Eufy 365-day camera review – does it have anti-theft alarm?


Does investing in a Eufy 365-day camera make sense? The Eufy 365-day camera’s standout features include 1080p Full HD streaming, a 365-day battery life, IP67 weatherproofing, local storage of all your footage, no membership is necessary, and connectivity with HomeKit, Alexa, and Google. A complete package. More in Eufy 365-day camera review.

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Pros & Cons


  • Durable battery
  • Clear picture with IP67 rating
  • Person detection


  • Poor night vision

Eufy 365-day camera Specs

  • Resolution in 1080p
  • Night vision
  • Motion monitoring
  • The IP67 weather rating for two-way audio
  • Options for local and cloud storage
  • Battery life of 365 days for human detection
  • A secure connection
  • Flexible motion zones
  • Works with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa


The Eufy 365-day camera costs $299 for a two-pack plus a base station and $139 for additional cams, or $30 less than the least costly option from the competition. This is far less than what you’d pay for an Arlo Ultra or Nest Cam IQ.

Compare Eufy 365-day camera (review)

eufyCam 2C ProeufyCam 2CeufyCam 2 ProeufyCam 2
Resolution2K1080p2K1080p, Sony Starvis sensor
Field of View135-degree135-degree140-degree140-degree
Battery Life6 Months6 Months1-Year1-Year
Weather ProofIP67IP67IP67IP67
AIHuman Detection Face DetectionHuman Detection Face DetectionHuman Detection Face DetectionHuman Detection Face Detection
Video Storage16GB EMMC, 3 Months Usage16GB EMMC, 3 Months Usage16GB EMMC, 3 Months Usage16GB EMMC, 3 Months Usage
Storage ExpansionNot supportedNot supportedNot supportedNot supported
Monthly FeeNoNoNoNo

Source : EUFY

Eufy 365-day camera review

Build & Design

The Eufy 365-day camera is a bulky, white, rectangular gadget with a bullet design. A rubber cover protects the Micro USB charging connector, and a tiny sync button for connection with the HomeBase is also there. As the camera’s back is magnetic, it can be fastened straight to a metal surface. Additionally, a screw mount or the provided magnetic mount can be used to mount it.


It includes HomeBase. The HomeBase appears to be an all-white wireless router; it is unassuming but still somewhat large. Ironically, you will need to connect it to a router, and you will find all the necessary wires inside the box. If you ever want to expand your home system with, for example, a Eufy Video Doorbell 2K, it’s no problem because the HomeBase supports up to 16 devices.

Eufy 365-day camera Image review

The Eufy 365-day camera has a wide field of vision of 140 degrees and can be set between HD 1080p and 2K HD. One camera can cover a sizable portion of your yard if it is installed 7 to 10 feet above because it has a 30-foot field of view. With accurate colours, very little distortion, and good contrast, video clarity is generally good. Despite being good, I wish Eufy had advanced and switched to 4K resolution like the Arlo Ultra Smart Cam.

The video quality of EufyCam is excellent. Although the colours aren’t nearly as vibrant as the Nest Cam IQ we have in our yard and the images have a propensity to blow out briefly when they initially load, there is nice contrast and a dependably clean image.

Human detection vs motion detection

If you’d rather, Anker employs some AI for people detection rather than object detection. Additionally, users can create unique activity zones where the camera won’t capture images of animals. It’s wonderful that notifications on your phone can include screenshots of people’s faces.

The Eufy 365-day camera incorporates human detection, thus it can distinguish between an object and a neighbour. Furthermore, you can change the settings to have it just notify you when it detects people.

Night vision

Four infrared sensors are used for night vision, along with a fancy, high-tech Sony sensor that Eufy claims delivers greater clarity. Although faces are still a little pixelated, it is far better than the Nest in terms of clarity and definition. The 4 infrared LEDs also ensure that nothing can hide in the shadows.


