VIVOHOME 14 ft indoor and outdoor inflatable projector screen review – how to setup?


Enjoy watch your favorite films on the big screen anytime with your family and friends in backyard. A nice addition to resorts, outdoor parties and special events.  Easy to set up and take down and secure in wind, this screen will be the perfect addition to your party or warm evening outdoors. Get more in VIVOHOME 14 ft indoor and outdoor inflatable projector screen review.

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In the box

-1 x 420D Storage Bag with Zipper
-8 x Ground Stakes
-4 x Ropes

Pros & Cons

– screen size (14 ft tall – approx 100” of screen)
– quickly inflates / deflates
– light weight (1 person can easily move and set up)
– easy set up (the screen has heavy duty clips to keep it tight)

– wrinkles (but you don’t notice them and eventually they will come out)
– blower (you need something strong to keep the screen inflated! The blower is loud – suggestion buy a louder speaker!)
– cord is short (you will probably need an extension cord to plug in)


Product Type: Portable
Mount Type: Inflatable
Projection Type: Front; Rear
Screen Surface: White
Screen Format: HDTV (16:9)
Screen Gain: 1.0 (Standard)
Screen Tension: Non-tensioned screen
Primary Material : Plastic
Outdoor Use: Yes
Supplier Intended and Approved Use: Non Residential Use

VIVOHOME 14 ft indoor and outdoor inflatable projector screen review


Made of high quality, durable 210D Oxford cloth. Long-lasting weather-resistant material allows long time indoor or outdoor use. It comes with a free-standing mount type with an aspect ratio of 16:9. Tethers, yard stakes, a professional built in 85W air blower and a 420D oxford handy bag.


The screen can technically be rear or front projected. That said front projecting your screen still shows an image on the or side. So just cause your neighbors can’t see the front doesn’t mean the neighbors can’t see it from the other side.

Blower and storage

Easy to set up. The blower was a bit loud and distracting compared to the output on the projector speaker. Everything fit easily back into the bag that was provided and was light. Quiet fan pump included can blow up this movie screen in minutes and keeps it inflated throughout the show when plugged in, so that you don’t have to spend a lot of time setting it up.

Viewable area

Super easy to setup, clear picture but the “14′ screen” is only a 120 inches of viewable screen! The other 4 feet is the inflatable frame…

How to setup VIVOHOME 14 ft indoor and outdoor inflatable projector screen?

  • With clips to hold the screen on top side, open and spread out the screen frame on the ground.
  • Second step is to open screen and attach onto clips all around screen
  • Now hold opening firmly while plugging-in blower, so it does not suck in dirt and other items
  • You can go adjust screen straps to ensure screen is snug after you fully inflated the screen. Do not worry about having wrinkles as this special material reflects images well despite wrinkles.
  • Now it is time to stand up screen and use ground stakes to hold bottom of frame to ground using 4 rings at front and back of legs.
  • To stakes in ground firmly, attach 2 ropes on each side ring and go out at a 45 degree angle from frame.
  • Everything is now set to enjoy fabulous movies or games.

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