Bissell ReadyClean robotic mop A3 vacuum reviews


Is Bissell ReadyClean robotic mop A3 vacuum worth buying? This robot vacuum cleaner uses sensors to detect when it encounters an obstacle, then automatically adjusts its cleaning path to avoid hitting things. It also has a smart dusting system that cleans carpets without having to empty the bin. Our Bissell ReadyClean robotic mop A3 vacuum reviews reveals more.

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ReadyClean® A3 Robotic Mop


In the box

  • Docking station,
  • 10 mop pad drivers,
  • 10 disposable mop pads,
  • 6 washable mop pads, and
  • 1 trial-size BISSELL formula.

Pros & Cons


  • Only 6.6 lbs
  • Long run time (200 Minutes)
  • Rechargeable battery


  • Only mop, no vacuum


  • Item: ReadyClean® A3 Robotic Mop
  • Color White with Black Accents
  • Model No 3571
  • Dimension 18 x 17 x 15 inches
  • Weight 24.2 lbs
  • Quantity 1
  • Power Rating Lithium Ion Battery
  • Power Source Cordless Rechargeable
  • Run Time Up To 200 Minutes
  • Surface Type Bare Floors, Sealed Hard Floors, Sealed Wood Floors


Bissell ReadyClean robotic mop A3 vacuum reviews


It measures 18 x 17 x 15 inches and barely weighs 24.2 pounds. Its compact D-shape form makes it easy to manoeuvre in even tight locations.


Additionally, the A3 includes a remote control so you may run the device without touching it. The unit may be turned off, various modes can be chosen, settings can be changed, and more via the remote.


A3 vacuum’s bottom has a magnetic attachment for mop pads. When returning to the dock after cleaning an area, the mop pad automatically lifts up and moves out of the way. After use, the docking station automatically reloads clean mop pads so that it is prepared for the following clean.


ReadyClean A3 robotic mop can wet mop or dry sweep your floors, but there is no vacuum functionality.


Two additional characteristics of the BISSELL A3 assist in keeping the floor clear of dirt and debris. When things are present, these features use ultrasonic technology to detect them and automatically change the cleaning course.

Additionally, the A3 has an automatic cleaning mode that, when activated by movement, scrubs the floor. Hard surfaces like tile floors, wood floors, and linoleum can have dirt and debris removed from them using a combination of high power suction and brush rollers.

The robot vacuum cleaner’s Smart Clean technology employs sensors to detect obstacles in its path. Then it stops scrubbing and walks away from the item. The sensor will turn back toward the initial barrier if it discovers another one.


Bissell A3 back to dock for charging. It can serve upto 200 minutes for mopping. We will update later about how long time is required to get it fully charged.


This has good app control; you can instruct it to leave, return to the charging station, choose the type of cleaning to perform, establish timetables, etc. It’s entertaining to operate and definitely makes things simpler than having to walk to the dock and direct it there. It’s also really fantastic that it has LIDAR capabilities. It implies that rather than simply running into a wall and turning around, the robot is aware of the basic geometry of the area and can clean accordingly.


iLife Shinebot W400

The iLife Shinebot W400 is one of the top robot mops available since it balances performance and cost perfectly. We were surprised by how much filth the mop cleaned from our floors despite the fact that it only utilises regular tap water to clean your floors.

Even better, because the clean and filthy water tanks on board were separate, we could observe just how much dirt was eliminated. The dual power of a reusable microfiber brush roll that scrubs dirt away and a rubber scraper squeegee that aids in removing unclean water and other debris is what gives the Shinebot W400 its superior mopping abilities.

The Shinebot W400 was a well-behaved robot mop, never straying onto even the thinnest rug. The W400 can be operated without an app by using a remote control or the buttons on the bot itself. Choose one of the following four cleaning techniques: area, path, spot, or edge.

Although this mopping-only bot performs well in terms of cleaning, at 4.6 inches high, it may be too tall to go beneath kitchen cupboards. When this robotic mop is finished, your cleaning task will start. iLife advises washing the dirty-water tank, the microfiber brush roll, the scraper, and the filter under running water after each usage. The parts must then be exposed to air to dry. Although it takes some effort, the Shinebot W400 effectively mop floors.

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