Shark AV911S EZ robot vacuum with self-empty base reviews


What is good in Shark AV911S EZ robot vacuum with self-empty base? It combines the convenience of a self-empty base with powerful Shark suction for a complete home clean. After each cleaning session, your robot automatically empties itself into the bagless self-empty base, which holds multiple sessions’ worth of dirt and debris so you can forget about vacuuming for up to 30 days. Find details in Shark AV911S EZ robot vacuum with self-empty base reviews.

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Cleaning performance on bare floors is good, and it does a great job of sucking up debris on high-pile carpet too. This Shark AV911S EZ comes with a bagless base where it automatically empties dirt and debris. This has a capacity that lasts for up to 30 days so that cleaning is even more hands-free. 

In the box

  • Shark EZ Robot
  • Self-Empty Base
  • (2) Side Brushes
  • Filter

Pros & Cons


  • Fantastic pet hair cleaning performance.
  • Automatically empties dirt compartment into large external dustbin.
  • Long battery life.


  • High recurring costs.
  • Many parts need to be cleaned regularly.
  • Can get caught on electrical cords.


Life at home is hectic enough, so an upgrade to a Shark self-emptying robot vacuum at $349.99 will take a few extra tasks off your plate.

Shark AV911S EZ robot vacuum with self-empty base reviews


The Shark AV911S is well-built. It’s similar in design to other Shark robot vacuums, like the Shark AI Robot, with a matte-finish hard plastic body and twin drive wheels with rubber treads. Conversely, its hard plastic dirt compartment feels a little flimsy and could break if you drop it.


The Shark AV911S is impressively portable. It’s slightly lighter than alternatives like the iRobot Roomba i7+. Measuring at 13.38 x 18.5 x 11.42 inches, it weighs around 12.23 pounds. She vacuums better than we ever could, getting into tiny corners and the edges of furniture with her little brush arms that continually reach out. She does great under beds, too. 


You can remove the dustbin by pressing the two release buttons at the back of the part. The vacuum automatically dumps accumulated debris into the external dirt bin on the charging dock, but you can empty it yourself if you feel that it’s necessary.

Accessories – Shark AV911S EZ robot vacuum with self-empty base

Base station dust bin: To access this part, you can press the release button on the top left of the dirt compartment then pull it out from the side. Another button on the side of the dirt bin empties it. According to the manufacturer, it can hold up to roughly 15 days worth of collected debris.

Dust bin filter: The dust bin filter is located inside the dust bin. You can lift it out by pulling on its release tabs. You should remove any stuck-on debris by hand regularly, but make sure not to wash it under water.

Base station post-motor filter: The post-motor filter in the base station can be found behind a filter door on the base station. You should rinse it with cold water once a year. Leave it to air dry completely before reinstalling it.

Base station dust bin pre-motor filters: To access these filters, you can lift the housing lid on the right side of the base station dust bin and then pull both components out. You should clean them using only cold water once a month. Make sure to let them dry for at least 24 hours before putting it back in its place.

Brushroll: The brushroll can be accessed by removing the brushroll cover. You can remove any stuck-on debris or tangled hair by hand whenever it’s necessary.

Side brushes: The two side brushes can be simply pulled from their sockets. Check for any accumulated debris once a week and clean them as necessary, either by hand or with a dry cloth.

Drive wheels: The drive wheels and their housings should be cleared of any accumulated debris whenever necessary. Make sure to rotate the wheels to ensure full coverage.

Front wheel: The front wheel can be simply pulled from its housing, but you may need another tool to get enough leverage. Remove any accumulated dust, dirt, or hair from the wheel and the socket when necessary.

Sensors and charging pads: You should dust the sensors and charging pads whenever you notice a buildup of debris.

Dirt compartment

The combined capacity of the Shark AV911S’s internal dustbin and base station dirt compartment is decently large. The external dust bin has a clear plastic window that gives you a rough estimate of how full it is.


There are three suction power modes: ‘Normal’, which is the default mode that you can only change once the vacuum is up and running, the more energy-efficient ‘Eco’ mode, and the high-power ‘Max’ mode.


