Revitive Circulation Booster ( genuine ) replacement power supply adapter price


This power adaptor is designed to meet the power specification of the Revitive Circulation Booster. It offers the correct voltage, amperage and tip size. What is the Revitive Circulation Booster ( genuine ) replacement power supply adapter price?

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In the box

New, high-quality 5V power supply, 2-pin for US sockets


  • Fits all Circulation Booster models. Input: 100-240V ~50/60Hz 0.18A Output: 5.0V, 1.0A
  • High Quality Raw Materials.
  • LED Charging indicator
  • Cable length: 5 feet
  • Build in Dynamic IC,  Charger IC & Power fuse for rapid charging and over charge protection
  • PCB & Cover is manufactured with Fireproofing materials.
  • Over-voltage Protection, Short-circuit Protection, Over-Temperature Protection.
  • Features electrical noise reduction, heat reduction and over-voltage protection
    Safety-certified: CE certified, RoHS certified, Energy Level VI 2 pin, for US sockets

Other info – Revitive Circulation Booster ( genuine ) replacement power supply adapter


This 5V high-quality replacement power adapter is guaranteed to be compatible with the Revitive Circulation Booster. The plug fits a US 2-pin wall power socket.


It requires Input voltage of AC100-240V, 50/60Hz. It provides Output voltage of 5V DC

How to charge Revitive Circulation Booster with ( genuine ) replacement power supply adapter

REVITIVE Circulation Booster can be powered from either the rechargeable battery or by connecting it to an electrical socket.

a Locate the AC/DC power adaptor.

b Plug the small end of the power cord into the opening on the side of the REVITIVE Circulation .

c Plug the power adaptor into the nearest electrical socket. This will start charging the (integrated) rechargeable battery.

The battery indicator will illuminate constantly to indicate the device is charging and to show the battery level, as below. A full charge will take approximately 3 hours.

d Once fully charged, the full battery indicator will stay illuminated until the power
adaptor is unplugged from the device or the electrical socket.

Charge duration

A full charge enables approximately 3½ hours of use (the equivalent of one 30 minute session each day for one week)

The REVITIVE Circulation has a powerful, non-removable, Lithium Ion battery: 1200mAh. On a full charge, it will last for about 7 days if using it for 30 minutes a day.

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