Smonet door lock troubleshooting – how to lock from outside?


The Smonet smart door lock is a smart deadbolt that allows you to remotely open and close your door by simply pressing a button on your phone. This means you no longer need to carry keys or worry about forgetting them when you leave your house. You also won’t have to worry about leaving your door unlocked because anyone who wants to enter your home will need to use a key. But how to do Smonet door lock troubleshooting if you are stuck with reset issues? or Smonet Smart lock how to lock from outside?

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Smonet door lock troubleshooting – How to pair with TTLock App?

Search for “TTLock” to find the TTLock app in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. To create a TTLock account, open the app and select Register in the top right corner. Using your current login information, scroll down if you already have a TTLock account. Your mobile device’s Bluetooth should be enabled. To keep a key active and visible to Bluetooth connections, tap any key on the lock (via the touchscreen). On your phone, go back to the TTLock app and select Add Lock. To finish pairing, choose Door Lock and adhere to the prompts on the screen.

Smonet door lock troubleshooting – if lock is not working?

Check your battery status

Drained battery condition is one of the main reason for smart lock is not unlocking. It causes the device for not responding to your input. You will need to source a 9 V pack for your smart system, but that can vary depending on the model you’re currently using. For this reason, your main focus should be on installing a new battery in your Smonet system. Also alternatively, you can make the device active by using USB charging cable.

How to reset Smonet smart Lock

The final method for resetting the Smonet door lock is a factory reset. It won’t take more than a few minutes, and while you’re performing the reset, you’ll need to power cycle the door lock. To prevent any problems with the smart system, open the manual and carefully follow the reset instructions.

  • Remove the batteries by removing the battery cover.
  • After waiting about 5 seconds, reinstall the batteries.
  • Find the Reset button (a circle button situated someplace besides the battery pack)
  • The lock will beep after you push and hold the Reset button for roughly 10 seconds.
  • The lock has been reset, as indicated by the beep.

How to lock Somnet lock with keypad

You can create an Admin Passcode through the keypad. Enter *12#123456#Admin Passcode#Admin Passcode#. With admin passcode, you can lock Somnet lock. Another option is using app. Open the TTLock app on your mobile device and click Settings. Click Basic and then select Admin Passcode. Follow the instructions on the screen to create your passcode (4-9 characters).

If the Smonet door lock is not unlocked, another option is to access the lock using the admin passcode. When adding additional users or a new passcode, programming issues frequently appear. Therefore, to unlock the Smonet door lock, be sure to use the admin passcode.

Redownloading app

Users found that turning the phone on and off again is beneficial. Just reboot the phone will fix the issue. The problem is with the device, not the phone, if you’ve deleted the app from your phone, downloaded it again, and reset your phone.

Smonet smart lock – how to lock from outside?

The Smonet smart lock can be locked from outside in a number of ways. You can initially do this by using the Keypad. To lock the door, press and hold the # key for two seconds (from outside). Another choice is the TTLock app. You can use this app option if you are within Bluetooth range. It works if you open the TTLock app on your phone and then briefly long-press the padlock icon.

If you’ve associated your lock with Alexa or Google Home, you can use voice commands to lock your door or the corresponding applications if you’ve paired your lock with Alexa or Google Assistant.

The Smonet smart lock can also be locked externally with the use of a physical key. To lock the door, place a key in the keyhole and turn it to the lock position.

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