Eye massager benefits – What is the best Portable eye massager


Do you need eye massager? What are the eye massager benefits? The eyes of the person can speak through emotions without the need of any word. A person can convey messages with twinkling eyes, vaulted eyebrows, by narrowing the eyes and many other eyes emotions as well. The repeated use of the eyes can cause wear and tear in the eyes, wrinkles, dark circle, puffy eyes, discoloration around the eyes area and many others eye problem. Stress, lights, and technology can all have a huge impact on our eye health, and it shows. Strained and irritated eyes, dark circles, and sensitivity are just a few side effects that can cause major pain and many other health problems.

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While it might seem like you just have to go along with this, you don’t. One way you can beat these problems is by using portable eye massager. This article will explain more behind what these helpful devices are, how they can help you, and some of the top picks you can use so you get relief from eye pain (eye massager benefits).

Eye massager benefits

They Can Reduce Pain

Many people often suffer from painful headaches. Eye massagers are perfect to help with reducing the pain that headaches can cause. They will work to massage certain points on your face (such as your temples) to help calm your face’s nerves which can help to relieve your headache.

They Can Help Your Skin

Eye massagers massage your skin which can help to remove wrinkles and fine lines. Their various vibrations and heat settings work with your skin which helps to prevent aging. These devices often can be used with eye creams and can work to help the creams go deeper into your skin because they can open up your skin’s pores.

They Can Improve Your Vision

Believe it or not, eye massagers can actually help to improve your vision. They can work to improve blood circulation around your eyes which can in return help your sight.

They Can Help to Prevent Eye Strain

If you suffer from eye strains often, eye massagers can help you. As mentioned above, they work to increase blood circulation around your eyes. This helps to prevent dryness from occurring in them and helps to exercise the eye muscles which in the end works to prevent eye strain from happening.

Types of massage – portable eye massager

Eye massagers can be a great way to relieve temple pressure, eye strain, headaches, and even to treat facial pain. These are unique, high-tech pain-relief aids that typically offer a range of massage modes, heat settings, and music options. They are portable and battery-powered, so you’ll be able to transport them easily.

Few portable eye massager also comes with a convenient remote control that will allow you to adjust the experience of the massage while you have the mask or headset on. There are many different types of portable eye massager that you’ll find on the market. Here are some of the options you’ll discover.

Heat Eye Massagers – This type is helpful if you want to open your pores to use skin cream when you use the massager. It also helps with reducing inflammation and dark circles around your eyes.

Infrared Eye Massagers – Infrared devices are similar to the heat eye massagers except you won’t really feel much warmth from them. Infrared eye massagers also help to improve blood circulation which can help to promote good eye health while also improving your vision.

Wearable Devices -Some eye massagers are wearable. These are intended for longer sessions, so if you don’t want to spend a lot of time using it this probably isn’t the right type for you. They look like a sleep mask but are much bigger. They usually have a cushioning around the edges so it doesn’t irritate your skin. They also often offer more massage and heat settings you can use.

Manual Devices – If you don’t want to spend a lot of time working with an eye massager, manual devices are a good type for you to try. These are often made with a sleek and lightweight design and are intended for you to massage around your eyes for just a few minutes at a time. While they do have the same benefits as a wearable device, you are the one who has to move it around in order for this portable eye massager to work.

How we have picked up

There are a few important things to keep in mind before you invest in a portable eye massager. Below are some of the important features to look for in one of these devices.

How Comfortable It Is

It’s very important to invest in a comfortable eye massager. Because you’ll be using this with your skin, it should be soft and lightweight to prevent irritations from occurring. You’ll want to check out the materials it’s made out of. Many are often made with a special silicone which can be used safely on the skin. There are also models that have a padding around them which acts like a pillow to help the eye massager rest comfortably on your face. Investing in an eye massager that is uncomfortable to use will only end up making it a hassle. Be sure that the model you’re interested in is designed to help keep your skin pampered and comfortable when you use it.

