Kenmore Elite 81714 pet friendly canister vacuum reviews – how strong is suction?


How strong is suction in Kenmore Elite 81714 pet friendly canister vacuum? Give the carpets and upholstery some tough yet tender love with an Ultra PlushTM nozzle if your house is covered with cat or dog fur. With the Pet PowerMate accessories and a HEPA media filter, you can remove pet hair and more with ease. The vacuum offers a reliable filtration system, several height adjustments, simple cable rewind, simple wand removal from floor unit, and pet hair feature if you have a pet. Get more in Kenmore Elite 81714 pet friendly canister vacuum reviews.

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Pros & Cons


  • Pet Power Mate
  • Filter system – HEPA
  • LED light sensors
  • Dual Motor System
  • Retractable cord of 26 feet


  • Heavy weight

Kenmore Elite 81714 pet friendly canister vacuum Specs

  • Cord Length (Feet) 26 
  • Neutral Color 
  • Attachments Aluminum Wand Type 
  • Extendable and Telescoping Attachment 
  • Reach (ft.) 10 
  • Type of Attachment (s): Horsehair Floor Brush, Crevice Tool, Horsehair Dusting Brush, Motorized Pet PowerMate
  • The quantity of onboard attachments :There are 4 total attachments. 
  • Width for cleaning (in.) 
  • Suction Type 14 
  • Features of HEPA media with a motorized bag 
  • Various Surfaces
  • How many height adjustments: 4 
  • Amount of Amps There are 12 motor speeds. 
  • Storing four cords 
  • Weight of Retractable Item (lbs.) : Weight Range for Item 22: 20 to 24 lbs.
  • No controls on the handle
  • Type of Filter HEPA
  • Quantity of filters 
  • Included Power Cord Yes 
  • Telescoping Handle Yes 
  • Assembly required Yes

Source: Kenmore

Kenmore Elite 81714 pet friendly canister vacuum reviews


The hose is a sturdy rubbery plastic that is expertly manufactured. The extension cord appears to be strong and of sufficient length.

Kenmore Elite 81714 design

Kenmore has a telescoping, lightweight, and adjustable aluminum wand. The additional 10 feet of reach is also beneficial. It has a foot button that may switch between four cleaning modes to maximize effectiveness on various types of flooring. The motorised brush roll can be turned on or off using a switch on the handle.


It has a 9-foot hose and a 26-foot cable. It’s a little floor attachment. The large light that is attached to the end of the metal adjustable vacuum rod avoids turning the tiny floor attachment easily beneath furniture. To help with the suction, the rug attachment features a separate additional motor.

Better features include the telescoping wand, the power head that tilts in all directions, and even the accessory door.


By collecting 99.97% of debris and trapping dander, dirt particles, odors, pollen, and bacteria inside the vacuum, Kenmore Elite bagged vacuums with the enhanced HEPA certified filtration technology lower the amount of allergen-causing pollutants in the space.


It has two different brush kinds. One is a floor brush, while the other is a dusting brush. Replace the agitator assembly when the brushes have worn down to the level of the base support bars.


LED light sensors allow you to know when dust is being picked up and brighten when the bag is full.

Dust bag

A dust bag is included with this vacuum. The dust bag needs to be changed frequently for the optimum cleaning results. When the bag requires checking, the CHECK BAG indicator will flash.

  • Shut off and disconnect the vacuum.
  • Release the hose from the canister.
  • Lift the canister hood after releasing the hood.
  • Remove the bag from the bag mount.

Suction in Kenmore Elite 81714 pet friendly canister

On the handle is a suction control. When you need to clean a lightweight object, you can easily and efficiently slow down the motor. With a motor that provides 20% more air power than a typical upright vacuum motor, the 2-motor system excels in suction power. For a deeper, more thorough clean, an Ultra Plush nozzle employs airflow to penetrate the thickest, ultra-plush carpeting.

The sturdy construction prevents pet hair from tangling around the brush and the Motorized Pet Power Mate attachment effortlessly lifts dander, pet hair, and other debris from carpeting, baseboards, and furniture.


 This canister vacuum cleaner is excellent. The wand’s motorized head is simple to control. You can adjust the motorized head’s manual height switch to the ideal floor height. For upholstery, a motorized pet hair attachment works well.

Alternate of Kenmore Elite 81714 pet friendly canister vacuum

BISSELL 1785A CrossWave Floor and Area Rug Cleaner

The CrossWave is intended to simultaneously vacuum and wash your floors, and unlike many other devices, it can be used on both sealed hard floors and area rugs and floor mats. One of the first widely used wet-dry vacuums was the Bissell CrossWave, which is still among the top choices today for performance, adaptability, and value.

The vacuum is lightweight (11.5 pounds) and has swivel steering, making it simple to use. It also comes with a number of attachments, including two brush rolls, many filters, and a sample-sized cleaner bottle. The design has an endless duration thanks to a 25-foot power cord, but you might need to top off its clean water tank if you’re cleaning a sizable area.

To prevent leaving dirt smudges over your floors or carpets, the CrossWave includes separate tanks for clean and dirty water. The brush on the appliance rotates at 3,000 RMPs, which enables it to remove more dirt and grime from your floors. The brush rolls are made of microfiber and nylon, which helps them pick up dry debris and absorb liquids.

You should think about a few drawbacks of this equipment before purchasing. The CrossWave Pet Pro is more effective at capturing pet hair than this model, which is made specifically for pets and features a unique brush roll and strainer.

The CrossWave takes longer to use than a typical vacuum because there are multiple processes involved in cleaning up after using it. It does, however, come with a handy docking tray that makes storage easy.

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