?

On every brand-new Revitive Circulation Boosters purchased directly, a FREE 3-Year Extended Warranty is offered. In the event that you are dissatisfied with your new Revitive Circulation Booster within 60 days of purchase, get in touch with our customer service team to request a refund, less $29.95 postage & handling. Look at the terms and conditions.

Does Revitive help with PAD – what are the alternates?

Eat healthy

Controlling your weight and cholesterol is more crucial than ever. Eating a heart-healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, lean meats, and plant oils like olive oil will assist. Your blood pressure can be lowered and your cholesterol can be raised with a healthy diet.

Exercise is the best solution

What activities are best for you should be discussed with your doctor. They might offer workout regimens that have been proven to reduce PAD symptoms. After your session, try to engage in 30 minutes of exercise many times per week. You might be decreasing your exercise level as a result of your pain. But if you have PAD, you need to exercise. It benefits almost everyone with this problem.

Foot or leg care

Every day, inspect your feet and toes over for any sores, fissures, or irregularities. A sore might not heal properly. Be on the lookout for even tiny issues like ingrown nails, blisters, small scrapes, or scratches. Your risk of developing an infection increases when blood cannot flow freely into your legs and feet. Thus, a small pain could develop into a greater issue. Speak to your doctor if you notice anything unusual about your feet.

Quit Smoking

Smoking exacerbates your illness by making it more difficult for your arteries to transport blood. Stopping is a crucial first step towards controlling your illness. Additionally, smoking increases your risk of having a heart attack or stroke.

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