Philips HD9650/99 viva collection airfryer XXL with fat removal technology


The Philips HD9650/99 viva collection airfryer XXL with fat removal technology is designed with your family in mind. Make delicious meals for the whole family every day. XXL capacity easily handles a whole chicken or up to 1.4 kg of fries for a whole world of possibilities. Be Inspired with the Philips NutriU app; download to see hundreds of the best Airfryer recipes, tips and recommendations. The Philips AirFryer XXL uses hot air to fry your favourite foods with little or no added oil. It’s large size makes it perfect for preparing healthy food for the whole family. Compared to fresh fries prepared in a conventional Philips fryer. Get details in Philips HD9650/99 viva collection airfryer XXL with fat removal technology review.

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Philips HD9650/99 viva collection airfryer XXL with fat removal technology

Pros & Cons – Philips HD9650/99 viva collection airfryer XXL with fat removal technology


  • Quicker cooking times than conventional oven – 30% FASTER!!
  • Cooks from fresh and frozen & Meat off and off the bone
  • More efficient and cost effective
  • Amazing 1.4kg capacity which is ideal for family cooking
  • Countdown timer which automatically shuts off unit when cooking time is complete and also a “keep warm” function to keep food heated when cooked


  • This model has digital controls which may be tricky for elderly users
  • Not suitable for 1 person cooking
  • Whens cooking chips, chicken etc basket has to be shaken throughout cooking to ensure all items are cooked evenly

Specifications – Philips HD9650/99 viva collection airfryer XXL with fat removal technology

General specifications

  • Time control: Up to 60 minutes
  • Temperature control: 40–200 °C
  • Pre-set cooking function: Yes
  • Cool wall exterior: Yes
  • Integrated cord storage: Yes
  • Dishwasher safe: Yes
  • Automatic shut-off: Yes
  • Cord storage: Yes
  • Ready signal: Yes
  • On/off switch: Yes
  • Power-on light: Yes

Product features

  • Automatic shut-off
  • Cord storage
  • Digital touchscreen
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Ready signal
  • Temperature control
  • Keep Warm function
  • Recipe book and app
  • Preset program
  • QuickClean basket
  • Advanced Rapid Heat
  • Technology: Fat Removal technology
  • Recipe booklet: Yes
  • Patented Rapid Air: Yes
  • Packaging: >90% recycled materials
  • User manual: 100% recycled paper

Technical specifications

  • Power: 2225  W
  • Programmes: 5 presets
  • Keep warm button: Yes
  • Instant on/no pre-heat: Yes
  • Pre-set button: Yes
  • Save your cooking settings: No
  • Interface: Digital
  • Rapid Air technology: Yes
  • Fat Removal technology: Yes
  • Basket capacity: 0.8 kg of fries, 1.4 kg
  • Voltage: 240  V
  • Capacity basket: 1.4  kg

Philips HD9650/99 viva collection airfryer XXL with fat removal technology Review


The HD9650/99 fryer has the familiar gloss black finish with single handle for the cooking basket.

Model NumberHD9650/99
Item Weight7.99 Kg
Product Dimensions43.3 x 32.1 x 31.5 cm
Capacity1.4 litres


The ultimate family airfryer! At a staggering 2.2kg capacity there will be no hungry mouths left in the house. This beast will take a whole chicken and 1.4kg of fries….the variety is endless. It has a digital display interface with not 1 but 5 preset cooking programmes – this airfryer is only short of eating the food for you!

With no preheat required this bit of kit is ideal for a busy family who need to get food on the table to excited kids ASAP. It has additional features such as a quick clean basket and a keep warm function incase anyone is running late to dinner!

Philips brag about it being their “most powerful” airfryer to date and also has the added bonus of all removal items from the airfryer being dishwasher safe.


This model comes with the mesh basket which is ideal to allow all that unhealthy fat drip off your food and save on them nasty fatty calories. I was amazed how much fat actually came off some of the foods I cook which would not show up when frying / cooking etc. This is every healthy persons dream!

