Smonet fingerprint electronic deadbolt door lock with keypad reviews – how to use app?


Is it worth investment – Smonet fingerprint electronic deadbolt door lock with keypad? The Smonet Dead Bolt Lock has a ton of features and is incredibly practical. It has a user-friendly OLED display, a zinc alloy casing, a long battery life, and a security feature that locks it for five minutes when the password is entered incorrectly more than five times. a fantastic answer for Airbnb, hotels, etc.

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Your door can be unlocked using an APP, a keypad, a fingerprint reader, an IC fob, or mechanical keys. When used in conjunction with the Smonet WiFi gateway, a device user can remotely control your smart door lock from any location at any time, create codes, and view an access log in real-time. Smonet fingerprint electronic deadbolt door lock with keypad reviews has details.

Pros & Cons


  • Responsive Fingerprint
  • IC Card access
  • Easy to use app
  • Alexa compatible


  • Need WiFi gateway


  • Manufacturer SMONET
  • ltem Weight 3.26 pounds
  • Package Dimensions 9.65x 8.27x 4.33 inches
  • Color Gold/Silver/Black
  • Material Zinc alloy
  • Batteries Included? No
  • Batteries Required? 4pcs AA Batteries

Compare Smonet fingerprint electronic deadbolt door lock with keypad

SMONET Smart Fingerprint Lock SilverSMONET Smart Wi-Fi Lock Black
Compatible with Alexa & Google AssistantRequires SMONET Wi-Fi Gateway (Sold Separately)
IC Fobs2 IC FobsNot Compatible
Ways to UnlockFingerprint, IC Fob, Alexa or Google Assistant Voice Control, E-Key, Mechanical Key, Smart WatchAlexa or Google Assistant Voice Control, E-Key, Mechanical Key, Smart Watch
Automatic Lock Time5s-Custom5s-Custom
Power Supply Mode4 AA Batteries4 AA Batteries
Lock MechanismDeadboltDeadbolt
Product Dimensions6.30 x 2.56 x 1.77 in6.30 x 2.56 x 1.77 in

Smonet fingerprint electronic deadbolt door lock with keypad reviews

Build & design

It’s constructed of zinc alloy. These locks are well-made and include a key lock cover that must be removed in order to use a key to access the lock. Silver, black, and gold are the 3 colors that are offered. It weighs about 2.46 pounds and measures 6.54 x 2.56 x 1.57 inches.


With SMONET, a touch-screen keypad is included. It is made up of 0–9 integers, a * (Star), and a # (Hash). There is a finger print reader option on the number pad’s top. Because of its white backlight, the user can see even in low light or at night.

Finger print

The fingerprint feature, which is very dependable and responds immediately because it is locally device-based and not dependent on the cloud, is the best feature (in comparison to other smart locks). It takes some effort to use the fingerprint sensor; for it to function effectively, you must make at least 4 or 5 impressions of your finger. Never use a finger that is damp or wet. You will eventually be shut out and the lock will sound an alert after several unsuccessful attempts.

IC cards

For a smart lock intended to replace keys, five physical keys are provided. It includes two IC cards that can be activated for different times.

Battery life

The smart lock can be instantly charged with a micro USB and can be used in an emergency without batteries by turning on the keypad. Additionally, you can use a power bank connected to a USB card to lock or unlock in an emergency.

TTLock App

To control these Bluetooth devices from off-site or from further away inside the building, a BT-to-WiFi gateway is needed. Any gateway that supports TTLock should function The app makes it simple for you by guiding you through each step. The software also alerts you to the device’s battery level.


Support for 4–9 digital passwords. To prevent someone watching you from memorizing the right password, enter the random passcode either before or after it. safer than it was earlier. Additionally, you may create temporary access codes for visitors and friends to allow access for intervals ranging from a few minutes to a few weeks. After the specified amount of time, access will be automatically revoked.

Auto lock

It also has a great feature called auto lock. For a variety of reasons, you might forget to open your doors, but the SMONET deadbolt lock won’t. You may lock the door with the TTLock app. Within 5 900 seconds, it will have happened.