The Amount of Settings

Eye massagers should come with a variety of settings. You should be able to choose from different massage techniques and pressures as well as various heat settings. A wide variety of settings will help you to customize the eye massager so it works well for your needs. If the eye massager doesn’t have customizable settings, it might not be able to fully help you. For this reason, always check the amount of settings an eye massager has.

An Adjustability Feature

The wearable eye massager devices are used by many different types of people. Because of this, this type of eye massager should have an adjustability feature. One size doesn’t always fit all and a poorly fitting eye massager will not work well. It’s important to check to see if a wearable eye massager can be adjusted, such as with a knob. This will help it to better fit on your head so it works well.

Music-Playing Abilities

While music-playing abilities aren’t necessarily a crucial feature to have in an eye massager, they are still a nice thing to have. Some models have music built into them, like nature sounds, and some will even let you sync your own music to it. This can help make using these devices much more relaxing and can be very therapeutic.

However, keep in mind that not all eye massagers come with music-playing features so if you’d like to have this with your eye massager be sure to carefully check to make sure the model you’re interested in has this feature.

How it Runs

It’s important to check how an eye massager is powered. Some use batteries while others have a rechargeable feature. If you don’t want to invest constantly in batteries in order to use it, it’s a good idea to probably invest in a rechargeable model. If you do decide to go with a rechargeable eye massager, check how long it takes to charge. Sometimes it could take a while for the device to be fully charged which could mean you’ll need to wait a bit in order to use it.

What is the best portable eye massager

Breo iSee4 Eye Massager Cordless Electric Eye Mask Massage with Shiatsu Massage

Eye massager benefits – What is the best Portable eye massager
Eye massager benefits – What is the best Portable eye massager

Our iSee4 Eye Massager is designed on the basis of traditional Chinese Medical Science—Meridian Acupoint Massage theory. It has been proved in thousands years of Chinese Medicine practice that meridians distribute in human body and frequent massages to the acupoints of the meridians can make positive influence to our health.

There are a number of acupressure points around the eyes (basically around the orbits of the eyes which are the bones that surround the eyeballs). Regular and proper stimulus to these acupoints can help to relieve strain and fatigue, improve eyesight and combat dry eyes.
Our iSee4 Eye Massager adopts intelligent air pressure, vibration, point massage and heat compress massaging technology to knead, press and hot compress the ocular region to relax the muscles, improve blood circulation and to help you get better sleep (Eye massager benefits).

Breo iSee4 Eye Massager Electric Portable Temple Massager

Eye massager benefits – What is the best Portable eye massager
  • Built-in infrared heating: Low: 98F – 100F (35C – 38C) / High 102F – 107F (39C – 42C). Heat and massage stimulation will help to increase surface blood flow to tone and soften skin and bring relaxation to the eyes.
  • Includes kneading, trigger point therapy, oscillating pressure and rhythmic percussion massaging. Relieves eye strain, eye puffiness, dry eyes, sinus pressure and headaches. Relaxes you mind and helps you sleep better.
  • Comfortable, flexible, ergonomic design fits both women and men equally well. Elastic strap easily adjusts to any head size. Folds for convenient storage or packing.
  • Ultra-soft hypoallergenic cover fabric construction for ultimate comfort and easy care.
  • Equipped with 3 modes: Sleep, MED and HARD to suit your different needs and press shortly”on/off” button to adjust. Elastic strap with buckle to adjust length, suitable for whole family use. We recommend you wear it after TV watching, book reading, computer/mobile surfing, staying up late and before sleep (Eye massager benefits).

Panasonic Eye Esthetic Steamer EH-SW65-W (White)

With plenty of about twice as much steam ※, the original intensive moisturizing With built-in compact fan, the amount of steam reaching the eye is increased by about 2 *. With plenty of steam fluctuating, a warm feeling of sharpness continues, and it is possible to replenish moisture to every corner of the eye that tends to dries.

