Lefant robot vacuum reviews 2020 – Is it pet friendly?


Is Lefant robot vacuum cleaner pet friendly? Are you looking for complete house cleaning solution? A robot vacuum that is quiet but pet and child friendly. There is a variety of robot vacuum brands who offer these but differ on functionality, design and price. Do you know about Lefant T700 robot vacuum (reviews) cleaner? It is manufactured by famous brand Lefant with ‘Can do all’ approach. The Lefant T700 is a powerful suctioning force that is equipped with a variable-suction control, a double-bristle brushroll and Lefant app, If your hard floors are looking dingy, a quick switch of a few parts turn the robo vac into a wet mop that will restore their shine. Find below our Lefant T700 robot vacuum review to know the details (Lefant robot vacuum reviews 2020).

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Lefant robot vacuum (reviews) comparison 2020

Lefant T700Lefant M501-ALefant M300Lefant M520Lefant M501-B
Suction Power2200Pa2000Pa1800Pa2200Pa2000Pa
Free Move Technology
Wi-Fi Connected
Remote Control
Works with Alexa
Auto Charging
Adjustable Suction Power
Dust Box0.6L0.6L0.6L0.6L0.6L
Mopping Assembly
Cleaning Timearound 2hoursaround 2hoursaround 2hoursaround 2hoursaround 2hours
Lefant appYesYesYesYesYes

What is good in Lefant T700 robot vacuum (reviews) 2020?

  • It is Quiet but Powerful: Minimal sound even while packing a whooping 2200Pa of suction power to eliminate dust, dirt, hair fur and debris. Gentle with hardwood floors and carpets
  • It is Pet- and child-friendly: HEPA filter eliminates cat hair, dog fur and allergens from the air. Keeps your home free of furballs and your children healthy.
  • Smart Lefant App Control makes it easy to use: Start and schedule cleaning from the palm of your hand, with the Lefant mobile app. Available on iOS and Android 4.0 and above. Also includes remote control.
  • Intelligent Helper to bypass hindrances: Avoids damage to furniture and dropping from stairs using smart navigation paired with sophisticated sensors. Slim profile slides under bed and sofa easily.

What are the accessories

  • T700 robot vacuum with both roller brush and suction assembly mopping assembly
  • Remote control (2 AAA batteries included)
  • Charging base
  • AC power adapter
  • cleaning tool
  • 2 sets of high-performance filters
  • 2 filter sponge
  • 4 side brushes
  • user manual

Is the Lefant robot vacuum worth buying?

In addition to performance, it also has a nice assortment of smart features which helps to add to its value. Digital smart mapping and advanced navigation are two of the most notable smart features ( Lefant T700 robot vacuum review).

Overall, Lefant T700 is a solid robot vacuum. Considering the price, it’s nice to have the dry vacuuming feature as well as wet mopping. Cleaning performance was well balanced between the two functions.

The advanced navigation also allows for multiple cleaning modes, including one mode that navigates in straight lines, much like the way you would vacuum manually (which some users may prefer).

Who should you buy the Lefant robot vacuum?

We would recommend the Lefant if you’re looking for the following in a robot vacuum:

  • Want a 2-in-1 robot vacuum and mop: If you’re looking for a robot that serves the purpose of vacuum and mop, the Lefant may be just what you’re looking for. There are not many models on the market right now with this capability and even fewer that do both functions very well.
  • Want a great budget price: If you want good performance, but also don’t want to fork out an arm and a leg, the Lefant can be a good option. The performance wasn’t flawless and it doesn’t have every bell and whistle, but it does have a good balance of features and performance, at a reasonable price.
  • Want smart capability: The Lefant robot vacuum offers wifi connectivity for app control directly from your smartphone as well as in-app scheduling and digitally mapped cleaning reports.

The Lefant T700 robot vacuum is a value priced vacuum with smart connectivity, dry vacuuming / wet mopping, and advanced navigation and mapping technology ( Lefant T700 robot vacuum review).

Lefant robot vacuum reviews

Lefant robot vacuum reviews 2020

Lefant Design

The design of the Lefant T700 robot vacuum is similar in looks to other robot vacuums on the market. It has an all black body with red trim around the perimeter. The front of the vacuum has a bumper which helps to prevent damage to itself or other obstacles in the room (Lefant T700 robot vacuum review).

On top of the vacuum, there are a few simple controls, including:

  • on / off power cleaning button
  • wifi connectivity indicator

On the underside of this vacuum, there are two spinning brushes (one on each side) which helps to capture debris from corners and along edges.

There are a series of edge sensors on the bottom of the Lefant as well that help with navigation and avoiding drop zones (like stairs or lofted spaces).

How big is it?

The Lefant robot vacuum is comparable in size to most other robot vacuums. It’s a little shorter than the Roomba lineup so if you have a lot of low furniture, this could be a plus.

The Lefant T700 vacuum is:

  • 12.6” diameter
  • 3.2” tall
  • 6.17 pounds

What are the cleaning steps?

The Lefant robot vacuum has 5 unique cleaning modes, which includes:

  • Route Planning: The robot vacuum will run in linear paths, working its way across the room, until all spaces are clean.
  • Auto Cleaning: The robot vacuum will take a somewhat sporadic approach, but eventually clean all spaces in the room.
  • Corner and Edge Cleaning: The robot vacuum will focus efforts on corners and edges, mostly avoiding the space and obstacles in the middle of the room.
  • Max Suction: The robot vacuum will run at the highest suction power in order to deeply clean a specific area. Running at max suction and drain the battery faster so try to only use this mode when really necessary.
  • Spot Cleaning: The robot vacuum will clean in a radial pattern working its way from the inside out.

Vacuum & Mopping

The Lefant robot vacuum doubles as a smart robot vacuum as well as a robot mop.

