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How do Revitive Arthritis-knee pads work? The intention of Revitive Arthritis-knee pads is to strengthen the muscles and as a result this could support the knee and relieve the issues associated with Osteoarthritis in the knee. If you do have the Osteoarthritis-Knee model it is important to note that the Arthritis mode is slightly different to the waveforms you feel via the foot pads. In Arthritis-mode there will be 10 seconds of stimulation, followed by a 50-second rest period, when no stimulation is felt. If the sensation feels strong then you will be working the muscles. If the sensation is quite weak – you may need to increase a little. What is the Revitive Arthritis-knee pads best price at Argos, Boots pr eBay?

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To get the most out of REVITIVE, it is recommended that you use:

• REVITIVE foot-pads for 20-30 minutes each day.
• REVITIVE Arthritis Pads on the thigh of your affected leg (knee) once a day for 20 minutes, 5 days per week.

Revitive Arthritis-knee pads price

Revitive Arthritis-knee pads price varies from GBP 28.00 – GBP 36.00 at Argos, Boots or eBay based on promotion. At the time of writing this article, it was not available in stores.

Revitive Medic best price in UK

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Revitive Arthritis-knee pads benefits

Thigh Pads

Revitive Electrode Thigh Pads strengthen leg muscles to support & stabilise knees and alleviate pain, stiffness & swelling in the knees. Providing relief and management of Osteoarthritis of the Knee. Revitive Electrode Thigh Pads designed for use with the New REVITIVE DualAction Circulation Booster. Contains one pair of extra large Revitive Electrode Thigh Pads. Easy to apply and reusable up to 20-30 applications. 

Foot pads

The foot pads also use EMS to stimulate the muscles in your calf and food to contract and relax – this can assist to increase circulation in the lower legs.

This achieves two goals: better blood circulation and stronger muscles. While the foot pads strengthen the knees from below the pads strengthen the knees from above. The combined effect is much more potent than if you just used the foot pads on their own.

How to use the Revitive Arthritis-knee pads?

REVITIVE comes with two pairs of reusable (up to 20-30 applications). Arthritis (Electrode) Pads that can be used to deliver Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to strengthen the muscles at the front of your thigh (quadriceps).

Strengthening your quadriceps muscles may help to support and stabilise the knee, reduce stress on the knee and relieve knee pain. The Arthritis Pads cannot be used at the same time as the foot-pads. Using the Arthritis Pads will automatically turn the foot-pads off.

a Where you will place the Arthritis Pads, It is good to clean and dry the thigh

b Please keep make sure REVITIVE is switched off. If the control panel is still illuminated, press the power button and turn REVITIVE off.

c Then attach the ends of the Arthritis Pads to the Arthritis Pad cord. Press connectors until there is no gap between them. Leaving a gap may cause discomfort.

d Now plug the other end of the Arthritis Pad cord into the opening on the side of REVITIVE.

e By peeling it off carefully, remove the plastic liner from the Arthritis Pads,. Replace the Arthritis Pads onto the plastic liner after use.

f A few centimetres away from your groin area, gently press one Arthritis Pad across your thigh (1) with the adhesive side against the skin.

g Now a few centimetres from the top of your kneecap, gently press second Arthritis Pad across your thigh (2) with the adhesive side against the skin.

They need to be in a position that is comfortable and that allows you to see your thigh muscles contract & relax. The Arthritis Pads do not need to be lined up exactly with each other.

h You will hear a beep and the display lights will light up, while you press the power button on the device or on the remote control to turn REVITIVE on. The time will read 20 minutes and Intensity will read 00. To turn off REVITIVE at any time during operation, press the power button on the device or the remote control.

i You can use the buttons on the device or remote control.. Set the time for the number of minutes you want to use REVITIVE. The default time for the Arthritis Pads is 20 minutes.

Press the (-) Time Contol to decrease the time.

Press the (+) Time Contol to increase the time.

Press the (+) Intensity Control once to start the stimulation.
You can set the intensity between 1-99. You can use the buttons on the device or remote control. Continue to increase the intensity until you can feel or see the muscles in your thigh contract and relax.

Press the (+) button to increase the level.
Press the (–) button to decrease the level.
The required intensity could be higher or lower than previous usage. It is normal to feel tingling or varying sensations in your thigh muscles. Use an intensity that provides you with strong but comfortable muscle contractions and note that the intensity required may vary from day to day- eg using it on 25 one day, does not necessarily mean you will need to use it at 25 the next day.

k The time control/display will start to count down in minutes as REVITIVE cycles through its program. When REVITIVE times out, the time display reads 00 and you will hear three beeps. REVITIVE switches itself off automatically. Ensuring that the device has switched itself off, then gently peel the Arthritis Pads from the skin.

Replace the Arthritis Pads onto their plastic liner after use. Unplug the Arthritis Pad cord from the opening on REVITIVE. You do not need to detach the Arthritis Pads from the Arthritis Pads cords.

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