Lefant robot vacuum cleaner M201 review – how to mop?


Should you buy Lefant robot vacuum cleaner M201? Does it mop? With an 11” diameter and unibody design, the Lefant robot vacuum cleaner M201 slides under and around bed, sofa, and other furniture for a thoroughly clean with high coverage and ultra-low failure rate. The robot is equipped with WiFi and is compatible with and Alexa & Google Assistant. Unique brushless motor design features low power consumption, small size, and strong suction (1800 Pa) to ensure a thorough cleaning of your home. Know details in Lefant robot vacuum cleaner M201 review.

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Lefant M201 price in US

Lefant M201 price in UK

In the box

  • Lefant Robot Vacuum M201 (1)
  • Charging base (1)
  • Dust container (1)
  • Filter sponge (1)
  • Brushes (2)
  • User Manual (1)

Pros & Cons – Lefant robot vacuum cleaner M201


  • Works best on wooden floors.
  • Comparatively lower on cost.
  • Like the fact that it’s compact
  • Brush style is a superior design when it comes to pet hair,
  • The cleaning sound is incredibly low.
  • Path Mapping is phenomenal.
  • It’s lightweight.


  • Bells and beep sound on this machine irritates me.
  • Would be best if the app function is easier to use
  • App connection function took a while before connecting.

Specifications – Lefant robot vacuum cleaner M201

  • Product Name Lefant M201
  • FreeMove 2.0 YES
  • Size 280 280 80
  • Fan Type Brushless Motor
  • Suction 1300Pa
  • Water Tank Capacity No
  • Dust Collector Capacity 550ML
  • Filter Two-layer with High-Performance Filter
  • Battery 1800 mAh lithium iron battery
  • Clean Mode Auto
  • Roller Brush/Suction Roller brush
  • Side Brushes 1
  • Cleaning Path Mode Random
  • Alexa & Google Assistant YES
  • Obstacle Detection & Anti-Drop YES
  • Real-time Map YES
  • App Control & Scheduling YES
  • Climbing Threshold 0.47in
  • Navigation Type Random
  • Working Time 90mins
  • Levels of Suction/Water Yield 3 (Low/Medium/High)
  • Automatic Charging Recharge
  • Remote Control YES

Compare Lefant robot vacuum cleaner M201 vs Lefant M571

Lefant M201Lefant T800Lefant M571
Wi-Fi Connected2.4GHz2.4GHz2.4GHz
Max Suction Power1800Pa2000Pa2200Pa
Max Runtime100Mins120Mins180Mins
Product Height3.1 inch3.1 inch3.1 inch
NavigationGyroptic NavigationGyroptic NavigationGyroptic Navigation
Sweeping & MoppingYes
Carpet boostYes
Alexa & Google AssistantYesYesYes
Dustbin Capacity0.5L0.6L0.6L

Lefant robot vacuum cleaner M201 review


the M201 is quite heavy and seemingly well put together. I really like the all black unibody design, set off nicely with the red collection tray inside, subtle logo, silver power button and big chunky wheels that grip really well on most surfaces in my home.


True 360 ​​° technology in space detection, together with its minimum height of 7cm means the vacuum can detect different heights of potential obstacles to find the best access and in theory, effortlessly continue with its work.


The small dust hopper needs to be emptied daily. It’s amazing how much dirt this vacuum finds. It cleans under chairs and tables impossible to get to with a regular vacuum. It’s cool to watch it work as it pivots around chair and table legs.


This robot Vacuum works very well. It was simple to setup and beginning using. It has a very strong suction power. It picks up both small and even large debris as it passes over. The vacuum is easy to empty. 


The main feature I love about this robot vacuum is the anti collision sensor that works perfectly. All the times it comes near to a obstacle it perfectly sense that and go otherway around.

Voice assistant

Alexa integration and usage is perfect and I can give cleaning command with my Alexa device even I am in my own bed. 

How to connect Lefant with Alexa Echo Dot

Sync your Lefant robot with Alexa It is very simple and you can do it in these quick steps:

  1. Turn on the robot and connect it correctly to the app Lefant Life.
  2. Open the Amazon Alexa app and select “Skills and Games.”
  3. Find the “Smart Life” tab and turn it on.
  4. A page will open asking you to log in with your credentials Lefant Life.
  5. Now hit search for devices and select Alexa Echo Dot to connect it. Now you can say: Alexa, tell M201 to start cleaning.

Battery life

From zero percent charge it will take about 4.5 hours to full and when full the spec sheet tells us to expect around 90 minutes of autonomy. My apartment is quite small and on average the robot will automatically return to the charging base when it thinks it’s finished with about 50-60% capacity remaining.

Lefant app

Initial setup of the robot was hassle free, taking less than 5 mins to get into the settings. The Lefantlife application available for iOS and Android is well designed and quite intuitive. You use the app to choose the cleaning mode and to schedule the active working hours. As a bonus for Amazon Alexa users you can tell it to get to work by using a simple Alexa command. I’m still trying to work out how I can get it to work with Google Home.

Cleaning mode

There are an interesting variety of cleaning modes : auto/smart, spiral, wall follow and user controlled. I have found smart mode ideal for cleaning the entire floor area quickly.

3 Cleaning modes
  • Edge clean mode —- Sweep along the edges of the entire house, thoroughly cleaning the corners and edges.
  • Spot clean mode —- Repeat cleaning of small spaces until it is completely clean
  • Automatic clean mode —- Thoroughly clean the whole floor by simply pressing the start button

Lefant robot vacuum cleaner M201 Performance review

This robot vacuum is just what I needed as I can set it up with Alexa to run throughout the days when needed. It’s pretty cool it can leave the charging base at any time and return on its own. The cleaning is good and while it may not cover the same areas at the same time if it hits an object, it will come back to it. The fact that it was able to go from. my hardwood floor to the thick rug quite smoothly, I was shocked as I thought it would identify the rug as an object and it would just go around the rug but it cleaned the rug as well. Relatively low noise for a vacuum.

Alternate of Lefant robot vacuum cleaner M201

Neato Botvac D80 – Best Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair

Looking for a robot vacuum that can pick up more pet hair than most of the other brands? The Neato Botvac D80 promises to do this and much more. It is D-shaped to enable it wedge between the corners and walls for maximum hair pick up. With three brushes in tow: the spiral blade brush, combo brush and side brush, it cleans floors with precision leaving them immaculately clean of furs, dust, hair and other potential allergens.

 D-shaped. To facilitate easier maneuverability and reach highly secluded places for maximum hair and dust pick upReplacing the dust bin may require some technical skills

Eufy RoboVac 11 – Top Vacuum Robot for the Money

The Eufy RoboVac 11 guarantees over 1.5 hours of powerful constant suction and is highly durable. If you’re looking for a vacuum robot with premium functionality and that can last for a very long time the Eufy RoboVac 11 will meet your needs.

It possesses an anti-scratch glass cover for added protection and comes with inbuilt infrared sensors to evade obstacles. In addition, it possesses four side brushes for a superb clean and comes with a complimentary 12 month warranty. This makes it a very safe purchase for the first time robot vacuum buyer.

Possesses an external anti-scratch tempered glass cover for extra protectionFew customers complained about the vacuum having power transmission issues
Has a high capacity battery that provides over 1.5 hours of constant power
Extra cleaning capability. The Eufy RoboVac 11 has HEPA-style filters and 4 side brushes for super tiny particles
It comes with a 12 month warranty

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