Many more modern security cameras come equipped with a microphone and speaker so you may use the phone app to communicate with anyone who is outside close to the camera. This feature is also available on the Eufy 365-day camera. The two-way audio works well, and the app lets you change the level. But like the Ring Stick Up Cam, I wish it had noise cancellation to make voices more audible. Additionally, you can separately silence the speaker and the microphone.


There are choices for both local and online storage with the Eufy 365-day camera. Because of the Eufy hub’s ability to sync with the cameras, we advise choosing local storage. Your video footage is kept locally by the hub and sent to you over an encrypted connection. During installation, the hub, also known as the Eufy HomeBase 2, connects to your internet router. Although an Ethernet cable is provided, we advise utilising it instead of Wi-Fi. Ethernet is safer and will maintain the speed of your internet connection.

For $29.99 annually per camera for the Basic Plan or $99.99 annually, Eufy does provide rolling 30-day coverage, which covers up to 10 cameras and provides storage for 30 days. Contrary to other applications that try to force the subscription plan down your neck, Eufy rarely, if ever, informs you about this service, which is refreshing.

Voice assistant

You may use your preferred speech assistant—Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant—to operate the Eufy 365-day camera. Additionally, Eufy connects with Apple HomeKit, which is uncommon for a security camera and is excellent. Only a select few brands are chosen by Apple.

Battery & charge

Depending on where your cameras are positioned and where you reside geographically, your number of Eufy 365-day cameras can last 365 days on a single battery. With the benefit of just having 10 occurrences each day and recording 30-second recordings for each of them, a 365-day battery life may be estimated.


Encrypted data and footage can only be accessed by logging into the account.

Weather resistance

With IP67 rating, Eufy 365-day camera can withstand with rough weather and it is waterproof.


Since the Eufy 365-day camera is magnetic, you can attach it to almost any metal surface, including a porch railing. If there is nothing to stick it to, you can screw in a mounting bracket, twist the camera onto the bracket, and secure it in place.

Eufy 365-day camera App review

  • Install the Eufy Security mobile app (not to be confused with the Eufy Home app)
  • Create a profile (or log in if you have one). Be prepared because Eufy will send a code to your email to verify your account.
  • EufyCam 2 should be added as a new device.
  • To connect your HomeBase hub to your internet network, use the app’s instructions.
  • The cameras and HomeBase hub should be synced. (Keep them close at hand; they must be close to the base.)
  • Install the cameras in the desired locations. Use one of the mounts that comes with the camera kit, or simply place the cameras down on any flat surface (not advised unless you want to keep them indoors).

There are numerous settings, including power management, audio, custom alarms, detection, downloading clips to your phone, sharing clips with others, status LED, anti-theft detection (alarm sounds if camera is moved), and more.

Custom alarm modes, such as home, away, schedule, disarmed, and geofencing, can be established for the cameras’ home base. Although geofencing sounds great and uses your smartphone to automatically set the camera status whether or not you are at home, it was too finicky about requiring several phones.

Alternate of Eufy 365-day camera

Lorex Battery Powered Cameras

Lorex is probably going to work for you if you enjoy tailoring your technology to fit your lifestyle. These cameras allow for a great deal of customisation, which is fantastic for people who enjoy tinkering with their technology and making it perfectly fit their needs.

For many years, Lorex cameras have delivered excellent results, and their continued success in the market is one of the reasons I rely on them so frequently. They’ve been in business for almost 30 years and have established a solid reputation for offering a wide range of durable tools and professional-grade security cameras that can be broadly divided into four groups: digital IP cameras, MPX/wireless cameras, wire-free cameras, and Wi-Fi cameras.

The wire-free cameras and systems from Lorex provide the same standard functions as other Lorex cams. Along with freshly added active deterrent and person-detection functions, you’ll also receive 1080p resolution, two-way communication, night vision, and other features. In a few Lorex cameras I recently evaluated, the latter features worked quite well. Even though those cameras required wires, installing them wasn’t too difficult.

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