Our home is a custom built 2740sq ft house with pillars dividing off a “nook” and our office area, formal dining, the two kid’s rooms, bathroom, and our master has a 2nd living room area attached. Even with all that it has mapped it pretty well in just 3 cycles, and has started in a different direction each time, obviously searching to complete the map. 

Run time

The Shark AV911S offers superb battery performance. In its high-power ‘Max’ power mode, it supplies roughly 70 minutes of cleaning time. You can stretch it to over 140 minutes if it’s run in ‘Eco’ mode.

SharkClean app

Scheduling – I was very impressed with the scheduling features of the app. Control each day and even set quiet times for the robot. It will not run during those time unless you approve the bypass.

Mapping – best to let it map for a few days of cleaning. The map it builds is awesome if you can be patient and realize one pass is not enough to fully map.

Cleaning – we run it on normal, but it has three settings. The highest works well on higher traffic areas.

Shark AV911S EZ robot vacuum with self-empty base performance reviews

The Shark AV911S EZ works on both carpet and hard floors with powerful suction for all types of messes, including pet hair. It even includes multi-stage filtration to better capture pet dander, dust, and other allergens in your home. With its row-by-row cleaning, it offers 50% better coverage compared to older Shark models and recharges at its base to pick up exactly where it left off. It also detects and avoids common obstacles such as walls, corners, stairs, and ledges for a worry-free cleaning experience.

Shark AV911S EZ robot vacuum with self-empty base customer reviews

A phenomenal little vacuum!

I will start off by saying I did get this product on sale, so the expectations I had for it being nearly half off blew me out of the water. I saw some negative reviews about how loud this vacuum is, but I want to clear the air on that issue by stating- it really isn’t that loud. You can have this cleaning the same room as you’re in and have a conversation with someone without raising your voice. The only loud part about the Shark RV912S is when it goes to the dock; that suction of it cleaning out the robots waste into the larger bin is extremely loud but only lasts perhaps 30 seconds max.

This robot also comes with an extremely simple to use and feature packed application available for your smartphone. The app allows you to do things such as: schedule cleaning to begin at a certain time on certain days, adjust the suction power, start the robot remotely (even if you’re not on the same network), stop the robot remotely, and change the frequency of how often it docks while cleaning.

As far as the actual cleaning is regarded, it certainly isn’t bad, but it may take several pass overs to get things on thicker carpet, and due to the design it isn’t too great in the corners. The pathing in general though is incredible, it’s ability to clean in straight rows is exactly as advertised and does indeed pick up where it left off, if it docks mid cleaning to empty the waste. It also has cleaned by our upper floor stairs plenty of times now and the first few times I definitely sat there and supervised it, but I’m now confident it will not fall. Finally, my one big con, and the reason this loses a star from me is the error codes.

The app does make this slightly better, but generally the errors are very vague and leave you having to really search the bottom of the robot to see where things are getting stuck or where a blockage may be. All in all though, I’m so extremely happy I purchased one!

By Josh at Best Buy

Alternate of Shark AV911S EZ robot vacuum with self-empty base

iRobot Roomba S9+

When one thinks of robot vacuums, one of the first names to spring to mind is probably Roomba, and for good reason. Renowned for their excellent vacuum designs, customizable automations, and long-lasting performance, Roomba vacs are always top-shelf picks. We’ve said plenty about the unbelievable Roomba S9+, but there’s always room for even more spotlighting.

In terms of self-emptying tech, the S9+ comes with the Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal charge dock. When the vac finishes a sweep of your home, it returns to the Clean Base and forms a vacuum seal between the debris tank and the Roomba.

The debris is suctioned out and stored inside the Dirt Disposal tank, with enough storage for up to 60 days of detritus. When the tank is full, all you have to do is toss out the enclosed dirt removal bag (the Clean Base comes with two removable bags) and stick another one in to start your next 60 days of automatic disposals.

Once you add in advanced vSLAM map-building/navigation, advanced cleaning options, and Alexa/Google Assistant assistant integration, it’s easy to see why the iRobot Roomba S9+ finds its way to the top of countless robot vac roundups.

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