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What is the most accurate body fat percentage scale in 2022?

most accurate body fat percentage scale in 2021

The most accurate body fat percentage scale can effortlessly read and track your weight, bone density, water percentage, heart rate, body fat, and more, all while connecting to your smart phone. These smart scales all go way beyond the offerings of a typical digital scale. Each of them can measure your body composition, weight and BMI using an electrical current that travels from the scale’s sensor through your leg, across your pelvis and down the other leg. What is the most accurate body fat percentage scale in 2022?

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Best Seller in UK

Body fat vs. BMI

The Centers for Disease Control and PreventionTrusted Source (CDC) outlines the following BMI recommendations for adults:

Below 18.5Underweight
18.5 – 24.9Normal or healthy weight
25.0 – 29.9Overweight
30.0 and aboveObese

You can use online calculators to determine your BMI, such as this oneTrusted Source from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.

Body mass index (BMI) is perhaps a more reliable indicator of your overall health instead of counting on a body fat scale alone. While BMI can’t measure fat, it does provide an overall picture of whether you’re in the right weight range for your height and age.

Compare most accurate body fat percentage scale 2022

Our PicksQardioBase 2Withings Body+ ScaleFitbit Aria 2
Wi-Fi EnabledYesYesYes
Bluetooth EnabledYesYesYes
Body Mass IndexYesYesYes
Fat Mass/PercentageYesYesYes
Water PercentageYesYesNo
Bone MassYesYesNo
Pregnancy ModeYesYesNo

Omron BCM-500

This sleek and stylish scale offers Bluetooth connectivity and syncs to the Omron HeartAdvisor app on your smart devices for easy tracking.

It also allows you to create 4 individual profiles and offers unlimited storage on the app, or up to 30 readings per user on the scale.

It monitors six metrics of body composition, including weight, body fat percentage, visceral fat, skeletal muscle percentage, BMI, and resting metabolism, which is the number of calories your body burns at rest.

The Omron BCM-500 is available in several colors and models.

Measurements6 measures, including weight, bone mass, muscle mass, BMI, body fat percentage, and more
Weight capacity330 pounds (150 kg)
Power sourceAAA batteries

Yunmai Premium Smart Body Fat Scale

This YUNMAI scale is simple to set up and syncs directly with the corresponding app on your phone, allowing you to measure 10 metrics of body composition in an instant.

With a 24-bit processing chip for much higher precision than other smart scales, the Yunmai Premium body fat scale  measures ten metrics including body fat, muscle rate, water, bone mass, visceral fat, BMR, BMI, protein, and metabolic age. It features a backlit LCD porthole display, thin 17mm edges, and a durable curved shell bottom.

In fact, this smart scale not only tracks your weight and body fat but also easily monitors your bone mass, BMI, muscle mass, body water percentage, and more.

The YUNMAI app can also connect with other health apps and store data for up to 16 users.

The scale is available in two colors.

Measurements10 measures, including weight, body fat, bone mass, BMI, muscle mass, body water percentage, and more
Weight capacity396 pounds (180 kg)
Power sourceAAA batteries

Good for app user – most accurate body fat percentage scale 2022

Renpho Body Composition Analyzer Body Fat Scale

For those looking to get an in-depth snapshot of their body composition, this RENPHO Body Fat Scale is a great choice.

Amazon’s bestseller and highest rated body fat scale, the Renpho, syncs with most fitness apps including Apple Health, Google Fit, and Fitbit. It tracks 13 metrics: body weight, BMI, body fat and water percentage, skeletal muscle, fat-free body weight, muscle and bone mass, protein, basal metabolism, subcutaneous fat, visceral fat, and body age.

While the scale itself only displays body weight, the RENPHO app tracks 13 measures of body composition, including BMI and body fat percentage.

The app also connects to other health and fitness apps and makes it easy to set goals and track your progress.

Measurements13 measures, including weight, BMI, body fat percentage, and more
Weight capacity396 pounds (180 kg)
Power sourceAAA batteries

Eufy Smart Scale C1

  • Body composition: Yes
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Wi-Fi: No
  • Maximum users: 16

+Fast, easy setup

+Affordably priced

+Excellent app


-Fairly small platform

Of all the scales we’ve tested, this was the fastest and easiest to set up. Just install the app, enter your name, height and gender, and you’re ready to step aboard and start weighing. It takes mere seconds, and the scale can track up to 16 users (it will identify each person according to their weight and body stats).

The Eufy Smart Scale C1 is the best smart scale you can buy today, and makes tracking your weight and body composition effortless.

Weight and body composition data was in line with that recorded by professional scales at our gym, and results were consistent across multiple weigh-ins.

There’s no Wi-Fi connectivity, which means you’ll need to have your phone within Bluetooth range in order to sync your data, but that’s not a serious hardship – particularly since the scale can store up to 100 readings between syncs if it’s out of range.

