Flyby F1Pro massage gun review – where to get best price?


Is this rechargeable? This handheld percussive massager comes with 6 unique massage heads that target key muscle groups to address your therapeutic needs. By increasing blood circulation and eliminating lactic acid buildup, this massager can increase mobility and help relieve soreness for any part of the body. it’s ideal for people experiencing stiffness due to long periods of sitting at work. It’s also great for athletes looking to recover and prevent injuries. Find more in Flyby F1Pro massage gun review.

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Pros & Cons


  • 4 adjustable speed levels
  • Reasonable stall force
  • Noise reduction technology
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Equipped with 2500mAh rechargeable lithium battery


  • Limited speed levels
  • Short stroke length


  • Stall Force 50 lbs (advertised)
  • Stroke Length 10 mm
  • Percussions 1800-3200 ppm
  • Speed options 3
  • Battery Life 4 hours (2000 mAh)
  • Attachments 6
  • Weight 1.8 lbs
  • Noise 45 dB

Flyby F1Pro massage gun review


As for the build quality, we find it quite acceptable. It does have plastic parts that make it feel a bit cheap. But since it’s put together nicely, it still left us with a positive impression. 


At only 1.8 pounds, it is a lot lighter than most of its competitors. it does have a power drill-like shape. The shape also tends to put a lot of tension on the wrist.


The ball heads are made of a foam material that will surely deteriorate over time. We think rubber ball heads will offer better longevity. The others are made of hard plastic, and we think they’re quite durable. 

Attachment -Flyby F1Pro massage gun

It comes with 6 attachments: two different-sized ball heads for soft massages, a fork for spinal areas, a flat head to pack a powerful punch in a large area, a bullet head to concentrate the force in a small area, and a wedge that’s best for scraping movements. 

Large Ball: This is for painful muscles that need a wider pressure area.

Standard Ball: The smallest of the ball massagers with diverse applications. The smaller size of this attachment concentrates the vibrations — to pinpoint smaller areas of pain with a round surface.

Spinal: The U-shape of this attachment will allow you to massage either side of your spinal column and hit the muscles that run alongside it.
Bullet: For the most intense of massages, this attachment focuses all 50 pounds of massage pressure into a small point for deep muscle relief.

Hammer: A great attachment for flat muscle areas, where you may want to move around and work out cramping.
Wedge: The design is perfect for the shoulders.


The Flyby Massage Gun doesn’t have an LED screen, and it only comes with one button that helps us switch between speeds. To turn it on, you have to use the switch at the bottom of the handle.

Stall force

The F1Pro only comes with a 10mm stroke length. The Flyby Massage Gun has a maximum advertised stall force of 50lbs. This allows you to push the massager deeper without worrying about stalling the motor. 

Speed & Percussions

It comes with 3 speed levels. While we’re not fans of 20 or 30 speed levels, we believe a massage gun should have around 5 to 6 speed levels to provide us with optimal performance. The 3-speed option on this unit is quite limiting. We are also impressed by the F1Pro’s percussion range of 1800 to 3200ppm. 

Battery & Charging

The Flyby F1Pro Massage Gun comes with a 2000 mAh battery that allows it to run for up to 4 hours on its most energy-saving settings. It can range between 3 and 4 hours, depending on the speed setting and pressure you use. 


The Flyby Massage Gun is rated to have a maximum noise level of 45dB. At the lowest gear, you can barely hear anything. While it gets louder as you reach the top speeds, the rattling and vibrations aren’t that bothersome. 

How does Flyby F1Pro massage gun work?

The powerful percussion gun has an oscillating head that penetrates the muscles with vibrations. Also known as vibration therapy, the process encourages blood flow and flushes excess fluids to reduce inflammation, relax tight muscles, and even break up scar tissue. Better yet, a 2014 study published in the Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research found that vibration therapy was just as effective as massage therapy at preventing delayed onset muscle soreness.

Flyby F1Pro massage gun Performance review

With 3 speeds of 1800 RPM to 3200 RPM, an amplitude of 10mm and a stall force of 50 lbs (you can apply 50 lbs of pressure) I’d expect it to be as good as most other massage guns on the market. 10mm is a bit lower of an amplitude alright – most would be 12mm – but otherwise the speed and stall force are comparable.

At 45dB it’s pretty quiet (similar noise level to an electric toothbrush). You could use it while watching TV and it wouldn’t really disturb anyone. It’s quieter than more expensive models such as the Hypervolt for example.

After testing the Flyby I think it’s capable of doing what I need it to. The 3 speeds provide plenty of power, the stall force is good, and although I’d like a little higher amplitude, it’s more than ok for the price. It’s not the best massage gun I’ve ever used, but it’s certainly better than I expected. 

The battery life of 4+ hours is plenty to get a good few massage sessions in before you have to charge again. At a medium to high speed I definitely get a few hours between charges.

Flyby F1Pro massage gun alternative

Vybe Pro Percussion Massage Gun

If you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck, the Vybe Pro is here for you. With nine speeds and eight attachments, which far exceeds the typical four or five the other guns had, it offers something for everyone. The first thing you should know, however, is that this massage gun is big compared to other models. Like, “maybe I should go help a pit crew take tires off at a NASCAR race” big. If you’re OK with that, it gets the job done. It has a standard L-shaped handle and buttons to change speed levels on the side, where you can easily change speeds with one hand.

There are separate buttons to go up or down, unlike some other guns we tested where you have one button to cycle through the entire range of intensities just to get back to lower speeds. Still, nine speeds can feel overwhelming, so it’s nice that the Vybe has a ‘memory,’ which means it stays on the level you used before you turned it off.

Do you really need all nine speeds? Probably not. During testing, the last three felt the same to me, and the only thing that seemed to increase when I went up each level was the noise. Also, as this was the largest product we tested, it was one of the heaviest. Because using a massage gun usually involves holding it with one hand for extended periods of time, this may make it more difficult to use for some people with limited hand or wrist strength.


  • Can easily change speeds with one hand
  • Great variety of speeds and attachments


  • Heavy
  • Can be awkward to hold

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