Hisense Roku TV 43 inch H4 series full HD review


With Hisense Roku TV 43 inch H4 series full HD, enjoy all the key moments in fast-paced sports, movies, and games with motion rate 120-image processing, minimizing picture lag to create a crystal clear image without motion blur. It has combining rich 1080p picture quality, intuitively smart Roku TV platform, built-in Wi-Fi, and innovative technologies, Hisense H4F series smart TVs are great for all your needs—streaming, cable, satellite, gaming, and free over-the-air TV. Know more in Hisense Roku TV 43 inch H4 series full HD review.

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Pros & Cons – Hisense Roku TV 43 inch H4 series full HD


  • 1080p picture quality with intuitively smart Roku interface
  • Motion rate 120 with image processing minimizes picture lag
  • Simplified home screen and streamlined remote provide easy access


  • Not Alexa compatible

Price and availability

This Hisense Roku TV model is exclusive to Argos in the UK, and available in 43-inch, 50-inch, 55-inch and 65-inch screen sizes. Prices start at £329, going up to £379, £479, and £649 for the largest model – making it highly affordable for what you get.

There are several Hisense Roku models in the US around a similar price range, although the Hisense R8F Roku TV uses a more advanced ULED display – and for now there’s only one Roku line for the UK.

Specification – Hisense Roku TV 43 inch H4 series full HD

Display Type: LED
Screen Size Class: 40 inches
High Dynamic Range (HDR): No
Motion Enhancement Technology: Motion Rate 120
Smart Platform: Roku TV
Number of HDMI Inputs: 3

Product Name: 43″ Class – LED – H4 Series – 1080p – Smart – HDTV Roku TV
Brand: Hisense
Series: H4 Series
Color: Black
Color Category: Black
Dimension: height 21.2 inches x 21.2″ (H), width 36.1 inches 36.1″ (W)
Hisense – 43″ Class – LED – H4 Series – 1080p – Smart – HDTV Roku TV

Product Height With Stand: 23 inches
Product Width: 36.1 inches
Product Depth With Stand: 8 inches
Product Height Without Stand: 21.2 inches
Product Depth Without Stand: 3.2 inches
Product Weight With Stand: 15.2 pounds
Product Weight Without Stand: 14.8 pounds

Display Type: LED
Screen Size: 40 inches
Screen Size Class: 40 inches
High Dynamic Range (HDR): No
Curved Screen: No
Motion Enhancement Technology: Motion Rate 120
Language(s) Displayed: English, French, Spanish
3D Technology: No

Smart Capable: Yes
Smart Platform: Roku TV
TV Tuner: Digital

Number of HDMI Inputs: 3
Number Of USB Port(s) (Total): 1
Number of USB 2.0 Ports: 1
Number of Digital Optical Audio Outputs: 1
Number of Component Video Inputs: 0
Number of Composite Video Inputs: 1
Number of DVI Inputs: 0
RF Antenna Input: Yes

Network Compatibility: Built-in Wi-Fi
Ethernet Port(s): No
Bluetooth Enabled: No
Headphone Jack: Yes
VESA Wall Mount Standard: 200mm x 200mm
Audio: Built-In Speakers Yes
Speaker Output: 7 watts
Power: ENERGY STAR Certified – No
EPEAT Qualified: No
Estimated Annual Operating Cost: 13 United States dollars
Estimated Annual Electricity Use: 108 kilowatt hours

Stand Included: Yes
Cable(s) Included: AC power
Warranty: Manufacturer’s Warranty – Parts 1 Year
Manufacturer’s Warranty – Labor 1 Year

Hisense Roku TV 43 inch H4 series full HD review


The 40H4’s overall design is unassuming, with slightly curved, glossy black plastic bezels (0.6 inches on the top and sides, 1 inch on the bottom) that frame the chunky, 3.3-inch-thick screen. A curved lavender accent just under the middle portion of the bottom bezel distinguishes the HDTV slightly, and it gives the false impression of a centrally placed indicator light.


One of the best things about newer 4K (3,840 x 2,160) resolution is that it allows you to sit a lot closer to the TV without seeing pixels, and/or offers higher pixel density for very large TVs. In fact, since reviewing a bunch of 65-inch (or larger) 4K TVs, I’m convinced 1080p isn’t quite enough pixel density for those sizes.


Ports are curiously minimal on the 40H4. An HDMI port, optical and 3.5mm audio outputs, a composite video input, and an antenna/cable connector sit on the back of the screen facing left. The remaining two HDMI ports and a USB port face downward. Three HDMI ports is typical for a budget HDTV, but this is the first connected screen I’ve seen that lacks an Ethernet port as an alternative to Wi-Fi. The lack of a component video input also limits its compatibility with older devices. A row of buttons sit on the right edge of the screen, including Input, Channel Up/Down, Volume Up/Down, Mute, and Power.