Your lock and unlock data are locally recorded by SMONET. It provides greater security than cloud storage for your data. Additionally, you have the choice to delete your IC card and fingerprint user data.

Smart voice assistant – Smonet fingerprint electronic deadbolt door lock with keypad

Its functionality for both voice assistants is a major benefit since not many smart locks with Wi-Fi connections on the market can simultaneously use both of these well-liked voice assistants. You may use Alexa or Google Assistant to control the smart lock by voice using an SMONET Wi-Fi gateway. You’ll need an Echo or Echo Dot for Alexa and a Google Home for Google Assistant.

This smart lock does not support Apple HomeKit, thus Siri cannot be used with it. Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt and Kwikset Premis Touchscreen Smart Lock are two options if Apple HomeKit functionality is a must-have for you.


The fit is good. The installation was simple, but take some time to read the directions carefully or search for videos on YouTube. Using the app to program the lock is a fairly simple process.

It was quite easy to install and set up this lock. Just make careful to scan the manual’s QR code. The black back cover bearing the trademark SMONET may be easily removed and the four 4-AA batteries replaced.

Smonet fingerprint electronic deadbolt door lock with keypad Performance reviews

Easy installation and highly advanced functionality. Simply open the door with your fingerprint or the keyfob, and it will automatically close in 5 seconds. This smartlock gives you a variety of ways to unlock your door, including a fingerprint, a lock combination, your phone, and a manual key.

It is also capable of monitoring and controlling a lock remotely. The fingerprint reader is error-free and has never malfunctioned. You can use my Google Home or Alexa to control the lock because it also functions as a gateway.

The combination lock, traditional key, and RFID tags all function flawlessly. The software is really easy to use and works well for programming the lock as well as locking and unlocking the Smart lock from any location.
Asking “Ok Google” to open the lock is an option.

Smonet fingerprint electronic deadbolt door lock with keypad Consumer reviews

Why I bought

I bought this lock for the RFID tag feature, my elderly mothers hands shake and there is times were typing in a pin will take 5 minutes or even can not put the pin in to unlock the door. I am coming from a Zwave/Zigbee Yale pin pad lock, this is my second smart lock and I can say I am really impressed with the lock for the features and the price. I got this when it amazon had a $30 off coupon but I honestly would buy it again if the coupon was not an option again.Before you buyIf you are thinking about getting this lock I would say do it, there is two things which I think you should know first about it though. I did not read all the info about the product before I bought it, the big thing for some people will be that this lock requires a hole to be drilled in the door to support the lock(there is a picture of the required hold on the pictures that I missed).

The box does include a drill bit to drill the whole which works really well. (I ended up assembling the lock before installing in the door to test the working function of it and if I like the features about it, before I installed it permanently) The other thing which may not be a big deal to anyone is you have to download the TTLock app to set up the lock, I have an android phone and the app is well laid out.

The Review

The lock itself seems and feels to be decently built, the locking motion is smooth and does not bind at all internally. After drilling the hole, the installation of the lock is pretty easy.

The box includes all the hardware that is needed for installation plus 4 AA batteries and two RFID cards. The lock communicates over bluetooth to set up the lock and to use the functions of it as well. The pairing of the lock was super simple and easy, I was able to set up two finger prints, a 4 digit pin and a RFID card in under 5 minutes. I can honestly say the app for administration and functionality of the lock is really fantastic definitely makes this lock something I would recommend to anyone.

By customer at SMONET

Alternate of Smonet fingerprint electronic deadbolt door lock with keypad

SCHLAGE Z-Wave Camelot Deadbolt

Deadbolts may now seamlessly integrate with home security systems, continuing the trend of commonplace goods becoming more technologically advanced. One of the best solutions when you want high security and simple access for yourself or other family members is the Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt with Camelot Trim.

Right on the lock is a touchscreen that allows you to enter key codes. This is the first of the smart features. You can connect it so that you can lock or open the door from your phone in homes that have automation systems. If you wish to restrict entry to your home while your kids or pets are home alone, this option is useful. Last but not least, the lock has an integrated alarm so that you or your neighbors will be alerted if someone tries to break in by tampering.

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