Stealth all in one wet dry mop lightweight cordless vacuum review


Are Stealth vacuum mop combos worth it? Cleaning is so much simpler because to this unit’s cordless design. The trigger or a simple button push releases liquid that will simultaneously wash the floor while it picks up particles. Pet hair, coffee spills, and food crumbs are just a few of the minute particles and debris it takes on, leaving floors instantly dry and streak-free. Stealth all in one wet dry mop lightweight cordless vacuum review has details.

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In the box

  • Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner and Mop x 1,
  • Rolling Brush x 1,
  • Hard Floor Brush x 1,
  • 2600mAh Battery Pack x 1,
  • 110-240V Adapter x 1,
  • Docking Station x 1,
  • Dry Tray x 1,
  • HEPA Filter x1,
  • HEPA Cleaning Brush x 1,
  • Cleaning Kit x 1,
  • User Manual x 1,
  • Warranty Card with 24 Months Warranty

Pros & Cons


  • 2 separate tank
  • Battery powered
  • Voice assistant
  • Self cleaning
  • 2 brush heads


  • Short run time 30 minutes

Stealth all in one wet dry mop Specs

  • Wet/dry cordless vacuum and mop function
  • Charger with AC Adapter 110-240V for 2600mAh seven-cell battery pack
  • DC 30 V, 0.8 A input, rated power of 150 W
  • Clean water tank: 680 ml; dirty water tank: 450 ml; Eco/Max modes
  • intelligent voice assistant
  • Weight: 9.48 pounds
  • Self-Cleaning Capability
  • a large water tank
  • Intelligent Voice Assistant
  • Upright Cordless Vacuum Cleaner and Mop
  • Mop water recycling and a wet/dry vacuum cleaner

Stealth all in one wet dry mop lightweight cordless vacuum review


This cordless cleaner’s overall quality is excellent. It is lightweight, strong, and easy to put together right out of the box. The best part of all is that it is wireless.


It is cordless and lightweight, weighing only 9.48 pounds. You can clearly see the machine’s condition thanks to the LED display, which also shows the machine’s mode, working time, water tank state, fault prompt, water shortage prompt, cleaning prompt, etc. Give you all the help you require.

Stealth all in one wet dry mop Accessories

The accoutrements are finished. There are two different brush heads included. The mop attachment that comes with the vacuum may be easily replaced with the brush attachment. There is plenty of power in the vacuum. Two different roller heads are included. One is mostly for carpet, the other is for wood floors. The ability to automatically clean the brush head is its finest feature.

Brush roll

The roller brush can mop as well as clean soiled areas on wood floors, tile surfaces, cement floors, etc. It has a hard floor brush that may clean the surface of the carpet or area rug independently. It can clean practically every area in my house with the 2 brushes, which is fantastic and makes it a one-use vacuum cleaner. The additional brush (with protruding bristles) is a useful addition for removing particularly sticky or tenacious stains.

Water tank

You can clean with fresh water thanks to Stealth’s wet dry vacuum two tank technology, while filthy water and debris are collected in a second tank. The capacity of the clean water tank is 680 ml, which may be used to mop a hard floor with a coverage area of up to 2000 square feet at once.

When you press the spray button on the handle behind you, clean water can be sprayed onto the floor. The dust and wastewater can both be collected simultaneously in a 450 cc dirty water tank.

Smart feature

It includes a perceptive voice. This vacuum will communicate with you and let you know when you need to add clean water, drain dirty water, or charge it. When you press the button, the low and maximum power modes will also be spoken aloud.


All-in-one, the Stealth Cordless Mop/Vacuum cleaner. Powerful strong suction removes all of the dust and grime that is present throughout the house.


It has a runtime of roughly 20 minutes in maximum mode on a single battery charge. It is roughly twice as much as in eco-mode. It nearly dries the floor as it mops in the maximum mode.

The self-cleaning function is fantastic. Simply place it on the charging base and push the self-cleaning button once the cleaning is finished. It cleans for about a minute while spinning the mop roller and running freshwater.

Charging & battery

It has a 2600mAh battery capacity, which is sufficient for cleaning an entire room. On a full charge, it operates for roughly 30 minutes on Eco mode. Battery that may be removed and recharged to increase the lifespan of a domestic floor vacuum.

Stealth all in one wet dry mop lightweight cordless vacuum Performance review

With the touch of a button, it vacuums and mops at the same time. It has a new mop head and is simple to clean. It is portable and simple to push and pull. The mop itself contains voice commands that remind you to dock it on the docking station after use and is simple to charge on the charging stand. This works well for daily cleaning because it collects all crumbs and leaves the floors feeling spotless.

Alternate of Stealth all in one wet dry mop lightweight cordless vacuum


Since it is a Shark vacuum, it has the Lift-Away technology, which enables the canister to separate for greater reach (ideal for defuzzing beneath beds and sofas) and simple stair maneuvering. Additionally, this version has the vacuum’s motorized hub for added convenience.

You’ll adore the Shark Vertex Upright Vacuum with Powered Lift-Away if you have a long-haired dog or cat. It’s actually among the greatest Shark vacuums you can get. It is equipped with the newest DuoClean Powerfins features, including a self-cleaning brush roll that keeps it free of hair (so you won’t have to spend time removing fur that’s tangled around the brush roll when you’re finished vacuuming).

This vacuum has a ton of useful functions in addition to sucking up hair, such as LED headlights for seeing under furniture, a crevice, an upholstery tool for removing dog hair from furniture, and on-board tool storage. Additionally, it features a built-in HEPA filter to filter out pet dander and allergens while it cleans.

It is built with hypervelocity suction, which is powerful enough to suck up everything in its path. It should go without saying that it also does a fantastic job of clearing up human hair.

Pick up twice as much in one go. For maximum floor contact and continual cleaning, two rollers are used to collect dust and grime. When compared to vacuums with ordinary bristles, silicone PowerFins dig deep into carpets and immediately engage floors for improved pet hair removal. A soft roller takes up small debris and dust.

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