Eufy vs Ring Floodlight difference – how to see live feeds?


Can you see who is in your front door? Replace your outdated security lights with Floodlight Cam, a motion-activated HD camera with two-way talk, lights and a siren. See, hear and speak to people on your property. Shine the lights on all your blindspots. And sound the siren remotely. All from your phone, tablet and PC. Which is worth investment – Eufy vs Ring Floodlight?

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Pros & Cons – Eufy vs Ring Floodlight

Eufy Floodlight


  • Highly customizable
  • Great price
  • Guest profiles
  • Great video quality
  • Very bright weatherproof light
  • 2-way audio & loud alarm
  • Auto night vision


  • Standalone from Eufy Home Base
  • A little wider angle of view would be nice

Ring Floodlight


  • Adjustable mounting
  • Has color night vision
  • Has 3D motion detection
  • Loud two-way talk with noise cancellation
  • Customizable motion zones


  • Needs subscription for full features
  • No local storage
  • Lights are not replaceable

Price – Eufy vs Ring Floodlight

The SoloCam 1080p Essential and 2K Essential will be available for purchase in June for $100 and $130, respectively. The SoloCam 1080p Spotlight and 2K Spotlight will be available in July for $150 and $170, while the SoloCam 2K Solar Light will be available in August for $200. The Eufy Floodlight Cam 2 Pro will be available in July for $300.

The Eufy Floodlight Cam and Floodlight Cam 2k both have a lot to offer, including a smart siren, two-way talk, bright motion-activated floodlights, hi-res live and recorded video, and local storage, so you don’t need a subscription. The Floodlight Cam and Cam 2k retail for $200 and $220, respectively — more affordable than the Ring Floodlight Pro’s retail cost of $250. If avoiding a subscription cost and having local storage are important to you, you might prefer Eufy’s Floodlight series.

Key features – Eufy vs Ring Floodlight

Eufy Floodlight

Eufy Floodlight Cam 2 Pro. This camera features an impressive 360-degree pan and tilt feature, much like the Eufy Indoor Cam 2K Pan and Tilt, that allows it to see all the way around it. The camera uses artificial intelligence (A.I.)-based human detection that will automatically lock on and track anyone that passes its field of view. It also has built-in secure storage options.

Ring Floodlight

Ring’s Floodlight Cam is attractive because it acts as a floodlight in addition to serving as an outdoor security cam. With LED lights to illuminate your property, plus night vision, two-way talk, and motion detection, the Floodlight Cam provides a lot of features in one device.

Compare Eufy vs Ring Floodlight

PIR sensor270º270º
Floodlight3000 lumens2500 lumens
Resolution2MP (1080P)2MP (1080P)
Field of View140º (Horizontal) & 78º (Vertical)140º
Colour night vision30ft16ft
Remote sirenYesYes
Two-way audioYesYes
SD card slot256GBNo
Cloud storageYesYes
Data encryptionYesYes

What are the differences – Eufy vs Ring Floodlight


Ring Floodlight

It measures 12.82 by 7.77 by 8.5 inches, but the round base is only about 5 inches in diameter. The camera and floodlight are attached to the base, and the whole unit is weather-resistant with the ability to operate in temperatures ranging from minus 5 degrees to 118 degrees Fahrenheit.

Eufy Floodlight

The Eufy Floodlight Camera dimensions are 7.1 x 7.9 x 12.2 inches, and it is considered the latest floodlight camera in the market. It is only available in white, and all of the features are included without having to pay extra money for subscriptions. 


Eufy Floodlight

There are three unique models in the SoloCam lineup. The standard SoloCam E20/E40 cameras come in 1080p and 2K resolutions, respectively. The SoloCam L20/L40 Spotlight cameras also come in a 1080p version and a 2K version, respectively, and include a 600-lumen flashing spotlight 

Ring Floodlight

I was impressed with the overall video quality of the Ring Floodlight Pro. It has 1080p HD quality with HDR, a 140-degree horizontal field of view, and an 80-degree vertical field of view. The video quality is clear and bright, and I can distinguish faces and cars from a significant distance. 

Lumen brightness

eufy Floodlight Cam will shine brighter because it features 2,500 lumens compared to Ring’s 1,800 lumens. While brightness is important, it’s also worth bringing up the color temperature of each floodlight. With the Ring Floodlight Cam you’ll get a nice warm light (around 3500K) whereas with the eufy Floodlight you’ll get a cold white light (closer to 5500K if we could guess).

Motion Detection

Eufy floodlight

Motion detection is made to monitor the situation from your Eufy Floodlight Camera’s live view by detecting and recording moving objects. When a movement is detected, it will send notifications to your phone that someone is trying to enter your property without your permission.

Ring floodlight

Unlike the Eufy Floodlight Camera, Ring supports up to six custom motion zones. Setting up the motion zones is pretty easy. All you need to do is tap on the motion settings on your Ring app located on the three lines on the top left. Then, select motion zones and add a motion zone button.


Eufy floodlight comes with a 90-decibel siren. Ring floodlight has a 110-decibel siren, which you can remotely activate to deter an intruder or unwanted guest. The siren is loud enough to serve its purpose, and it’s easy to activate through the app.

Battery life

Ring floodlight comes with 6-month battery life in each charge, which is removal. Eufy SoloCam S40 Solar, which is a 2K solar-powered camera that sets itself apart from the rest of the lineup. Thanks to its solar panel, it can operate indefinitely without the need to recharge.


Both cameras allow you to record live view, however, for the Ring Floodlight cam, you’ll need to have a paid Ring subscription plan. The Ring Protect subscription starts at $3/month or $30/year. The eufy Floodlight Camera, on the other hand, needs no subscription to record live view. 

Ring Floodlight Cam offers only cloud storage with subscription plans starting at $3/month or $30/year which will give you access to 60 days of video history. eufy cam, on the other hand, offers local storage only. The camera uses eMMC for storage with 4GB capacity. It’s built-in storage

Is there any similarities – Eufy vs Ring Floodlight

2-way talk

The two-way talk feature, on the other hand, works extremely well, and it features audio with noise cancellation. The audio is extremely loud, and visitors will have no problem hearing you as you speak to them through the Floodlight Pro. 

Viewing angle

Eufy and Ring Floodlight Camera have. They both have the capability of reading something like a license plate that’s 50 feet away from the camera. They both have 1080p full HD resolution with 15fps and 140-degree view.


The Floodlight Pro has dual-band Wi-Fi, so you can connect it to a 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz network. Once connected, the Ring app will walk you through additional setup steps, like setting up motion zones and setting up Amazon Sidewalk.

Smart Home

the Floodlight Pro works well with Alexa devices, especially Echo Show devices. If someone approaches the Floodlight Cam Pro, I can see and speak to them via my Echo Show. The Floodlight Pro boasts a variety of other features, like customizable 30-foot motion zones, motion zone settings for the lights, adjustable brightness, and scheduling for the LED lights.


If you can install a basic light fixture or light switch, you can install the Floodlight Wired Pro. It has only three wires you need to connect: A ground wire (the green wire), the current or hot wire (the black wire), and the neutral wire (the white wire). The Floodlight Pro includes everything you need to replace an exterior light fixture. You get a metal mounting bracket, a plastic mounting plate, ample screws for different setups, and twist wire connectors. The light even includes a hang strap, so you don’t have to hold your arms up the entire time you’re connecting all of the wires.

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