It is still simple and intuitive: using the buttons, a setting is selected and adjusted with the rotary wheel up or down. This allows you to set the temperature and cooking time, unless you use the default settings for specific foods. We like the fact that the so-called QuickControl wheel is easy to handle even with greasy fingers.

The entire device is stable on our desktop. The cooking basket pulls out on a rail and can be easily removed.


It operates on a variable temperature from 80°-200°C and variable timer from 1 minute to 60 minutes. What is even more impressive is that it counts down from the programmed cooking time and automatically shuts off! The temperature dial though is less than straightforward. It’s labelled in increments of 75 degrees (175 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit). A pair of tiny dots flank some (not all) of the number labels. That can make it hard to tell what temperature you’ve chosen exactly. As the dial rotates, only one number is fully visible above the fryer’s top surface.

Healthy, Tasty & Moist, Crispy fried style food using Rapid Air Technology in an extra large basket which cooks 30% faster than conventional methods – it was always going to be a winner!

Less fat

Philips claim their TurboStar technology removes more fat from food by creating a powerful tornado inside the unit during cooking. Admittedly, we haven’t tested this with a side-by-side comparison but all we will say, anything that reduces the fat content of the food we eat, while at the same time maintaining the taste is only a good thing!

Inside the box, you find a recipe book containing 30 inspiring recipes to get started plus instruction book. There’s also a Philips Air Fryer app, full of tutorials, recipes and ideas, available on iOS and Android app stores.

The basket can be easily removed and cleaned either with soap and water in a bowl or can be placed in a dishwasher.

Philips HD9650/99 viva collection airfryer XXL with fat removal technology cooking performance review

Deep fry with the Philips HD9650 / 99

A whole Chicken can be cooked with Philips HD9650/99 Viva Collection Airfryer XXL

We prepared a variety of dishes in the HD9650 / 99, including frozen French fries, vegetables and a whole chicken. The frying basket provides enough space to prepare about one and a half packs (750 g) of French fries at the same time. If you want to do that, bring two packs in the cooking basket. However, the french fries are hardly to turn.

The result: Once you have found the right cooking time, the fries are delicious and crispy. The cooking time depends on the temperature at which you are cooking and how thick the fries are. Incidentally, with frozen chips you do not have to add any more oil because the fries already contain oil.

A small disadvantage of the HD9652 / 90: The fries should be shaken in the Garkorb after 10 – 15 minutes, so that they are evenly fried. Unfortunately, you have to do this manually because the hot air fryer has no mixing arm.

We liked that there was hardly any odor development. This is one of the biggest disadvantages of conventional fryers.

A Whole Chicken cook result with Philips HD9650/99 Airfryer

The volume of the device is comparable to that of an extractor hood on a medium to high level. The device is not quiet. However, we did not find the noise development disturbing.

A big advantage of the HD9652 / 90 over an oven is the short preheat time. The motto is in principle: switch on and start. This saves time and the food lands faster on the table.

The power consumption is 2225 watts. Once the device is heated, the power consumption drops below 100 watts. Again and again, the fryer is heating up.

Making a whole chicken: is that possible?

Our chicken weighted in the raw state exactly 1.46 kg and just fit into the Garkorb, so that this still push into the device. Please note that for reasons of space, you can not prepare any other side dishes in the fryer at the same time.

The result: The meat remained juicy, while the chicken outside received a nice tan and crust.

Overall, we are thrilled by the frying results.

Cleaning and maintenance

The cooking basket is driven out of the device on a rail. The solution is extremely practical, because the state of the food can be checked at any time without much effort.

Excess fat runs down through the sieve and can be disposed of after the cooking process, as well as the lower receptacle is removable.

The sieve insert can be separated from the Garkorb by means of a click mechanism (see image below) and cleaned in the dishwasher. The cleaning is accordingly easy. With a brush, the set can also be washed off by hand.

The workmanship is high quality; The device looks classy and futuristic.

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