Eufy security Eufycam 2C Pro 2-cam kit wireless home security system with 2K resolution review


Is the eufyCam 2C Pro worth it? There are a tonne of customization possibilities for scheduling and other features within the app, and the programme itself is really simple to install. Modifying settings, notifications, scheduling, etc. is quite simple. The connection between the cameras and doorbell is quite effective for enhancing security, and it can be configured so that as soon as one is engaged, they all begin recording. This is a fully wireless system because the cameras are wireless and operate without a hitch, and even the homebase can be made wireless if you so want. Reveal more in Eufy security Eufycam 2C Pro 2-cam kit wireless home security system with 2K resolution review.

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In the box

Everything you need is included in the box, including the drilling templates, international power converters for the HomeBase2, mounting brackets for the cameras, crews, and wall outlets to mount them, as well as USB and Ethernet cables for setup and charging.

Pros & Cons


  • Well-designed
  • Works with a range of ecosystems
  • HomeKit Secure Video
  • No subscription required
  • Easy step-by-step instructions
  • Wireless connection


  • Not 4K
  • Live view drains battery fast

Eufy security Eufycam 2C Pro Specs

  • Dimensions of the EufyCam 2C Pro are 8.12 x 4.79 x 5.69 cm.
  • Weight 635g
  • Supports Secure Video 2K HDR camera with Alexa, Google, and HomeKit
  • Siren and spotlight
  • Eight LEDs, night vision
  • Talking back and forth (eufy app only)
  • Mounting devices
  • Homebase or NAS local storage with IP67 water resistance

Eufy security Eufycam 2C Pro Price

One, two, or four packs of the eufyCam 2C Pro cameras are available along with the necessary base station (the HomeBase2). It is also reasonably priced. It undercuts competitors like Arlo at $319.99 for a two-camera system and enables users to cancel their subscription. For $129.99 / £89.99, additional cameras are also available.

So, is the additional $150 / £70 for 2K resolution worth it? Depending on what you need it for, 1080p will usually suffice. However, if you are a company owner or are very concerned about the security of your house, 2K may be worth the extra precaution.

Compare Eufy security Eufycam 2C Pro 2-cam kit wireless home security system with 2K resolution

eufyCam 2C Pro 3-Cam KiteufyCam 2C Pro 4-Cam KiteufyCam 2 Pro , 3-Cam Kit
Field of View135-degree135-degree140-degree
Battery Life6 Months6 Months1-Year
Weather ProofIP67IP67IP67
AIHuman Detection; Face DetectionHuman Detection; Face DetectionHuman Detection; Face Detection
Video Storage16GB EMMC, 3 Months Usage16GB EMMC, 3 Months Usage16GB EMMC, 3 Months Usage
Monthly FeeNoNoNo

Eufy security Eufycam 2C Pro 2-cam kit wireless home security system with 2K resolution review

Build & design

Small, white boxes with a black, glossy front and curved edges, the EufyCam 2C Pro cameras look smart and are relatively discreet. The camera itself is built from plastic. Each one measures 8.12 x 4.79 x 5.69 cm and weighs 635g.  On the front of each camera, you’ll find the main lens, with a small floodlight that can be used for the night vision.


A MicroUSB port serves as the charging port. Since the majority of smartphones, laptops, and headphone devices now support USB-C, USB-C cables are widely available in most houses. It’s really annoying because customers must occasionally take out a MicroUSB cord to recharge their security camera.

Eufy HomeBase

The camera will work in tandem with the Eufy HomeBase 2 hub. The hub communicates with your cameras after connecting to your Wi-Fi router. You can also use additional Eufy devices with the HomeBase 2 if you purchase more of them. In comparison to many other smart home hubs, the HomeBase 2 is a little bigger.

Additionally, the HomeBase2 enables local storage for video recordings, which is a major selling point given that many high-end rivals demand a cloud subscription for this (eufy offers a cloud subscription as well if you want). If the cameras themselves are attacked, having the recordings on the HomeBase2 also guards against loss of that evidence. As an alternative, Eufy allows using RTSP to store these on a local NAS.


The camera perspective is excellent. I can see nearly 180 degrees. The back camera functions properly; it captures everything, including stray animals. The picture quality is excellent throughout the day and is remains excellent at night.

Night vision in Eufy security Eufycam 2C Pro

One of the 2C Pro’s greatest improvements is that it now has the same Sony sensor as the 2 Pro, giving you better night vision while retaining the LED spotlight. The LED spotlight functions nicely if other lights are positioned around the camera. I’ve discovered that the video with only the night vision is preferable than the colour night vision with the LED light if the camera is not near any other lights. This system works well when coupled with the Eufy wireless doorbell, which I linked to it.

Human detection or motion alerts

The majority of the time, motion detection works well within the specified range. I don’t use the spotlight much, but I have excellent night vision out to a distance of 12 to 15 feet.


Although the EufyCam 2C Pro isn’t a 4K camera, I found that the footage it produced was still more than adequate in the vast majority of circumstances. Users have the option of recording in low light using the floodlight or choosing an infrared-based black-and-white night recording.

