Dreo cordless vacuum cleaner 25Kpa 550W strong suction 3000mAh detachable battery review


Does it auto detect surface type? This vacuum cleaner is what you need if you want a multipurpose tool to assist you clean up any messes. It can be employed as a wall vacuum, floor vacuum, or even a portable vacuum. This vacuum cleaner performs admirably, is strong, and is simple to operate. Get more in Dreo cordless vacuum cleaner 25Kpa 550W strong suction 3000mAh detachable battery review.

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In the box

  • Cordless stick vacuum, one (1)
  • 1x 3000 mah*8 Battery with UL Certification
  • Single Soft Brush
  • Two-in-one crevice tool, one.
  • 1x Brush 2-in-1
  • 1 × Flexible/Stretch Hose
  • HEPA filters, two

Pros & Cons


  • Strong suction
  • Logically designed accessories.
  • Simple to use and keep up.
  • Rechargeable, detachable battery.


  • No attachment for the tiny roller.

Specs – Dreo cordless vacuum cleaner 25Kpa 550W strong suction 3000mAh detachable battery

  • 60-minute running time
  • Clean Mode 4
  • Light in the Dark 550W Mega Suction Shed with 99.99% Micro Dust Filtration
  • LED Screen
  • Large 0.6L dustbin capacity; Simple Rest; Simple Charge
  • Different Accessories
  • Washable Battery: 3000mAh HEPA Filter Dustbin Capacity: 0.6L Li-ion battery pack with the Samsung/Murata trademark.
  • Running time Eco mode lasts 60 minutes, Turbo 30 minutes, Max 17 minutes, and Auto 35 minutes.
  • Energy Source: AC 110V-240V
  • 550W Motor Power
  • Brushless : 110,000 rpm motor
  • 180AW/25Kpa Suction Power

Dreo cordless vacuum cleaner 25Kpa 550W strong suction 3000mAh detachable battery review

Build & design

Very well made with a sleek design. The PowerLeap has weight of 14 pounds. The grey plastic housing of the Dreo PowerLeap Cordless Vacuum Cleaner has a metallic appearance. It has a high shine that is easy to dust off and is smooth and slick. The handle is shaped with a forward sweep and rests on top of the motor.

Dreo cordless vacuum cleaner attachments

The accessories are excellent and rather durable. This particular model includes several various attachments, such as a cleaning wand, a pet hair brush, a dusting brush, and a crevice brush. You can thoroughly clean your home thanks to these attachments. Like you might anticipate, the crevice tool is long and narrow. This hose is replaceable because it has releases that are comparable to those on the aluminum rod.


It features an LCD screen. A little black panel with white wording and numbers is presented here. The battery % display, with its big, easy-to-read digits, takes up the majority of the screen. Your current suction setting will be displayed in smaller characters at the bottom of the display.


A potent HEPA air purifier is featured on the Dreo PowerLeap. The majority of vacuum filters are made to catch particles big enough to harm the motor. Your home will be substantially cleaner thanks to this HEPA filter’s ability to absorb much smaller particles and allergens. There is an extra filter included that you can use if the first one breaks.


The brush itself is a double-spiral, with lengthy bristles that will dig down deep into carpets. The main roller has a big, grey housing that matches the main vacuum’s finish. Large wheels that sit far apart to the sides extend from the back and give outstanding stability.

Dust canister

The dust canister, which is significantly broader and taller, is situated in front of the motor. The left side of the horizontal cylinder is clear blue. Like the remainder of the housing, the right side is made entirely of grey plastic. You can tell when the canister is full through the transparent part. The end can then be opened by pressing a little button, allowing the dirt to fall out and into your garbage. Compared to many other vacuums, it is simple to empty because of this.


Three distinct suction settings are available, with a maximum of 25,000Pa. That is nearly two times as powerful as the majority of battery-powered vacuums. The auto option, in particular, adapts to the kind of surface and the quantity of trash that needs to be picked up. In the living area, both carpets and hard floors work pretty well together. On carpets, it will automatically increase suction while decreasing it on flat surfaces.


It cleans hardwood floors and low pile carpets quite well. Simple to maneuver, perfect for getting under couches and chairs, etc. It removed even the smallest piece of carpet debris, and it can also be used as a smaller handheld device for the stairs.

Battery & charging – Dreo cordless vacuum cleaner 25Kpa 550W strong suction 3000mAh detachable battery

The vacuum uses a removable 3,000mAh li-ion battery pack with the Samsung/Murata brand. One charge will allow it to operate for up to 60 minutes. That decreases to 30 minutes at medium power. It runs for a little over 15 minutes at full power. The effectiveness of auto mode will change based on the surfaces you’re cleaning. Both plug-in wire and charging dock choices, along with a plethora of accessories, were provided as charging ways.


This vacuum cleaner is not bad. It’s convenient since the top portion, which is smaller, may be removed to clean surfaces like couches or stairs. It is light in weight and simple to clean. It has a convenient auto suction feature that makes switching between carpet and bare floors simple. Additionally, a mounting bracket that can be attached to the wall is included so that the majority of the accessories can be stored neatly.

Alternate of Dreo cordless vacuum cleaner 25Kpa 550W strong suction 3000mAh detachable battery

A decent cordless vacuum for tiny spills is the Shark WandVac.

The Shark WandVac is a perfect example of a small, portable cordless vacuum that is close at hand and great for quickly and effectively cleaning up small spills.

Simple to operate, it easily removed tiny dust from hard floors and carpets during testing, but we discovered that it took multiple sweeps to remove heavier material. It can be operated in handheld mode or as a stick vacuum. The dust canister needs to be emptied more frequently because it is smaller than typical, but we found that it was simple to do so.

The runtime of the Shark WandVac is about one-fourth as long as that of competing cordless cleaners, and it is noisy when in operation. So, it’s the best cordless vacuum for quick clean ups rather than a deep whole house clean.

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