Lunix LX3 cordless electric hand massager with compression reviews


Does it relieve rheumatoid arthritis pain? It is very therapeutic for tension in the hands. It’s so powerful with heavy pressure points. Sore fingers, arthritis, carpal tunnel, wrist injuries, or simply just a rest, this handy machine will cater to your every need. Find more in Lunix LX3 cordless electric hand massager with compression reviews.

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In the box

  • 1 x Hand Massager,
  • 1 x Finger Massager,
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable,
  • 1 x Travel Bag,
  • 1 x User Manual

Pros & Cons


  • Six intensity levels
  • Two vibration modes
  • Four program modes
  • Three timer programs
  • Caters to wrist, hand and finger pain
  • Offers heated option


  • Requires a full charge before use


  • 13.46 x 7.99 x 6.22 inches
  • six levels of massage and intensity
  • a soft interior cushion
  • portability

Lunix LX3 cordless electric hand massager with compression reviews


It is well built, Rechargeabĺe and cordless. The shape of the interior has a slight bubble shape that fit my palm perfectly. Its dimension is 13.46 x 7.99 x 6.22 inches.


You will find multiple buttons to control this device.

1st/press Power Button, 2nd/[If desired]press Vibration 1x for intermittent vibration or 2x for constantant vib, then 3rd/[if desired]press Heat. 4th/press a Program Mode 1-6 (starts inflating and kneading). 5th/ [if you choose]change Intensity Level. 


There are a good number of pressure adjustments and programs to choose from. you can choose between 6 modes and 6 pressures. The compression feels just like the leg compressions the hospitals use (compresses then release then compress) or like a blood pressure cuff. Depending on which program you use, the compression can just be at your fingers or just at the wrist, or both. 


The heat is definitely a nice touch. My wrist popped the first time I used it

Battery & charging

It works great and the battery lasts for an acceptable duration. The charging port is USB-C and comes with a corder and some other goodies like a tote bag. It takes a while to charge, but the amount of battery life is adequate

Lunix LX3 cordless electric hand massager with compression Customer reviews


When I received this cordless hand massage it came without the user manual, USB Charger, finger massager, and complimentary gift. So I was only able to test it when I opened it to see if it worked and lucky for me all features functioned properly. Just got frustrated, irritated, and mad they had forgotten to include the other accessories. So I wasn’t able to use it. Too bad because I really wanted to massage my hands. So I immediately contact the company first and received no reply. Then discover it was made and came from Hong Kong. So contacted Amazon and a staff was very friendly and understanding. He immediately said he would send me a replacement right away.So for now I will give a 1 star rating because of the previous issue. Once I receive the replacement and hopefully with the user manual, USB Charger, finger massager, and the complimentary gift, I’ll change the rating.Update 7/3/21: I received a replacement of the Lunix Cordless Hand Massager but apparently again Amazon did not include the USB Charger, the Finger Massager, and the Travel Bag. All it had in the package along with the hand massager was the User Manual. I am now more disappointed with Amazon customer services because through the years I’ve been shopping online with Amazon, I’ve never had any problems like this. I did send an email to the company that produces these products and got an immediate reply. After sending them my information (name & address), I again received an immediate reply from same representative of Lunix and he assured me that they would send me the missing items, usb Charger, finger massager, and travel bag but that it may take a long while before I get them. So in the meantime I have the hand massager but unable to use it because it states in the user manual that I have to charge it before first use. This is so aggravating because Amazon did this to me twice. So looks my 1 star rating will stay.

By Jesse at lunixinc

Lunix LX3 cordless electric hand massager with compression alternative

Breo WOWO S Cordless Hand Massager


  • 9.96 x 5.71 x 3.86 inches
  • Weight 0.7 kg
  • Portable
  • Smart app Integration
  • Powerful Compression
  • Minimalistic & Futuristic Design
  • Convenient


  • Two-hour battery life
  • Uses air pressure and heat technology
  • Comes with plastic gloves
  • Designed with reflexology in mind


  • Made to fit smaller, slimmer hands

This amazing little gadget allows you to bring this to work, school or anywhere so that your hands can take a break when you need it. Plus, you can customise your massage program with the complementary smart app! Breo WOWOS Cordless Hand Massager was designed to bring about the same benefits as acupressure and reflexology. With the use of air pressure and heat therapy, Breo provides an extremely comfortable yet in depth massage to encourage better blood flow, relief, mobility and flexibility. Additionally, if you wanted to use hand lotions, Breo comes with plastic gloves so you can use the lotion without leaving residue inside the massage machine.

However, this hand massager was designed to cater to women, so the capacity of this machine may be too small for wider and longer hands.

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