Pixio PX279 Prime 27 inch 240Hz review – what is the color settings?


Can you play eSport game in Pixio PX279 Prime 27 inch 240Hz? IPS Panel, HDR, 350nit Brightness, Increases the dynamic range between black and white to showcase incredible clarity and details. Get the smoothest possible gameplay to get the most out of your favorite fast-paced games and get even more competitive. Get details in Pixio PX279 Prime 27 inch 240Hz review.

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Pros & Cons – Pixio PX279 Prime 27 inch 240Hz


  • Wide FreeSync range
  • Slim design with thin bezels
  • Plenty of gaming features
  • Good color after calibration
  • Low input lag
  • Adaptive-Sync at 165Hz
  • Build quality


  • FreeSync doesn’t work over HDMI
  • Tilt-only design
  • No extra contrast in HDR mode
  • Visible HDR grayscale errors

Specs – Pixio PX279 Prime 27 inch 240Hz

  • Panel Type / Backlight AHVA-IPS / W-LED, edge array
  • Screen Size / Aspect Ratio 27 inches / 16:9
  • Max Resolution & Refresh Rate 2560×1440 @ 165 Hz; FreeSync: 48-165 Hz
  • Native Color Depth & Gamut 8-bit / sRGB
  • Response Time (GTG) 1ms
  • Max Brightness 350 nits
  • Contrast 1,000:1
  • Speakers None
  • Video Inputs 1x DisplayPort 1.2, 2x HDMI 2.0
  • Audio 3.5mm headphone output
  • USB None
  • Power Consumption 25.3w, brightness @ 200 nits
  • Panel Dimensions WxHxD w/base 24.3 x 18.3 x 9.9 inches (617 x 465 x 251mm)
  • Panel Thickness 2.3 inches (58mm)
  • Bezel Width Top/sides: 0.4 inch (9mm); Bottom: 0.7 inch (18mm)
  • Weight 16.5 pounds (7.5kg)
  • Warranty 3 years


The Pixio Pixio PX279 price amounts to around $400. While it was one of the cheapest 1440p 144Hz IPS monitors available back in the day – nowadays, you can find a lot better models for the same price, such as the LG 27GL83A with a faster 1ms GtG response time, among other things.

Compare Pixio PX279 Prime 27 inch 240Hz vs Pixio PX277 Prime

PX277 PrimePX279 Prime
Screen Size27″27″
Panel TypeIPS FlatIPS Flat
Refresh Rate165Hz240Hz
Adaptive SyncAMD Radeon FreeSync & G-sync CompatibleAMD Radeon FreeSync & G-sync Compatible
HDR Ready
Xbox Series X/S & PS5 Compatible
Re-work Program3 Years3 Years

Pixio PX279 Prime 27 inch 240Hz review


The Pixio PX279 Prime has okay build quality. It’s almost entirely made of plastic, and it can be easily bent. The stand has decent ergonomics, but wobbles quite a bit, so VESA mounting might be a good idea.


A 100mm VESA lug pattern is on the back, but you’ll need to provide your own hardware if you plan to use an arm or bracket. The accessory bundle includes one DisplayPort cable and an external power supply.


The stand is a minimal affair and offers only a -5/15 degree tilt adjustment. The screen sits at a good height for the typical desk or table, but if you need the monitor to be higher or lower, you’ll have to get creative. The stand is made from cast aluminum, so it’s rock-solid once installed.


The front view is all screen with a thin flush-mounted bezel just 9mm wide. The bottom strip is 18mm across and features only a Pixio logo and a tiny blue LED power indicator. The anti-glare layer is just like the one found on most monitors with good reflection control and no grain apparent in the image. Pixio fit it tightly, so there is good sharpness and contrast here.


The input panel is tucked up and under the center of the panel and includes a single DisplayPort 1.2 that operates up to 165 Hz with HDR and FreeSync, or (unofficial) G-Sync without HDR. There are also two HDMI 2.0 ports that you can use with a max refresh rate of144 Hz, alongside FreeSync and HDR. 