The fan turns or stops according to the course. A sound is heard while it is turning. About twice the steam, intensive moisturizing of the eyes. Circulating the steam with a small fan, the sharp sense of warmth continues to the end. Three rhythm (course) settings that can be selected according to the usage scene (Eye massager benefits).

Naipo Wireless Eye Massager Portable Eye Mask with Compression, Vibration, Heating

  • Eye Massage – Help to relieve eyestrain, puffiness, fatigue and headaches by 3 modes — Sleep, Med and Hard – separately providing a gentle massage, a consoling one and an invigorating one. You can choose the mode according to your specific requirement.
  • Air Compression & Vibration Massage – Air pressure and tender vibration with gentle heating about 104℉/40℃, which is a secure temperature for eyes, will surely give you an ultimate massage trip, from massaging temple, Sibai points, sinuses, but not eyeballs. Slight sound about 65 db produced by airbags.
  • Wireless & Adjustable – Rechargeable lithium battery and USB charging provide maximum portability. The headband tightness could be adjusted to fit most people’s head.
  • Enjoy Natural Soothing Melodies – Built-in speaker and prerecorded nature sounds relax you even more. The music could be controlled by pressing the music button momentarily to turn on, momentarily to change song, steadily to turn off.
  • Best Gift for You, Your Friends and Family – Every day just spare 10-20 minutes to wear it after a tired day looking at screens or when it’s hard to fall asleep, to give your eyes a rest, improve blood circulation around eye muscles to reduce dark circles and sleep better (Eye massager benefits).

Breo iDream5 Head and Eye Massager, 2-in-1 Rechargeable Electric Helmet Massager

  • Improve sleep quality, reduce stress, enhance deep relaxation and bring relief to your entire body! The iDream5 combines several massage modalities into our state-of-the-art head massager. Includes gentle air compression, 107F infrared heat compression, finger-like kneading and pulsing, penetrating scalp massage (5 massage heads and 70 nodes)with soothing relaxation music. Let stress, fatigue and anxiety melt away.
  • Powerful, built in rechargeable lithium battery. The iDream5 enables you to enjoy a full week of cordless head and eye massage. A full charge supports 1 week’s use (15 mins every day). Under app control, the massage contacts and intensity can be adjusted easily.
  • Removeable massager goggles& Fully adjustable fit. The eye massager can easily be removed allowing you to enjoy the iDream5 while reading, working at the computer or while watching television. The conveniently located control on the back of the iDream5 allows it to be fitted perfectly to any size head in seconds with a simple twist of the knob!
  • IOS and Android mobile app Control. iDream5 is the only massager that allows custom control of every function via Bluetooth connectivity including session length, heat and music settings and several independent massage settings.

Can anyone use an eye massager?

Eye massagers are made from safe materials such as silicon, making them ideal for everyone. They’re also cushioned or padded with soft materials for increased comfort due to the sensitivity of the skin, especially areas around the eyes.

However, people with eye problems or conditions should avoid using the machines unless advised by a physician. It’s also advisable not to use the massage machines on babies or infants because their skin is more sensitive.

What is the eye massager side effect?

Not all pain stems from tight muscles. However, it is embedded in most people’s minds that rub, rub and rubbing some more (particularly in the form of electric vibration) is a cure-all to pain. On the contrary, some pain is the result of blood clots, broken bones or internal lacerations–all of which are likely to worsen under the stress of massage. Be absolutely sure that the pain you are experiencing is due to muscle tightness before attempting to use an electric massager for relief.

Do eye massagers work for puffy eyes?

The eye area is sensitive, but can be massaged gently. It ensures the delicate skin isn’t damaged. The eye socket, lid and areas underneath are the finest on the body, and thus more susceptible to sagging, stretching and fine lines.

Gentle pressure application during massage retains the skin’s elasticity. Tired and puffy eyes can easily be revived using an eye massager. It disperses dark circles. The lymphatic system receives a boost during massage, draining away impurities and toxins accumulated around the eye area.

The drainage occurs after prolonged use of eye massagers. With just soft pats, light strokes and gentle presses, they also relieve pain.

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