This is one of the smallest scales we’ve tested, with a platform measuring 28 x 28cm. That makes it handy for small bathrooms where storage space is at a premium, but if you sometimes struggle with balance then you might find one of the many Withings Body smart scales a better choice,

Garmin Index

Do you already use a Garmin fitness tracker? Then you might want to get a Garmin Index S2 to go with it. This scale is an update to the Index scale I originally tested in 2019. The Index S2 includes a new weight-tracking feature on the screen that keeps tabs on weight changes over the past 30 days of readings. 

The Garmin Connect app (Android and iOS) offers a holistic view of your health, including data and metrics such as your activity level, weight, BMI, body fat percentage and other measurements and data.

The smart scale measures weight, BMI, body fat, body water, muscle mass and bone mass, and it offers accurate charts to track weight loss and other data over a week, a month and a year. It uses four AA batteries, and battery life is up to nine months.

WiFi connected most accurate body fat percentage scale 2022

GreaterGoods Body Fat Scale

With its extra-large, backlit LCD screen, this scale measures weight, BMI, body fat, lean mass, water weight, and bone mass. Plus, it auto-detects up to eight users. It features non-slip, scratch-resistant feet, four precise weighing sensors, and a large, tempered glass weighing surface that holds up to 400 lbs. 

This high tech scale offers WiFi connectivity for easy integration with your favorite health and fitness apps.

The scale also allows you to sync your information to the corresponding app so that your data is transferred automatically after weighing in, even without using your phone.

In addition to measuring your weight, it tracks your body fat, BMI, muscle mass, water weight, and bone mass.

Measurements6 measures, including weight, body fat, BMI, muscle mass, water weight, and bone mass
Weight capacity400 pounds (181 kg)
Power sourceAAA batteries

Withings/Nokia Body+ Scale

This high tech scale measures several aspects of body composition, making it a great option for those looking to monitor multiple metrics of their health.

In fact, the Withings Body+ scale allows you to track your weight, body fat and water percentage, and muscle and bone mass. Plus, with convenient WiFi connectivity, the scale syncs to your favorite health and fitness apps.

It also allows up to eight users and includes features for everyone in the family, including a pregnancy tracker and baby mode.

The Withings Body+ scale is available in two colors.

The Body+ body fat scale stands out because it pairs with more than 100 health and fitness apps, such as MyFitnessPal, Lose It!, and Weight Watchers, as well as running apps like Runkeeper, Runtastic, and MapMyRun. It assesses weight, BMI, total body fat and water percentage plus bone and muscle mass, and automatically recognizes and tracks up to 8 users. When connected to Wi-Fi, it greets you with a local weather forecast to help you plan your outfit and the day’s activities.

Measurements5 measures, including weight, body fat percentage, body water percentage, muscle mass, and bone mass
Weight capacity396 pounds (180 kg)
Power sourceAAA batteries

User-friendly : most accurate body fat percentage scale 2022

Tanita BC-533 Glass Innerscan Body Composition Monitor

The Tanita BC-533 scale is ideal for those seeking a simple way to monitor their health.

It’s also user-friendly with a large LCD panel that displays your information and doesn’t require you to download any apps or connect to WiFi or Bluetooth.

It provides nine measurements, including your weight, body fat and body water percentage, muscle and bone mass, and daily calorie needs.

Measurements9 measures, including weight, body fat, body water percentage, muscle mass, bone mass, estimated calorie needs, and more
Weight capacity330 pounds (150 kg)
Power sourceAA batteries

Rechargeable most accurate body fat percentage scale 2022

QardioBase 2 V Body Fat Scale

Featuring a sleek, ultra-thin design with a large LED display and easy-to-clean glass top, the QardioBase 2 is both stylish and functional.

The QardioBase uses emojis to display metrics, so you focus on long term trends rather than numbers and avoid distraction from daily fluctuations. It measures weight, BMI, body fat percentage, muscle, water, and bone mass. It even has a pregnancy mode, allowing moms-to-be to track weekly progress and add pictures to their profile. Available in black or white.

It allows users to measure six metrics of body composition, including weight, body fat, BMI, body water percentage, and muscle and bone mass.

It’s also fully rechargeable and can be used on any surface, including carpet.

Plus, it connects to nearly any health and fitness app and offers a mode specifically for pregnancy, which allows you to track your journey in the app.

Measurements6 measures, including weight, body fat, BMI, body water percentage, muscle mass, and bone mass
ConnectivityWiFi or Bluetooth
Weight capacity396 pounds (180 kg)
Power sourceUSB charger

Good for more user – most accurate body fat percentage scale 2022

EatSmart Digital Body Fat Scale with Auto Recognition Technology

EatSmart Precision GetFit Digital Body Fat Scale


  • Precise measurements
  • Displays English and metric units
  • 400-pound weight capacity


  • Doesn’t store data points
  • Doesn’t measure BMI

This scale uses bioelectric impedance to estimate your body fat percentage, muscle mass, bone mass, and total body water, in addition to measuring body weight in 0.2-pound and 0.1-kilogram increments. It can support up to eight user profiles, but it does not store any scale data for those users.