For Vacuuming: If you simply want to vacuum, you will attach the dry vacuuming dust bin, along with the spinning brushroll.

For Mopping: This vacuum has an 285 ML water tank for efficient wet mopping and has a 3-stage water output system, which helps to output the right amount of water for each cleaning task. For mopping, it includes a squeegie-type attachment as well as the large reservoir tank.Shop Related Products

For Pure Suction: If you find that hair is getting tangled into the brushroll you may consider using the pure suction (also used for mopping) attachment. The pure suction attachment does just that, only suction, no spinning brush agitation.


The Lefant robot vacuum uses smart mapping systems and infrared technology to navigate throughout your home.

This robot can provide digital maps reports (when you’re in the app) and it can intelligently map your home, providing straighter and more logical cleaning paths as it works.

App Control

When connected to a wifi network, you can use the app on your smartphone to control the robot vacuum and schedule cleaning cycles. The app allows you to set up time for an entire week with a different daily cleaning time, if desired.

How big is the charging base?

The charging base is 6.5″ tall and 3.5″ wide.

It’s small size allows it to bump up against the wall so you can charge the Lefant out of sight (if you desire).

What accessories & parts are included?

The Lefant T700 robot vacuum includes the following parts and accessories:

  • Charging base
  • Power cord
  • Spinning brushes x 4 (includes 2 spares)
  • Vacuum filter x 2 (includes 1 spare)
  • Microfiber mopping cloths x 2 (includes 1 spare)
  • Mopping / Pure suction attachment
  • 285 mL water tank for mopping
  • 600 mL dust bin for dry vacuuming
  • Remote control

Lefant T700 robot vacuum feature review

2-in-1 Vacuum & Mop

The Lefant doubles as a robot vacuum as well as a mopping robot. Both functions can be scheduled ahead of time and had overall good cleaning performances.

While the mopping function can be scheduled, in most cases we think it’s best to start this while you’re around. The water tank reservoir uses a gravity fed cloth drip system to moisten the cleaning rag.

As a result, if you were to load the water and start the mopping several hours later you would likely have an excessive amount of water on your floor and mopping pad (Lefant robot vacuum reviews 2020).

Anti-Drop Sensors

The sensors on the underside of the robot vacuum help it to avoid dangerous drops or fall hazards, meaning more time cleaning and less time for you having to babysit the vacuum.

Remote Control

The Lefant robot vacuum can be controlled with your smartphone, but it also includes physical remote control as well.

This is a nice feature for users who may not want to setup the wifi control.

Using the remote control, you can:

  • Turn the vacuum on / off
  • Start / stop a cleaning
  • Send the robot back to the charging station
  • Manually direct where the robot should go
  • Change cleaning modes
  • Turn mopping feature on / off

Smart Sensor Navigation

The navigation is pretty advanced considering the low price point. I was impressed by its ability to navigate in straighter paths and avoid knocking into furniture. While we were unable to get app control to work (see below), the app is capable of building digital mapping reports. These maps help to identify any trouble spots or areas that the robot may have missed.

WiFi Connectivity

This model is also compatible with wifi networks, making it a nice choice option if you’re looking for a robot vacuum that you can control via your smartphone or tablet.

Unfortunately, we were unable to connect to the app to test this feature. It seems that it perhaps is not compatible with our phone (Android version 9, Samsung Galaxy S8)

Cleaning Performance

The cleaning performance of the Lefant robot vacuum was not bad, overall.

It excelled on hardwood floors and did pretty good on carpets, although struggling with fine debris (like sugar).

Hardwoods – 98%

Low Carpet – 89%

High Carpet -88%

Mopping – 85%

The mopping was a nice additional feature as well. It’s probably not a replacement to your traditional mop, but it’s a great way to help maintain clean floors, as well as clean light to moderate messes.

1. LEFANT M501-B Robot Vacuum for Hardwood Floors, Pet Hair, Medium-Pile Carpets

Designed with powerful suction, M501-B uses a roller brush combined with dual side brushes to clean everything from small particles to large debris on hard floor and thin carpet, remote control and APP control are available to adjust the suction levels(low, middle and high), the robot vacuum comes in default middle level suction.

The robot vacuum cleaner will prevent probability of getting stuck in advance, such as bottom of sofa, bed, carpet, threshold, wiring area, etc, which enables almost fully automatic cleaning without interruption, no need of manual intervention.

2. Lefant M501-A Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Wi-Fi Connectivity Compatible with Alexa and Google

The M501-A not only takes care of pets, but also maintains the peace and quiet at home. Its minimal sound level is barely noticeable even when cleaning at maximum power. Start and schedule cleaning from the palm of your hand, with the Lefant Leife mobile app available on iOS and Android 4.0 and above. A remote control is also included in the box.

Anti-drop sensors prevent falls from stairs and ledges, while anti-collision sensors keep it from knocking and scratching your furniture. Its unique unibody enclosure makes it stronger and more durable, dramatically reducing the risk of malfunctions.

1) Mopping Robotic Vacuum Cleaners,

2) Wi-Fi Connected, Auto-charging,

3) Super Quiet, Free Move Technology,

4) Scheduled Cleaning Vacuums,

5) 0.6L Dustbox, Powerful Suction

3. Lefant T700 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Ideal for Pet Hair, Medium-Pile Carpets, Hardwood Floors

Leaves zero trace on all floors, including hardwood, linoleum and tiles. Anti-collision sensors protects furniture from knocks and scratches. Choose your preferred suction power. Start and schedule cleaning whenever and wherever. The choice is yours with the remote control and iOS/Android mobile app.

Silent even when working at maximum power. HEPA filter prevents microscopic allergens from spreading in the air. Mops without any puddles or danger for children and the elderly.

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