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INSE vs Dyson powerful suction stick vacuum cleaner comparison

INSE vs Dyson powerful suction stick vacuum cleaner

Which stick vacuum cleaner has strong suction – INSE vs Dyson? These portable vacuum cleaners are simple to move over a variety of surfaces and are designed for use on both carpet and hardwood floors. They keep the cleaning capacity and potent suction of a corded vacuum while providing all the convenience of a portable vacuum.

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There are several options available, whether you’re searching for a cord-free vacuum for a short tidy up in between deeper cleans or one with strong suction that may take the place of a larger corded one. It’s also not difficult to choose one, especially because we’ve included all the top-performing models in this guide. Details on INSE vs Dyson powerful suction stick vacuum cleaner comparison.

Pros & Cons


  • 4-stage filtration
  • 2-in-1 brush
  • LED floor head lights
  • Lightweight


  • Short run time


  • Powerful Suction
  • Laser highlights hidden dust
  • Informative LCD Screen
  • Average-sized dust canister
  • Noisy on full power

INSE vs Dyson stick vacuum cleaner Specs

  • Dimensions 17.3 x 13.7 x 7.1 inches
  • Item Weight 5.93 pounds
  • Manufacturer INSE
  • Item model number S6
  • Batteries 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
  • Item Weight 5.93 Pounds
  • Power supply: Cordless
  • Weight: 3.1kg
  • Bin size: 0.75L
  • Runtime: Up to 60 minutes

What are the differences – INSE vs Dyson powerful suction stick vacuum cleaner comparison?



To accommodate your diverse cleaning needs, INSE comes with versatile attachments. To clean the sofa, stairs, and corner crevices, use a hand vacuum with a long crevice. High-frequency vibration in the motorized bed vacuum helps flap out trapped dust in the bed and remove the clingy pet hair from fabric surfaces. Additionally, this bendable hose features a snap connector that makes it simple to link it with a long crevice or a brush. This allows it to reach harder-to-reach places like automobiles, corners, drawers, bookshelves, etc.


Seven different cleaning attachments, including the Laser Slim Fluffy, are included with the vacuum. In addition, you receive a High Torque cleaner head, a crevice tool, a hair screw tool, and others. All this adds up to why the Dyson V15 Detect is the best Dyson cordless vacuum, if spending lots of money is no barrier.

INSE vs Dyson Filter


4-stage filtering is used by INSE.

  1. Four stages of fully sealed filtration with a double cyclone and unique airflow design
  2. A high-efficiency sponge filter has a longer operating life than a standard HEPA filter and is useful for catching minute debris, pollen, and dust-like creatures.
  3. Provides a longer motor service life and produces air that is cleaner than the air you breathe while maintaining deep cleaning.


A 6-stage, fully-sealed filtering system with a double cyclone is included in the hardwood floor carpet vacuum, ensuring higher suction and fresher air discharge.



The INSE brush is a 2-in-1. This two-in-one brush can be transformed into a large crevice tool for picking up coffee grounds from the desk or a handheld vacuum with a brush attachment for cleaning fabric surfaces. It can also be coupled to a metal tube to transform into a portable vacuum for reaching ceilings and drapes.


The Dyson V11 includes a small, soft dusting brush. This attachment offers a wonderful dusting tool with soft, closely spaced bristles that won’t harm delicate surfaces like furniture or car interiors. Also included is a stubborn dirt brush. The bristles on this brush are substantially stronger and slightly more spaced apart than the dusting brush’s bristles. This is a useful tool for removing dirt from rough surfaces like floor tile or tough textiles with abrasives.

INSE vs Dyson Floor head


A cordless stick vacuum cleaner’s LED floor head lights assist in illuminating all dark crevices.


A few other features aid in distinguishing the V15 Detect. One is the Laser Slim Fluffy cleaner head on the vacuum. It shines a green laser into the floor in front of you while you clean; it is made for hard floors. Its goal is to draw attention to dirt and other minute pieces of material that are otherwise difficult to see with the naked eye. The technique is effective, and we found a lot of dirt that we would often have missed. The laser does not show up well in direct sunshine or bright indoor lights, though.

Suction – INSE vs Dyson


The INSE Brushless Motor outperforms brushed motors in terms of performance, heating production, and ultra-quiet, strong suction. For intensive cleaning while maintaining a low noise level, an advanced digital motor can generate 23Kpa suction force in MAX mode.


Dyson has a powerful suction device. The V11 improves on the V10 by adding cutting-edge floor sensor technology that automatically adjusts the suction to suit different floor types.

INSE vs Dyson Cleaning


It’s a clever idea to have a two-in-one brush that allows you to slide the brushes up to use or down and away as needed. Much better than using a dry mop, the floor roller works excellent to remove hair and small particles with ease. For cleaning confined spaces and getting behind furniture legs, the crevice tool and flexible hose work wonders.

The motorized heads quickly remove the dust and hair that accumulate on the surface of my couches or rugs. As the bristles are too short and it doesn’t sufficiently beat the carpet fibers to provide the deep clean required with thicker piles, I wouldn’t use or suggest this vacuum for high-pile carpets.


On midpile carpeting, we used test sand that it was able to remove 88.4% of. On the same exam, the V11 achieved a score of 71.6%. The V15 pulled 95.3% of the sand particles we threw into the low-pile carpet, which is even more astounding. That performs far better than the 78.4% the V11 could manage in this situation. Even whether vacuuming over hardwood, low-pile, or mid-pile carpeting, the V15 scarcely left a tuft behind. This makes it a terrific cordless vacuum for pet hair.

Best Dyson vacuum reviews

Dyson V8 Absolute – A Dyson for a little less

Consider the Dyson V8 Absolute hand vacuum if you want a Dyson vacuum but don’t want to shell out a lot of cash. Even though this step-down cordless model is a few years old, it still works well and has strong suction. The V8 performed admirably in third place in our testing for floor cleaning. Only the Dyson V11 and Shark Rocket Pet Pro performed better at scrubbing floors than the V8 in our test group.

On a hard floor, the vacuum was able to collect 98% of the sand we dumped on average. The average for low-pile carpet dropped to 68.3%. Although it continued to be a respectable 52%, the average decreased even more over midpile carpet.

The V8 hand vacuum also had little trouble with pet hair. The hair from low-pile and mid-pile carpets was entirely removed by the stick vacuum. On hardwood, a minor amount of dander was left behind. Additionally, some of the fibers wound up on the brush roll of the vacuum. The washable filter, though, was useful.

The V8 Absolute upright vacuum also comes with a huge selection of accessories, just like the V11 Torque Drive. For example, there are tools for dusting, a crevice tool for squeezing into tight spaces, a soft cleaning head for bare floors, a motorized brush roll for snatching embedded dirt and debris, and a docking station for charging the battery. So the V8 Absolute is worth considering for anyone looking to purchase a Dyson-brand stick vacuum for a bit less money.

Dyson Outsize Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Many issues with previous cordless stick vacuum cleaners, such as battery life and tiny dustbins, are resolved with the Dyson Outsize Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. It has a 2.4-quart dust bin and an interchangeable power pack that you can change out when the battery is getting low. It is a really good choice for people with larger houses or those who routinely clean up after pets because of these qualities.

They also mentioned how well it picks up dust and hair. Additionally, the LED panel on the handle’s top allows you to monitor the battery’s remaining life. The vacuum’s handheld version’s weight is the one significant drawback.

Our tester was unable to lift it above their heads, thus we do not advise depending on it for general household cleaning tasks. Given the cost, this is a little disappointing, but the vacuum’s power is unquestionably worth the investment.

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