August Smart Lock 4th generation vs 3rd generation – how to mount them?


Which is worth buying for you – August Smart Lock 4th generation vs 3rd generation? The August Smart Lock Pro has the most features and the best compatibility. It is a bit expensive but in the long run, might turn out to be cheaper since the August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge is purchased together with the Smart Lock. The August Smart lock 3rd generation is the cheapest among the three. Its thumb turn design is also different and more user-friendly than the others. It may, however not be ideal for iOS users since it does not support Homekit. It, however, has the DoorSense feature, which is an added plus.

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  • Installs easily
  • Retrofit installation works with most standard single cylinder deadbolts
  • Installation requires a standard Philips screwdriverVoltage and batteries
  • Connect Wi-Fi Bridge plugs into a standard outlet
  • Requires 110-240V
  • Comes with 4 AA alkaline batteriesSmartphone ready
  • Requires iOS (9.0 or higher) or Android (5.0 or higher) smartphoneWhat is included?
  • Smart Lock & Connect Wi-Fi Bridge
  • DoorSense™ Sensor
  • Lock Adapter and Mounting Hardware
  • 4 AA Batteries

Pros & Cons – August Smart Lock 4th generation vs 3rd generation

August Smart Lock 4th generation


  • Wi-Fi built-in (no external bridge required)
  • Nearly 50% smaller
  • Improved grip
  • Installs in 10 minutes or less
  • Don’t need to remove existing deadbolt (renter-friendly)
  • Less expensive


  • Shorter battery life

August Smart Lock 3rd generation


  • Longer battery life
  • Installs in 10 minutes or less
  • Don’t need to remove existing deadbolt (renter-friendly)
  • Can work offline with Z-Wave hubs like SmartThings


  • Requires external bridge for Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Larger
  • More expensive


August reduced the price of its latest generation smart lock and made it the most affordable smart lock the company has yet made. At $250, the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is $30 less than the 3rd-generation August Smart Lock Pro, which regularly retails for $280. That’s a win in any book.

Comparison chart – August Smart Lock 4th generation vs 3rd generation

August Wi-Fi Smart LockAugust Smart Lock Pro (3rd-gen)
Dimensions (inches)2.8 x 2.8 x 2.753.4 x 2.22 x 3.4
Power2x CR123 batteries4x AA batteries
Wi-FiBuilt-in, 2.4Ghz onlyRequires external bridge
Remote lockYesYes
Remote unlockYesYes
Auto-lockYes, via geofencing on appYes, via geofencing on app
Door open detectionYesYes
Guest keysYesYes
Virtual assistant supportGoogle Assistant, Amazon Alexa, SiriGoogle Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Siri

Reviews – August Smart Lock 4th generation vs 3rd generation


August has also significantly shaved quite a bit of bulk off the housing on the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock. As a 4th-generation product, August was able to utilize newer, smaller Wi-Fi chipsets to reduce the size of the smart lock by 45% when compared to the 3rd-generation August Smart Lock. It’s also 20% thinner, which, ultimately, means a much smaller hunk of metal will be adorning the inside of your front door.

Battery life

August estimates that the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock’s battery life will last between three and six months, depending on how often you use the automated locking mechanism and how strong a Wi-Fi signal you have. The stronger the Wi-Fi signal, the less hard the battery has to work to keep communicating to the Internet. Compare that with the six to twelve months average battery life on the August Smart Lock Pro (3rd-gen), and you’ll quickly notice that a physically half-sized lock means roughly half the battery life.


The upside to the August Smart Lock Pro (3rd Gen) relying on Z-Wave connectivity appears if you experience an Internet outage. Since the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock doesn’t have Z-Wave functionality, it won’t be able to connect to your smart home in the event of an Internet outage.


As for compatibility, the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock works with AlexaGoogle and Siri for voice commands as well as routines and automation with your platform of choice. Assigning virtual keys to additional lock users remains free, a highlight of August’s policies, and you’ll also get plenty of options for setting notifications when something happens, or doesn’t, at your door. The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock comes with a DoorSense sensor, so you can know if someone leaves the door open or closes it but leaves it unlocked. 


I’ve always been fond of August’s geofencing auto-lock and -unlock capabilities, and that remains true for this model. When your mobile device is 200 meters (656 feet) from your home either leaving or returning, the lock will lock or unlock, if you’ve chosen to turn on that function.

