KHOMO Gear projector screen 100 inch review


What is good in KHOMO Gear projector screen 100 inch? This screen is made of an oxford nylon reflective material for high-resolution imagery and enriched colors. A rigid and unique support system helps maintain stability as if it were fixed to a wall. Get details in KHOMO Gear projector screen 100 inch review.

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Pros & Cons


  • Easy to put together.
  • Light and sturdy
  • No issues with screen when used with front projection.


  • The screen has wrinkles to store folded 

Specs – KHOMO Gear projector screen 100 inch

  • Screen Format: HDTV (16:9)
  • Screen Gain: 1.0 (Standard)
  • Product Type: Portable
  • Mount Type: Folding Frame
  • Projection Type: : Front
  • Curved Screen: Yes
  • Outdoor Use: Yes
  • Screen Surface: White
  • Screen Tension: Tensioned screen
  • Acoustically Transparent: Yes
  • Reversible: No

What is good in KHOMO Gear projector screen 100 inch?

  • Jumbo oversize screen, diagonal screens no power required, easier than inflatable outdoor screens and easy to use
  • Extremely stable and unique and rigid support helps maintain so much stability that it would seem as if it were fixed on a wall
  • Convenient to carry a foldable setup stand made out of special lightweight materials makes it the most convenient portable outdoor projection screen in existence
  • An outdoor movie theater brings your family together with some popcorn for a night of family fun in the backyard, camping, tailgating, or a fun summer party
  • Very easy to set up it takes less than 10 minutes to fully set up the entire assembly

KHOMO Gear projector screen 100 inch review


It is very portable and comes in a convenient bag; easy to store. For the outside it is also equipped with hooks that with tie rods and pegs allow you to anchor everything in case of winds. 


The screen is not made from a highly reflective material. Its very white though and stretches out well. You are going to need a very dark viewing environment or a super bright projector. It doesn’t offer the super reflectivity of a decent projector screen.

Viewable area

51″ H x 90″ W is Viewing Area

  • Overall84” H x 92” W x .5” D
  • Diagonal Size100”
  • Screen 51” H x 90” W

Image quality

The screen renders good picture quality which you can see from the front and back. the fabric is clear and well compact with the brightness of a classic home projector.


It is very easy to set up and take down and they provide a nice storage bag. All parts were labelled with numbers which you fitted according to the instructions. Provided. Went up in 5 minutes. Very pleased and will be a source of summer entertainment given the COVID situation.

Alternate of KHOMO Gear projector screen 100 inch

Elite Screens Yard Master 2


  • Elite Screens also give a 2-3 year warranty and lifetime tech support.
  • The screen is mildew resistant so it’s okay to store without worrying about damage from moisture.
  • The variety of choices in size, projection options, and versions cater to different needs.


  • It’s only mildly weather resistant

This screen makes use of a lightweight aluminum frame and stand. Don’t be intimidated because it’s easy to assemble and you don’t even need tools!

The screen will be pulled taut using the frame and corner pull-tabs to make sure that it’s completely flat and ready for the projector. Images will be high quality because the screen reflects projector light well and it’s 4k UltraHD and Active 3D ready.

This particular screen is for people who want to have different choices. It comes in sizes 96” to 200”. You can even choose different versions such as electric, electric tension, Yard Master 2, manual, Yard Master plus, Awning, sport, and dual.

I like that this setup can be used indoors and outdoors unlike a large inflatable outdoor projector screen. You can also pick from a front projection, rear projection, or both.

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