Smart apps

The remote control has a slightly bulbous shape, but the buttons are well spaced out and responsive, and in addition to the usual numeric keys and volume, playback, and channel navigation buttons there are dedicated buttons for Netflix, Google Play, Rakuten TV, Spotify, and the FreeView Play catch-up service. There’s also a purple directional pad ripped right from the kind of Roku remote you get with Roku streaming devices, such as the Roku Express or Roku Premiere.

There’s a separate section for movies or TV shows (80 in each category) accessible through the Roku interface, which directs you to streaming and rental services such as Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, and Now TV that host the specific title.


Most content should look just fine. However, don’t expect to be blown away by certain kinds of content. Because the H4 series TVs use 60 Hz panels, they won’t render 24fps (Blu-ray) content super smoothly. Testing also revealed some discrepancies and errors in color production. We’d expect only selective viewers might be bothered by these issues, but it’s worth keeping in mind.

View angle

Like most TVs these days, the H4 series use VA-based LCD panels to produce light and color. And like most other LCD TVs, the H4 sets don’t boast the best off-angle viewing, though it is definitely not the worst we’ve tested. I measured a total viewing angle of 44°, or ±22° from the center to either side of the screen.

More practically, this means that from about 10 feet away (which might be a little far for the smaller sizes in the H4 series), you can only move about four feet in either direction before the picture quality starts to degrade. For any size in the H4 series, expect to be able to watch comfortably with your family or a few buddies, but I wouldn’t wall-mount any of them in a very large/wide space.

ROKU content

While we tested the smallest H4 (the 40-inch), you can expect the same simple, useful Roku features from the 48- and 50-inch versions, both of which are large enough to stand in as primary living room TVs. That said, most of the value here comes from Roku and the generous price tags—the picture quality isn’t going to drop any jaws.

The other consideration is the big FP: future proofing. None of the H4 TVs deliver (now almost standard) 4K resolution or newer High Dynamic Range functionality. If you want to consume the latest and greatest UHD content, the H4 series may have you feeling left behind.

But for everybody else—especially if you want a good, all-around TV for a den or bedroom that doesn’t need external sources for content—this is a very solid deal.


For a TV this cheap, we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the Hisense Roku TV’s audio. Voices sound resonant, while instruments all the way from bass drums to delicate snares are drawn out clearly. You don’t get anything like Dolby Atmos support here, and various soundbars would improve the offering from the built-in speakers, but we imagine that, given the price, most people will be perfectly happy with the output as it is.

Hisense Roku TV 43 inch H4 series full HD performance review

We test HDTVs using a Klein K-10A colorimeter, SpectraCal’s CalMAN 5 software, and DisplayMate test patterns. After a basic dark room calibration, we determined the best setting for our tests to be Normal picture mode, Warm color temperature, Brightness at 40, and Contrast at 56. After that, we measured a peak brightness of 234.25 cd/m2 and a black level of 0.05 cd/m2 for a respectable contrast ratio of 4,685:1.

I watched The Amazing Spider-Man and The Big Lebowski on the 40H40, and in both films bright outdoor scenes looked notably overcast. Spider-Man’s red and blue costume looked suitably vivid, but Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone both seemed a little bit wan. Similarly, the bowling alley in The Big Lebowski, which admittedly is filled with difficult lighting, looked relatively cool, and the slow pan across The Dude, Donny, and Walter showed a hint of Buscemi-like pallor across Jeff Bridges and John Goodman’s faces.

Input legs

Input lag displays how long it takes for the picture on the screen to change after receiving new information. In the calibrated mode, the 40H4 displayed an input lag of 29.8 milliseconds. With Game mode enabled, which skews the colors slightly further, that number crept down only a little to 28.6 milliseconds.

Hisense Roku TV 43 inch H4 series full HD customer review


This is my second Hisense TV. Last year I bought a 50′ Hisense H6 Series 4K UHD Smart TV for the living room. I researched before buying and was not disappointed. Glad I didn’t buy a sound bar as the set has great sound! Any how I wanted a bigger TV for my bedroom this year and opted for the 40 inch H4 series. It’s a great TV. Sounds so much better than the Sharp TV it replaced. Great picture and it has Roku! The legs were a little difficult to put on but other than that all is good. You can easily spend twice as much to match what you get in this TV.

Alan, Reviewer in Best Buy

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