After you set up your profile with the scale—providing your height, age, gender, activity level, and an initial weigh-in—it automatically recognizes you when you step on in the future.

For ideal results, stand on the scale in bare, dry feet whenever you want a new reading. And remember that people with pacemakers should not use bioelectrical impedance body fat monitors due to the (otherwise harmless) electric current they require to take a measurement.

Key Specifications

Style: Scale | Data memory: Up to eight users, but no data points | Smart features: User autorecognition

Fitbit Aria 2 Body Fat Scale

The one body fat scale designed specifically for FitBit users, this unit measures your weight, BMI, lean mass, and body fat percentage and automatically syncs it all to your Fitbit dashboard. 

The Fitbit Aria 2 WiFi Smart Scale is a high tech scale that syncs with the Fitbit app to monitor your health.

It not only measures your weight, body fat percentage, BMI, and lean body mass but also tracks long-term trends using charts and graphs on the app.

On the Fitbit app, you can also set goals, measure your hydration, and record your activities and food intake.

The scale auto-syncs data for up to eight users and keeps individual stats private, making it a great option for large families or households.

FitIndex Smart Body Fat Scale

This scale supports multiple users, so you and your family can share. FitIndex body fat scale measures weight, body fat and water percentage, BMI, fat-free body weight, skeletal muscle and muscle mass, bone mass, protein, BMR, and metabolic age. It syncs with most popular fitness apps via Bluetooth.

The FITINDEX Bluetooth Body Fat Scale measures 13 metrics of body composition, including weight, body fat, body mass index (BMI), and muscle and bone mass.

This information can be easily accessed using the FITINDEX app, which can also connect to other fitness apps to help monitor your health.

The app allows unlimited users to track their body composition using the same scale, which may be especially convenient for families.

Measurements13 measures, including weight, body fat, BMI, muscle mass, bone mass, and more
Weight capacity396 pounds (180 kg)
Power sourceAAA batteries

How to choose the best body fat scale for you

First, consider the metrics of body composition that it measures and determine which are most important to you.

There are several factors that you should consider when picking a body fat scale to fit your needs.

Some of the most common measures include:

  • weight
  • body fat percentage
  • BMI
  • estimated calorie needs
  • resting metabolism
  • bone mass
  • muscle mass
  • body water percentage

If you’re interested in syncing your scale to your favorite health app, you may also want to evaluate whether it connects to WiFi or Bluetooth.

Other key factors to consider include the price, power source, weight capacity, and maximum number of users allowed.

How to measure most accurate body fat percentage without scale?

Aside from BMI, you can ask your health provider about the following methods. While stepping on a scale is perhaps the easiest method of body fat measurement, there are other ways you can determine your body fat percentage.

Waist measurements

One drawback to body fat scales is that they don’t tell you how much fat your body is holding around the waistline, which is considered a risk for:

Measuring your waistline can help complement your body fat scale results.

The National Heart, Lung and Blood InstituteTrusted Source notes that your risk for heart disease and diabetes increases if you are a woman with a waist measurement greater than 35 inches (88.9 cm) or a man with a waist measurement of more than 40 inches (101.6 cm).

Dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) scans

Often used to measure bone mass for osteoporosis diagnoses, DEXA scans are also reliable methods of body fat measurement and can be more reliable than relying on BMI alone.

To get one of these scans, you’ll need to find a center that has the equipment. The scans can be pricey depending on your location and may not be covered by insurance.


Often used by fitness professionals, calipers are used to literally pinch your skin folds (usually around the waist or hips) to estimate your body fat.

The accuracy of this method varies. Results may be more or less accurate depending on the expertise of the person taking the measurement.

Handheld fat measurement devices

This body fat measurement test works similar to that of a scale, except it doesn’t measure your weight. There are sensors on either side of the device that measure your body fat as you hold the device in front of you.

Handheld fat measurement devices aren’t as accurate as other methods, but they’re easy to use and relatively inexpensive.

Bod Pod

Available at some fitness centers and medical facilities, a Bod Pod is a device you stand in for a few minutes while it measures your body fat via air displacement plethysmography (ADP).

This method has similar accuracy when compared to underwater testing. However, access to these devices is limited, and testing can be expensive.

Underwater weight (hydrodensitometry) test

This test is based on the buoyancy of your body weight. Fat floats more easily than muscle. Based on your buoyancy and your weight, the person administering the test can calculate your body fat percentage.

Underwater testing is considered to be an accurate tool for measuring body fat. However, it can be difficult to find a center that has the ability to do this type of testing. The test can also be uncomfortable.

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