MOOKA WiFi Projector 7500L review – does it support iPhone mirroring?


Is this MOOKA WiFi Projector 7500L worth buying to mirror with iPhone? With the max 200″ image display and the built-in Hi-Fi dual stereo speakers, mighty enough to entertain you into the world of high-quality sound reproduction, the Mooka professional home projector ready to fit your sophisticated lifestyle high standards. With 7500 lumens supports 1080P brightness, high contrast 5000:1 and 50,000 hours lamp life, it is one of the best sellers under portable Bluetooth projector. Get more in MOOKA WiFi Projector 7500L review.

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In the box

It comes with the projector (with lens cover), RCA (yellow, red, and white) to single AV cable, HDMI cable, remote, power cable, carrying case, and manuals.

* 1 x Projector
* 1 x AV Cable
* 1 x HDMI Cable
* 1 x Power Cable
* Warranty, User Manual etc.

Pros & Cons


– Excellent price point
– Sharp and bright picture
– WiFi connectivity and USB playback
– Good remote
– Compact and light, and comes with carry case
– Very easy to set up and use within minutes


– Keystoning is vertical only and not digital, so ideally needs to face screen head on or edges can blur (expected at this price)
– No bluetooth audio connectivity
– Fan is a little noisy in use

Specs – MOOKA WiFi Projector 7500L

  • Mooka home projector remarkable tech specs:
  • 7500Lux (Over 150 ANSI)
  • 4.3″ LCD screen
  • 1280*720P native resolution
  • Full HD 1080P supported
  • 5000:1 High Contrast
  • 200” display


With HDMI, VGA, AV, and USB interfaces, our Mooka home theater movie projector compatible with TV Box, Amazon Fire TV Stick, PCs, Laptops, Tablets, speakers, Chrome Book, video game consoles, PlayStation, Xbox, Blu-ray DVD players, USB Flash Drives, Media players, iPad, iPhone, and Android Smartphones. Use it for different purposes: Home Theater/Cinema, Video Gaming, Party, Outdoor Entertainment.

MOOKA WiFi Projector 7500L review


The design of this projector is a bright white with a black stripe. The rounded corners remind me of a 2000s era Apple product. It’s lightweight and compact, with the lens on the front dominating the design. It feels solid and can probably handle a few knocks and bumps.

It also has a 1/4 20 screw hole in the bottom that you could use to ceiling mount it, but that means you can also use a tripod and camera plate which is another benefit for portability – you can already have your stand ready with it.


‎It weighs only 2.2 pounds and dimension is 8.58 x 6.85 x 3.77 inches. The projector arrived neatly packed inside a carry bag that makes it easy to unpack or pack into. This makes it so convenient for when you need to put it in storage or say take it over to a friend’s place for movie night.


I’m really blown away by the versatility of this thing! I’ll largely be using it for projecting from a phone or computer through HDMI, but the USB, Micro-SD, and WIFI streaming are all nice touches!


The MOOKA video projector with a high brightness rating of 7500 lumens supports 1080P. The 5000:1 contrast ratio is 80% brighter than other mini projectors at the same price. Adopts the latest 4.0 LCD display technology with advanced LED light sources. Diffuse reflection technology offers smooth imaging to protect your eyes.

Image in MOOKA WiFi Projector 7500L

When positioned around six feet from our off-white wall, with lights out, the image was crystal clear and vibrant. When placed 12ft from the wall, as in the video, the image is six feet high (see doorframe for reference) and still sharp and clear. It has an extendable front leg to tilt. The image quality is crisp and super clear. It produces outstanding color accuracy, and incredibly sharp image detail fitting home and business needs.

5000:1 High Contrast:

Mooka video projector with a 5000:1 high contrast ratio allows you to enjoy shadow detail and deep black levels clearly. The higher the contrast ratio, the better the image color will be. It is adding a sense of depth and dimension to the picture which provides you with a real, dynamic, and color-vibrant projection image quality.


It does have a very large range for the focus and 15 degree keystone. Upon adjusting the keystone, the focus along the edges will be a bit blurred compared to the center of the screen, but that’s why I mentioned it’s best to get a specific location to have it pointed directly at the desired wall or screen. 


The speakers are not great, but they do get fairly loud. If you’re watching TV or playing games, it’s likely fine. If you’re watching a movie or listening to music, you’ll probably want a better external option. It does have an audio output to support this.


The projector comes with a remote so you can control the projector from a distance and you would not need to be near the projector to turn it on/off, control volume etc. 

How to do screen mirroring in MOOKA WiFi Projector 7500L?

Wireless Screen Mirroring – Android:

1. Turn the Wi-Fi on;

2. Go to “Settings” and find “Miracast” to connect Android device;

3. Turn on the “Screen Mirroring” function on your Android device, select the “MOOKA-XXXX” projector and connect it.

Wireless Screen Mirroring – iOS:

1. Turn the Wi-Fi on;

2. Go to “Settings” and find “iOS Cast” to connect iOS device;

3. Connect your iOS device to the same Wi-Fi;

4. Turn on the “Screen Mirroring” function on your iOS device, select the “MOOKA-XXXX” projector and connect it.

MOOKA WiFi Projector 7500L customer reviews

Nice, Compact, and Bright

I had a projector many years ago and it had been very expensive. I really didn’t expect the quality and brightness of this small projector to be as good as it is.This projector comes with a nice carrying case, power cable, HDMI cable, AV cable, and remote. You can adjust the focus and keystoning of the image with the two rings that surround the lens. I like that you can adjust the keystone if the projector is at an angle of up to 15 degrees.I started by hooking it up to my Roku with the HDMI cable. The picture was crisp and clear and the audio was good, although you can connect your headphones or external speakers to tailor the sound to your liking.Then came the connection to my Android phone. It worked flawlessly.Overall, I like this little projector. I hope to post updates at time goes on.I think I’m going to have a lot of fun with the little projector.

By SadJack at MOOKA

Alternate of MOOKA WiFi Projector 7500L

VANKYO LEISURE 3 Mini Projector

This projector is ideal for all types of viewing purposes, whether you’re just watching some movies with the family, gaming on your favorite entertainment system with friends, or even scrolling through images on your flash drive. What’s even better is that this outdoor projector can integrate with your Android or Apple smartphone with ease.

In terms of your viewing experience, you won’t be disappointed by what this projector has to offer. Most importantly, it can support a screen size between 32” and 170”, which is just about 14’ at its maximum size. This is more than enough for the average backyard and gives you the opportunity to manipulate the screen based on the size of your viewing party.

What makes this projector different is that it implements brand new LED lighting technology to give you better viewing experience. In fact, the manufacturer claims that this projector offers 60% greater brightness than most other projectors on the market. That means you can use this projector in the early evening, even before it really starts to get dark in your yard.

What’s also great is the fact that it offers a keystone adjustment up to 15 degrees. This will help you to get the perfect rectangular screen, even if you don’t have a sturdy projector stand that’s even with the screen level. Plus, you won’t be disappointed by the 40,000 hours of lamp life offered with this projector.

But, we do want to point out that this projector’s listing is a little misleading to consumers. Even though it does support up to 1080p of playback, the fine print explains that it’s nowhere near as high resolution. Don’t be surprised if the video playback isn’t as clear or high-quality as you may have been expecting.


  • Lamp life supportive of over 40,000 hours of playback
  • Integrates beautifully with all types of devices
  • Supports up to 170” of screen size (about 14’)
  • Has an awesome 2000:1 contrast ratio
  • Perfect 1080p display


  • Doesn’t work well in dim light or during daylight hours

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