Vamvo outdoor indoor projector screen reviews – which is good 80 inch or 100 inch?


Which is better – Vamvo outdoor indoor projector screen 100 inch or 80 inch? The wrinkle-resistant projector screen is made of natural polyester fabric. It is a 120-inch movie projector screen with stand, 16:9 aspect ratio, and 160 degrees wide viewing angle. You can clean up stains and dust by simple wiping with a damp cloth. Vamvo video projector screen is thicker than other regular screens, and that supports front and rear projection. Get details in Vamvo outdoor indoor projector screen reviews?

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Pros & Cons – Vamvo outdoor indoor projector screen


  • Can be used for both front and rear projection
  • Doesn’t require electricity to use
  • Lightweight design is easy to transport
  • Foldable tripod stand is compact and easy to store
  • Comes with a carry bag for easy transport
  • 120-inch screen size with 16:9-inch aspect ratio
  • Comes with an aluminum stand for freestanding setup
  • Lightweight frame for easy setup and breakdown


  • Requires a projector with a bright lamp
  • Can be unstable in high-wind environments
  • Not weatherproof

Vamvo outdoor indoor projector screen reviews


Featuring design and construction with an aluminum frame, this model is sturdy and wind-resistant. The two support legs of this model feature a fold-out base, and tie-down ropes to keep the screen secure, even on windy evenings.


This movie screen has a 120-inch viewing diagonal, and with its stand assembled, it’s 71 inches tall and 107 inches wide. Plus, thanks to the stand’s unique tripod design, it takes less than five minutes to fully assemble the whole screen. 


This is a very lightweight screen, too, at less than 10 pounds. This model is highly portable, making for easy transport and storage. Take it on vacation, or over to a friend’s house for movie night. The weight of the whole package is only around 6lbs which is less than half of the other portable projector screen. The package size is only 17.8”*6.7”*3.5” so you can put it in the car trunk.

Viewing angle

This model features a 16:9 aspect ratio for use with modern media formats. The rear of the screen features blackout, ensuring there’s no light-bleed into the picture from the back. You get a wide 160-degree viewing angle, making it a top choice for large gatherings.

Picture quality

The picture quality on this Vamvo screen is top notch, with high contrast and good color accuracy. It’s versatile, as well, suitable for both front and rear projection applications.

Setup – Vamvo outdoor indoor projector screen

You can set up this model in less than 5-minutes, with aluminum tubing inserting into the plastic frame fittings. The screen clips into place along with the frame, providing a stable viewing surface. The screen itself features design and construction with a matte-white material for clear, sharp images and accurate color representation.

For deployment, simply start unfolding the sides and it somehow becomes a screen. Make sure to have the bottom (has leg holes) pointed the right way, and DO NOT lock the corner locks until after the screen is put on (makes install easier). Unfold the screen and push the buttons in.


Vamvo Outdoor/Indoor Projector Screen folds up into a nicely compact package. This makes it much easier to store than most projector screens of this design


Elite Screens OMS120H2 Yard Master 2 Outdoor Projection Screen

For a well-priced, sturdy outdoor movie screen, you can’t go wrong with the Elite Screens Yard Master 2. This screen has a 120-inch viewing diagonal (the distance from corner to corner), and it comes with a lightweight aluminum frame that holds the screen taught for a flat projection surface.

When fully assembled, this unit stands 89 inches tall and 110 inches wide, and the screen itself has a 16:9 aspect ratio. It comes with a carrying bag, ground stakes, rigging cord, and support rigs, and while the screen is weather-resistant, it shouldn’t be left outside permanently. It takes around 15 minutes to set up, and the screen provides a perfect surface to show movies, sporting events, and slideshows in your backyard. 

Mdbebbron 120-Inch Projection Screen

The Mdbebbron 120-Inch Projection Screen has it all: versatility and convenience, an easy setup process, and the perfect lightweight material for any environment. This single slim screen can be used indoors or outdoors, and it can be fastened absolutely anywhere. Its grommets can be attached to hooks, nails, ropes, and even double-sided tape — meaning you can place this screen wherever you have room. Featuring a black border, this 120-inch screen is perfect for 16:9 HD format and offers a 160-degree viewing angle. It works with 1080p full HD and is able to support front and rear projectors. The screen features crease-free and durable polyester fabric so it won’t wrinkle once it’s stretched out and hung. When you’re finished using it, the entire projector screen can be folded compactly and stashed away out of sight with ease.

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