A 3.5mm audio port supports headphones or powered speakers. There are no speakers built into the PX277P.

Joystick control

You control monitor functions via a tiny joystick that isn’t in an immediately obvious location. We had to flip the panel over to find it in a small recess about 4 inches inboard of the right edge at the bottom. Once we found it, it worked well for navigating the on-screen display (OSD).

Viewing angle

The Pixio PX279 has very good viewing angles for an LCD monitor. Its AHVA panel shows a slight shift to blue at 45 degrees to the sides with a 20% drop in brightness. Detail remains well-defined at all output levels. The top view shifts to reddish green with a loss of shadow detail and overall brightness.


Excellent gray uniformity. The corners of the screen are slightly darker than the rest of the screen, an effect known as vignetting, but this isn’t really noticeable with most content. In near-dark scenes, the uniformity is much better, and there aren’t any significant issues.

Color gamut

Excellent SDR color gamut, covering the entire sRGB color space used by most SDR content. Coverage of the wider Adobe RGB color space is also excellent, great for professional photo editing.

Response time

The Pixio PX279 Prime has an excellent response time. We recommend the ‘Middle’ setting for the response time overdrive, as the ‘High’ setting has noticeably more overshoot, but only a slightly faster response time. This results in clear motion, with little blur behind fast-moving objects and almost no noticeable motion artifacts. Although the response time isn’t quite as fast as the Gigabyte Aorus AD27QD, there’s less overshoot, resulting in less-noticeable ghosting behind fast-moving objects.

Refresh rate

The Pixio PX279 Prime has an excellent fast refresh rate, and it supports AMD’s FreeSync variable refresh rate technology.

There have been a few reports of ghosting issues when using this monitor with an NVIDIA card and G-SYNC compatibility manually enabled. During our testing, we didn’t experience any issues with this, but let us know in the discussions below if you do.

Over HDMI, the Pixio PX7 Prime is limited to a refresh rate of 144Hz.

Image quality – Pixio PX279 Prime 27 inch 240Hz review

First of all, the 2560×1440 resolution on 27″ sized screens ensures vivid details and plenty of screen real estate thanks to the rich pixel density of 108.79 pixels per inch. Moving on, the IPS panel of the Pixio PX279 display offers wide 178-degree viewing angles, a 6ms response time speed, a 230-nit peak brightness, and a 1,000:1 static contrast ratio.

AMD FreeSync – Pixio PX279 Prime 27 inch 240Hz review

One of the more impressive features of the Pixio New Pixio PX279 27-inch monitor is AMD FreeSync; more precisely, its wide dynamic range of 30Hz to 144Hz given that FreeSync monitors usually have a more limited range of around 40-144Hz or 48-144Hz.

In fact, the previous Pixio PX279 model had a range of 55-144Hz.

If you have a FreeSync-compatible GPU connected to a FreeSync monitor, the refresh rates and frame rates become synchronized – similar to how V-SYNC works.

Game setting

Below are our recommended calibration settings for the Pixio PX279 Prime

Picture ModeUser
Brightness 200 nits49
Brightness 120 nits21
Brightness 100 nits11
Brightness 80 nits2 (minimum 78 nits)
Black Equalizer49
Color Temp UserRed 44, Green 41, Blue 40

Pixio PX279 Prime 27 inch 240Hz Performance review

The Pixio PX279 is a perfect monitor for all kinds of gaming competitions. This monitor has 1440p 144Hz and delivers exceptional performance. At 144Hz, you experience a responsive and detailed game.

As mentioned above, Pixio PX279 has a 6ms response time. However, this is slightly below the average 4 ms response time for monitors of this type.

When it comes to screen performance, Pixio PX279 has a flicker-free screen. With a very light blue filter, you can look at this screen for as long as you want without eye stress or headaches.

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