Lefant robot vacuum troubleshooting – how to fix issues?


The Lefant robot vacuum M201 can run for 100 minutes per charge, or approximately 1100 sqft. The robot vacuum can return to the charging base when the battery is low. Double HEPA filtration system effectively blocks particles and prevent secondary pollution. 500 mL dustbin holds more dust per cleaning. You can select the cleaning mode, check the status of the cleaning activity in real time, and schedule the cleaning in advance, etc from the Lefant Life App, available for both iOS and Android systems. It has so many smart features. How to do Lefant robot vacuum troubleshooting if any of the features become mal-functional like battery not charging or Wi-Fi not connecting or even stuck on cleaning carpet? Find useful tips from users on Lefant robot vacuum troubleshooting.

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Tips on Lefant robot vacuum troubleshooting

Does Lefant robot vacuum work only 2.4G WiFi and how to setup WiFi?

The vacuum works on 2.4Ghz like most products. Connect your device to a 2.4ghz network then try to set up the vacuum. Should work then

Instead of selecting the model listed in the app, navigate to the top of the app where it says scan, click on that then navigate to the lower page where it says configure wifi and click that. Enter your wifi username and password and then click next and then initiate the robot vacumn by holding down the start pause button at the top and click the power switch of the vacumn on and waiting for the two beeps. Within a few seconds or a minute you will see your little vacuum pop up on the search and click next and you are ready to roll. Hope this helps as I had to figure this way out for myself because I also had a problem.

What is FreeMove in Lefant robot vacuum cleaner?

FreeMove is an innovative technology by Lefant, which enables the robot to avoid stucks under furniture. The infrared sensors on top of the robot will detect furniture height in advance and help to avoid such area that is too low for the robot to run through, so it will not get stuck while cleaning.

Is Lefant robot vacuum effective to pick up pet hair?

Yes the Lefant M520 will pick up pet hair. In order to keep the vacuum running well, please use it at least twice per day, so the pet hair will not entangle into a hair ball to block the suction port. We also recommend you to clean the entangled hairs on the roller brush frequently, so the vacuum will perform better.

What is the initial recharge time for Lefant vacuum?

We recommend letting any model of lefant robot vacuum charge overnight for the initial charge. After a cleaning mission is completely finished. The lefant robot vacuum would be recharged in approximately 2 to 3 hours.

Lefant robot vacuum troubleshooting tip if it is not charging

Step 1. Unplug Base Charging Station.

Unplug the base charging station.

Lefant robot vacuum troubleshooting
Lefant robot vacuum troubleshooting

Step 2. Flip the Robot Vacuum Over.

Place the robot vacuum upside down and next to the charging base station.

Step 3. Clean the Contacts.

With a damp paper towel, clean the metal contacts that the arrows are pointing to. If the contacts are really dirty a light scrubbing with steel wool can help. The underside of the robot vacuum and the top side of the base station get dusty over time – don’t forget to wipe them down too.

Step 4. Base Station Contacts Need to Be Springy

The base station contacts need to move up and down. If they’re stuck in one position and wiggling them does not set them free you’ll need a new base station charger.

Still Not Charging?

If your robot vacuum is still not taking a charge, leave the base station unplugged for 2 hours. Also, leave the robot vacuum not connected to anything for two hours too. If that does not work, disconnect the battery and let the robot vacuum sit disconnected for two more hours.

Does it move from hard floors to thick carpet smoothly?

It’s pretty agile, it could move over large objects and such but not really made for thick rugs as it has no beater brush. It has a side sweeper on it but depending on the type of rug, this could get tangled up on the fringe or the long piles of the rug. Not really made for cleaning thick carpet.

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