LifePro foot massager for neuropathy pain & circulation reviews


Is LifePro foot massager for neuropathy pain & circulation safe to use? A clinically proven way to treat foot pain & arthritis. The LifePro foot massager eases your body pain while you rest, read, or watch TV. The soft rubber bar gently rolls your arch and alleviates pain leaving you pleasantly relaxed. With its ergonomic design, it reaches all of your acupuncture points, letting your body rest and feel relaxed. Reveal more benefits in LifePro foot massager for neuropathy pain & circulation reviews.

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Pros & Cons


  • Portable
  • Heat function
  • Auto Timer: 15 minutes
  • Comes with remote
  • Low noise


  • Used for feet only


  • Item: LifePro foot massager for neuropathy pain & circulation
  • Dimensions 16.75 x 14.8 x 12.7 inches (42.5 x 37.6 x 32.3 cm); 15.1 Pounds (6.8 kg)
  • Brand LifePro
  • Special Feature Bi-Direction Control
  • Specific Uses For Product Diabetics
  • Use for Feet
  • Material Metal
  • Net Weight: 13.2 lbs.
  • Power: 35 W
  • Voltage: 24 V
  • Decibel Rating: ≤60 dB
  • Heat Function: 113–131° F
  • Auto Timer: 15 minutes
  • Rated Input: AC 100–240V ~50/60 Hz 1.5A
  • Rated Output: DC 24V–1.5A

LifePro foot massager for neuropathy pain & circulation reviews


It is only 14 pounds makes it ultra portable. It is a well built powerful unit. It has a convenient carry handle in the back of the unit, a remote control and 3 different positions to soothe all the way up to your knees. You can even turn off the audible beeps. It also comes with a small pad to place under the unit so it won’t travel on a hard floor. 


It comes with remote and has Preset programs, Manual mode, Power button, Start/Stop button, Mute button, HEAT button, Lock button.

Choose from 9 pre-set massage modes or 30 manual massage speeds on the streamlined control panel or convenient remote control, sending soothing vibrations deep into tight muscles and sore joints.

Vibration & Intensity

When operating in manual mode, massage intervals up to 15 minutes can be set, with vibrating intensities from 1 to 30. The machine comes with 5 preset programs that are each 10-minutes long, with varying massage intensities during each program. There is no ability to save your own custom programs. 


There’s a HEAT control! So, if you want a more therapeutic massage, or just want to warm up your feet during your foot massage before getting into a cold bed, flick on this mild heating setting to melt your aches away.

How to use LifePro foot massager for neuropathy pain & circulation

Lifepro’s User Manual is easy to understand and follow. It shows diagrams of the 5 preset programs that vary in speed/intensity for a total of 10 minutes. You can also just turn the machine on and use manual mode to your heart’s content at the speeds you choose. 

The most you’ll want to use a foot massager is 20 to 30 minutes at a time, for no more than 3 sessions per day. A typical foot massager user will use it for 20-30 minutes for 4 sessions a week. Overuse or excessive force may have detrimental effects, so it is always best to keep your use within the recommended time frame. 

LifePro foot massager for neuropathy pain & circulation alternative

Revitive Foot Circulation Machine for Neuropathy

Award-winning circulation booster and foot stimulator 

  • Patented stimulation waveforms
  • Electrical muscle stimulation
  • Foot pads & body pads
  • Relieve pain & boost circulation
  • Reduce swelling99 intensity levels
  • Adjustable timer
  • Remote control
  • Cordless & lightweight7-days run time
  • FDA-cleared
  • FSA/HSA eligible60-days home trial

Revitive Medic is a different product. It’s not a “foot massager”, but rather a foot stimulator. People living with diabetes or neuropathy often suffer from poor blood circulation. Over time, high blood sugar levels damage the lining of blood vessels, which can impede proper blood flow. That’s why diabetes and neuropathy patients often need special footwear that doesn’t constrict the legs and that helps boost circulation.

A foot stimulator, or circulation booster, plays both a preventive and a relieving part. There are many foot stimulators for neuropathy on the market, but the Revitive Medic is the only one that’s officially “FDA-cleared to improve circulation for people with conditions or diseases associated with poor circulation“. Plus, it’s eligible for FSA/HSA.

It’s the most advanced circulatory technology today, and it works with Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to stimulate the feet and bring oxygen-rich blood to the lower limbs.

It does come at a high price, but when dealing with neuropathy and poor blood circulation, I personally don’t want to make any compromise on quality. There’s a 60-days home trial with a money-back guarantee, free returns, and a 2-years warranty!

Revitiv Medic Technical Specs: 2-years warranty / Size: 14.8*14.8*3.7 inches / Weight: 4.73 pounds / Remote control

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