Melcam digital photo frame review – is it a worth gift?


MELCAM Digital Photo Frame is pretty ridiculous. You’ll be able to use the frame like a tablet and enjoy highly-detailed footage. In other words, this is the best digital photo frame on the list for watching movies.  Measuring relatively standard 8 inches in diagonal, the model boasts native full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution. Considering that the list of formats that the frame is able to work with includes different video formats too, that full HD resolution will definitely come in handy.

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Package Included:

  • 1 * Digital Photo Frame
  • 1 * AC Adapter
  • 1 * Stand Bar
  • 1 * Remote Control
  • 1 * User Manual
  • 1* SD Card
Melcam digital photo frame review
Melcam digital photo frame review

You won’t have to edit these pictures too because the automatic rotation feature will always do that job for you, moving and rotating the pics to make them presentable.

Setting the model’s resolution aside, there are many smaller details that contribute to the frame’s overall appeal too. We can definitely get behind the image preview feature, for instance. In short, the feature lets you enter the preview page to check the pictures before displaying them. You’ll be able to choose and browse through pictures faster than ever before.

IPS colour accuracy and contrast have always been the panel’s biggest strength, making it possible to display portrait and landscape photos in the richest, most vibrant fashion.

As it is usually the case with these digital photo frames, we’re dealing with an IPS panel here. In addition to the frankly ridiculous full HD resolution, the panel adds IPS’ trademark 178-degree viewing angles, making sure you’ll be able to enjoy the pics perfectly clear from the sides too.

Melcam digital photo frame review


Setting these details aside, there isn’t much left that separates the model from its competition. We have the usual feature suspects, including built-in stereo speakers, clock/calendar functionality, automatic power on/off, etc.

On the bright side, the model lets you change the Slide mode to a single-picture window(displaying 1 picture in the window), 2-picture window, 3-picture window, and/or 4-picture window. You can always zoom in using the Image Zoom feature and add some delightful chaos touches with the Random Play feature.

The digital frame comes supplied with a remote control, which is always nice. That said, the remote isn’t all that practical. It could definitely use some improvement in the button layout department.

Long story short, MELCAM Digital Photo Frame offers more than any other frame within the same price bracket. There’s practically nothing (as far as functionality is concerned) separating this electronic photo frame from mid-range tablets. By the way, the model supports SD cards up to 128 gigabytes, so its photo-storage capabilities are pretty absurd too. 

How do I use my digital photo frame?

Most digital photo frames have built-in stereo speakers and will play MP3 music files. This allows you to store music on the memory card. Then in slide-show mode you can set pictures running with one or a variety of tracks playing as background music – or simply use the device as a music player. Additionally they all play video files (check individual manual) – mostly MPEG’s. You can store short video clips and scenes on the memory card and play these continually or on demand.

Why do I need a digital photo frame?

Digital photo frames are the latest innovation to allow a simple and delightful way to access and view your digital photos. We all now have these stored and largely unseen on memory cards, computers, digital cameras and telephones. The digital photo frame is a unique way of displaying those pictures that mean so much.

Whether it’s in your home or your office. Instead of setting just one photo in a traditional frame, the Digital Photo Frame with its sharp LCD screen and clever electronics, allows you to show hundreds of photos. Continuously scrolling in a slide-show of memories – easy to configure and update. And unlike your PC slide show, or stored telephone images, this is a dedicated electronic photo album and a delightful way to present those images that mean so much. It is a great gift for friends and relatives and increasingly a product that offers amazing value – as screen qualities improve and features are added.

How to update the memory card?

By far the easiest way to add and delete images on your memory card is via the PC. Typically you would copy your photos from camera or telephone into your pictures folder on the PC. You can then view them, crop them edit them and put them into an order of play that you like. Now you want to copy this folder – ideally onto a fresh memory card. You can do this in several ways: Does your PC have a built in memory card reader? If so, insert card and copy the picture files to this drive.

Use your camera as a memory card writer. Insert fresh memory card in camera connected to PC. Copy your picture selection back onto camera. Then remove card If you would like more flexibility with different card types, buy a simple multi-card reader (£8.95 on this website) and connect via USB to your computer. This allows you to copy between your PC and 17 different types of memory card – effectively becoming an additional storage device in “My Computer”

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