The August Smart Lock App

  • Activity monitoringTrack activity and always know who is coming and going at your doorstep with a 24/7 Activity Feed.
  • Guest accessGrant unlimited digital keys valid for a few weeks, a few hours, or a few minutes. Never worry about lost, stolen or copied keys again.
  • Total controlLock and unlock your door, control keyless access and keep track of who comes and goes from anywhere.
  • Status updatesOnly August has DoorSense™ that checks the status of your door and tells you if your door is securely closed and locked.

Installation process

August has done an excellent job of building a short video for every step of the way. The first step is to use painters tape to secure the outside deadbolt from falling out. Second, you remove the interior part of your deadbolt. It then walks you through using the supplied adaptors to connect the August Lock to your deadbolt. All in all, the hardware installation took ten minutes. You’ll need a Philips head screwdriver, but other than that, all the required products are in the box.

In my situation, I was removing an existing August lock, so I had to raise the tabs on the side to unlock the actual August Lock, and then I removed the mounting bracket. I then worked backward with the products from the 4th generation August Wi-Fi Smart Lock. I screwed in the mounting bracket, added the lock adaptor, and then mounted the new lock. Since I had already installed the Door Sense sensor, I was able to just leave it as-is from the previous installation.

Once the hardware was configured, I went to work setting up the software side. The software configuration is another place where August has done a great job of making it easy. It walked me through the calibration process, sharing it with my wife over the August app, and then adding it to HomeKit as well. Once that was done, I removed the old lock by doing a factory reset.

The total time from unboxing to when it was up and running was around thirty minutes. For someone that hates home projects with a passion, it was painless. If you’ve held off on a smart lock due to the perceived complexity, you’ll be safe choosing an August Wi-Fi Smart Lock,

August models compared

PriceSize (in inches)Wi-FiZ-WaveGoogleAlexaHomeKit
August Smart Lock$1502.7 W x 4.8 H x 2.1 D Requires August Connect ($199 for bundle)NoYesYesNo
August Smart Lock Pro$2803.4 W x 2.2 DRequires August Connect (included)YesYesYesYes
August Wi-Fi Smart Lock$2502.83 W x  1.81 DBuilt-inNoYesYesYes

August Smart Lock Pro

August Smart Lock Pro

The August Smart Lock Pro is one of the best smart locks that you can install on your front door.

This model has the same design as the 2nd generation, a “hockey puck” design. This model will also integrate easily with different locks, the same as the other models.

The difference is that you do not have to purchase the August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge separately. The device is included in the price as a combined package.

The August app performs the same functions with this device as with the other models. This device also uses Bluetooth to operate.

The app has been designed to increase the level of control that the owner has over the device. The owner has greater control over the distribution of additional virtual keys and also over the access times for different keys.

The model has received more tweaks that improve the overall user experience. The installation has been made easier by introducing video tutorials in the app.

The app, record-keeping, has also been refined to work more effectively.

This model supports the DoorSense function.

In addition, the August Connect also allows the user to connect with an added smart home hub called Z-wave plus.

Also, you can install the August Doorbell Cam Pro and pair it with your August Smart Lock to remotely lock and unlock your front door for guests.

You will be happy to know that the August Doorbell works with all the models of August Smart Lock. Plus you won’t need the August Connect if you have the August Doorbell. It also has voice-control functionality as it works with Amazon Alexa.

August Smart Lock 3rd Generation

August Smart Lock 3rd Generation

This model has a different design for the 2nd generation. This model has a more traditional thumb turn design. This model, like the 2nd generation, will integrate easily with the lock the user is trying to improve. This model does not support Apple Homekit.

After installation, the app takes over and has the same functions as with the 2nd generation. This model also primarily uses Bluetooth to operate. In addition, this model can also be upgraded by purchasing the August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge optional extra.

You can provide access to guests by creating virtual keys using the August App.

This model has a feature called DoorSense, which is absent in the 2nd generation. This feature allows August to determine whether the door is open or closed. This feature is important, especially when the auto-lock is engaged.

The auto-lock is a feature where the door locks automatically after a preset period of time.

If the front door is ajar after the time elapses, DoorSense will not allow the lock to engage. This feature also works with the app to show if the door is open or closed.

DoorSense requires the installation of additional hardware (a magnetic sensor) that should be placed next to the lock.

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