Sanitaire tradition upright bagged commercial vacuum SC886G reviews


Does it work well in a big room? It has a 50-foot cord that allows for great reach and a possible cleaning area of 7,800 square feet. Its bag may hold up to 18 quarts of dirt and debris, reducing cleaning interruptions. the volume is 79 dBA. Know more in Sanitaire tradition upright bagged commercial vacuum SC886G reviews.

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Pros & Cons


  • Easy to maneuver
  • It is powerful
  • Does not lose suction,
  • Does not require a filter, and
  • No shake out bag system


  • Loud noise

Specs – Sanitaire tradition upright bagged commercial vacuum SC886G

  • Product Weight15.8 lb
  • Package Weight19.5 lb
  • Package Dimensions (WxLxH)21.25″ x 17.25″ x 8.5″
  • Motor7 amp
  • CFM145
  • FiltrationStandard
  • Dust ContainmentShake Out Bag
  • Dust Capacity18 qt
  • Cleaning ToolsN/A
  • Cleaning Width12″
  • Cord Length50′ Pigtail
  • Sound Level79 dBA
  • Brush Roll53270A
  • BagN/A
  • BeltRD 66100
  • FilterN/A
  • Country of OriginMexico
  • Warranty2 Years – Parts & Labor

Source: Sanitaire

Sanitaire tradition upright bagged commercial vacuum SC886G reviews


Housing is made of metal. The two handle pieces must be attached with two screws during assembly. For this, a straightforward, straight screwdriver will do.


For improved durability in the harshest conditions, Sanitaire classic upright bagged commercial vacuum SC886G is designed with a chrome hood. The fact that this vacuum weighs only 12 pounds and is hence lightweight and portable, especially when compared to other upright industrial vacuums, is impressive. The top of the front has a dial that can be easily turned to adjust for carpet height or bare flooring. The switch, which is intended to be activated with your foot, is located on the main housing.


It includes a newly designed handle with an agronomic looped handle for the operator’s comfort and easy grip.

Additionally, it has a 30-foot wire, so you can plug it in just about anyplace and be confident that you can reach even remote areas of bigger rooms and places without having to find a new outlet.


Typically, there are one or two steps of filtration: filtration via the primary filter and filtration in the bag. A superior filtration system is essential for increasing the efficacy of your cleaning. Check out the HEPA filters of the Sanitaire Professional Canister Vacuum S3686E and the Sanitaire EXTEND Canister Vacuum SC3683B if you’re looking for a vacuum with an excellent filtering system.

Dust bag capacity

The 18-quart cloth shake-out bag used by this vacuum is reusable, saving you the expense of disposable bags that need to be changed frequently. It has a metal bag clip that is easy to remove and facilitates emptying.

Kleen fan chamber

The Vibra Groomer II®, a brush roll made of chrome steel ball bearings, is used in the Model SC886. With six carpet level settings, a 12-inch cleaning breadth, and a 50-foot power cord, commercial cleaning has never been simpler. These sturdy uprights, which have big, simple-to-roll wheels and a chrome hood cover, will help you save time and money.


The machine uses a strong 840W motor for up to 2,000 hours of continuous use, making it ideal for high-traffic enterprises. This industrial sweeper has excellent suction. It features good controls to customize the sweeper for carpet types and smooth floors. It always seems to be a good sign when the suction is strong enough to create brush patterns in all but the tightest carpets.


With two speed settings, standard and Quiet Clean, this Sanitaire upright vacuum is a great option for consumers who may have more fragile rugs that a faster pace could harm or suck up.

To compensate for the type of carpet, there is an adjustment on the cleaner’s front that elevates or lowers the cleaner’s base. Set the adjustment to the lowest setting while the power cord is unplugged for the best cleaning. Move the adjuster to the next height setting if the cleaner is challenging to push before doing so. To clean the carpet effectively, the brushroll must get close to it.


The suction power is excellent. It is easy to maneuver and assembly was easy. The cord is a bit long for household use but easily changed due to the removable cord.

Alternate of Sanitaire tradition upright bagged commercial vacuum SC886G

Dyson Small Ball Allergy

One of Dyson’s most affordable vacuums is also one of its best. With its small size and ability to maneuver around corners and into small places, the Small Ball Allergy is ideal for cleaning a variety of floors. You can easily switch out the brush head without getting your hands soiled.

Although it is corded, it works very well at scooping up debris on both carpeted and hard surfaces. Additionally, it is recognized by Allergy Standards Limited as being asthma and allergy friendly, making it the ideal option for households who suffer from dust allergies.

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