You may access the HomeBase2 recordings by tapping the recorded video count in the corner of the camera thumbnail. Similar to other video camera programmes, seeing these recordings is presented as a list of date-stamped thumbnails that you may navigate through. To view it, you must tap each one.


The HomeBase has 16GB of internal storage for clips, so you should have access to them for about a month before it needs to start wiping older material. However, bear in mind that all of the footage will be in 1080p definition.

Battery & charging

Each camera need 4-6 hours to charge. Then all you have to do is set up the camera and bam. The cameras, according to Eufy, have a 180-day battery life, or around six months. Although the lifespan of a security camera isn’t the longest, charging them twice a year isn’t too horrible either. Being wireless also eliminates the need to drill holes in the walls to run a wire.

Eufy security Eufycam 2C Pro Apps

Create an account if you don’t already have one after downloading the app, then select “add new device.” The Eufycam will couple the two when it receives a high-pitched tone from the HomeBase. It shouldn’t be that challenging to complete this process, which takes five to ten minutes.

You can check in on all the cameras you’ve paired using the app, take screenshots of the footage, and shoot brief videos in addition to seeing a list of all the cameras you’ve paired.

It’s time to mount the cameras outside after they have been paired. It required some finagling to put ours to the roof of our home, but theoretically, if you’re skilled with a power drill, you could mount it to most surfaces.

When it’s time to recharge, unmounting the cameras is as easy as unscrewing the top plate and putting the camera back inside.


There are two ways to store the video captured by the cameras. The 16GB HomeBase will be the most practical choice for the majority of users. Here, files are encrypted with 128-bit video and 256-bit account encryption to ensure that they are fully secret and that only you, through your EufySecurity account, may access them. Alternatively, you can save the footage in iCloud if you currently use Apple HomeKit and have a paid storage plan.


You may communicate with whoever is at the door or in the camera area, and the notifications are quite timely. The camera has a flashlight that you can use, and it also has recording capabilities. The picture clarity and quality are excellent. voice is of good quality.

How to connect EufyCam 2C Pro with Homekit?

With the more recent HomeBase2, you can couple with HomeKit without even having to download the Eufy Security app. When the HomeBase2 is ready, simply scan the HomeKit QR code on the base after plugging it in and turning it on normally. As soon as it was discovered, HomeKit added the HomeBase2 as a bridge in the Home app.

As soon as you couple the cameras with the HomeBase2 as usual, they instantly show up in HomeKit with the pre-configured HomeKit Secure Video settings. You could stop there, but it’s unlikely that you could leave the HomeBase2 close to your router and still receive a strong signal to the cameras where they were supposed to be.

Through order to do that, you must switch it to WiFi, which can only be done in the Eufy Security app. Install the app, create an account anyhow, and whenever you open the app, everything will be instantly detected and uploaded to your account. The cameras display a small HomeKit logo in the corner to indicate that’s where they are paired from, which is handy because it doesn’t require any additional pairing or setup.

Eufy security Eufycam 2C Pro 2-cam kit wireless home security system with 2K resolution Customer review

Good system

This camera system was recommended to me by someone who has it. I looked for other systems that were less money but they were not in stock or had reviews that complained about the monthly charges. This one cost more but you don’t need to purchase a monthly plan. You can, but don’t need to. So, I got this to keep an eye on my puppy when she’s in her crate when I’m not home. I have not really left her alone yet, but I was able to set up the camera and the app without difficulty and I’m not tech savvy. I have one camera pointed at the upstairs crate and the other on the downstairs crate. The picture is clear and looks good. It’s not as clear at night but picks up the motion well. I am also able to talk to her through the app. I have not had to charge the cameras yet. I turned off the notifications because I walk past the cameras often and I have not really left the house yet to need them. It’s easy to turn it on if I want to. I would recommend this product so far.

By AbananieVerified Buyer at eufy

Alternate of Eufy security Eufycam 2C Pro 2-cam kit wireless home security system with 2K resolution

If money is no object, the Arlo Ultra is the greatest outdoor security camera. In addition to providing the greatest video quality, it also employs the additional resolution to enable digital track and zoom, which makes it simpler to track and identify a person as they move across the frame. Additionally, a built-in spotlight makes it possible to record in colour at night, and it features two microphones for superior audio.

The Arlo Ultra runs entirely on batteries, however it can be wired if there is a nearby outlet. For an additional $80, Arlo offers a solar panel that ought to prolong the battery’s life.

However, all of this will cost you money: A single camera costs $399 (with the hub), while additional cameras cost $299 each. You must pay at least $3 per month for the Arlo Ultra’s limited amount of cloud storage if you wish to save any videos. Additionally, the monthly subscription, which is free for the first year, costs $1.99 more per camera per month if you wish to save 4K videos. However, if you want the finest possible video quality, the Arlo Ultra is it.

You should be able to position the cameras farther from the base station now that Arlo has released the Arlo Ultra 2, which has stronger Wi-Fi.

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