Proscenic M6 Pro vs M7 Pro difference – how to use app?


How to do troubleshooting if not connecting to WiFi? Which is good for carpet cleaning or mopping? They give you control on where you want the vacuum to go or not to go. With the ProscenicHome app, you can control all that you need: switching between cleaning modes, scheduled cleaning, room specific cleaning, create virtual off-limit zones, set specific zones to clean and so forth. In addition, it has the capability to save multi floor maps, so you only need to set it once. We covered here a comparative view – Proscenic M6 Pro vs M7 Pro.

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Pros & Cons – Proscenic M6 Pro vs M7 Pro

Proscenic M6 Pro


  • Excellent performance on bare floors
  • Vacuums and mops at same time
  • Quiet cleaner


  • Poor carpet performance
  • Slow, clunky app

Proscenic M7 Pro


  • Strong suction power
  • Vacuums and mops
  • Supports app control and Alexa voice commands


  • Small water tank
  • Doesn’t automatically avoid carpet when mopping
  • Automatic dust collector is sold separately

Specs – Proscenic M6 Pro vs M7 Pro

Proscenic M6 Pro

  • Size: 13.78 inches x 3.7 inches
  • Modes: Vacuuming and mopping
  • On board dustbin capacity: 0.55 liters, 2-in-1 dustbin and water tank: 0.3 liter dustbin, 0.18 liter water tank
  • Smart home compatibility: Alexa, Google Assistant

MProscenic M7 Pro

  • Dimensions 13.5 by 13.5 by 3.75 inches
  • Battery Life (Tested) 103 minutes
  • Mop/Vacuum Hybrid Yes
  • Scheduling Yes
  • Virtual Walls Yes
  • Remote Control Yes
  • Phone Control Yes

Proscenic M6 Pro vs M7 Pro Price

The Proscenic M6 Pro was released in December 2020 and is currently available on Amazon for $299. Though this Wi-Fi-connected hybrid vacuum and mop works with the ProscenicHome app, there’s a remote control included. 

With an impressive 2,600Pa of suction power, the $499 Proscenic M7 Pro excels at both. Its strong suction power combined with a HEPA filter makes for a robot that not only vacuums hard floors and carpeting well.

What is the key difference – Proscenic M6 Pro vs M7 Pro?


The M6 Pro is dressed mostly in matte black, save the classy dark silver lid and shiny black turret cover. There’s one light-up rubberized button that serves two purposes depending on where you press.

The underside of the Proscenic M6 Pro houses two large rubberized wheels with deep wheel wells, an omnidirectional wheel in the front, a three-spoked side brush, and a single rubber and bristle brush roll. The brush roll housing is blue and strikingly similar to the Eufy RoboVac G30 Edge.

The M7 Pro looks similar to the Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo T8 AIVI, with a round design and a raised laser sensor on top. It measures 13.5 inches in diameter and around 3.75 inches tall. On the bottom, it has two side brushes and a main rolling brush. 


Proscenic M6 Pro has 15 sensors that help the robot vacuum cleaner to handle different surroundings like fall avoidance, obstacle detection, collision prevent and many more.

Proscenic M7 Pro boasts 24 sensors, including anti-fall and anti-collision sensors, to avoid obstacles like stairs, to map your home, and to plan the most efficient cleaning path. The raised laser sensor, which helps it navigate and map your home, makes the M7 Pro a touch  taller than other floor-cleaning robots I’ve tested, but it will still fit under most furniture. 

Suction Power

It has a cleaning power similar to the M6 Pro of about 2700 Pa which should make easy pickings of any small litter in your living room. Some of the average robot vacuum cleaners offer around 1400 Pa of power so the M6 and M7 Pro are major upgrades on that.

Weaker robot vacuums—like the iLife A9, which has 1,000Pa of suction power—struggle to clean all the debris from medium-pile carpet, but the M7 Pro has no such issues. Thanks to its strong 2,600Pa suction power, it cleans hard floors, low-pile, and medium-pile carpeting equally well.

Bin capacity

Proscenic M6 Pro hold debris securely until you reach a garbage can. This was also true of the second dustbin that comes with the M6 Pro. Proscenic calls it a 2-in-1 dustbin as it houses the 180 ml water tank for mopping in addition to a smaller regular dustbin. The 2-in-1 bin is meant to be installed immediately before mopping and removed immediately afterwards.

When finished, the M7 Pro successfully went back to its base station on its own. After more than 100 minutes cleaning my floors, its 600ml bin was completely filled with dust, pet hair, and a few stray feathers that must have escaped my pillows. The floors looked and felt a lot cleaner. The dustbin is easy to remove and empty. 

Battery Life

Proscenic M6 Pro comes with 3,200mAh battery capacity that offers 110 minutes continuous cleaning.

The M7 Pro is powered by a 5,200mAh battery that Proscenic says allows for 90 to 150 minutes of cleaning, depending on which mode you’re using. Fully charging it back up takes around 4 to 4.5 hours. 

Base station

Proscenic M6 Pro

The base and charging contacts on the Proscenic M6 Pro are very similar to the Neato D4. Two long metal contacts on the rear of the M6 Pro are designed to meet up with the compact charging base. Watching the M6 Pro dock is amusing. The front of the vacuum lines itself up, then it does a 180-degree turn to back itself into the charging dock. 

Proscenic M7 Pro

It’s much bigger than the standard base station, measuring about 10.0 by 8.8 by 13.5 inches (LWH). It comes with a dust bag preinstalled, and includes two extras in the bag. Proscenic sells packs of three dust bags for $20. 

Proscenic M6 Pro vs M7 Pro Performance review

Proscenic M6 Pro

On the hardwood floor tests, the Proscenic was just short of perfect. It collected 100% of the Cheerios in our test area and 100% of the dog hair. The Roborock S4 Max also earned a perfect score when it came to dog hair, though that machine only collected 96.75% of the cereal on the same surface. 

Cleaning up kitty litter was the only hardwood test where the Proscenice M6 Pro was less than perfect, but still more efficient than similar robot vacuums. It picked up 97.3% of the litter, just a few granules below the RoborockS4 Max’s score of 97.75%.

Proscenic M7 Pro

On its first test run, the M7 Pro covered around 530 square feet in one hour, and still had 60 percent battery life remaining. I ran it on Standard Mode for this first test, but there’s also a Powerful Mode that increases the suction power and volume, and a Quiet Mode for sensitive ears. On subsequent tests, I noticed that Powerful Mode drains battery more quickly than Standard Mode, which isn’t surprising. 

the M7 Pro cleaned for a total of 103 minutes in Standard Mode before it got down to 28 percent battery and went back to its base station to recharge. 

What is the similarity – Proscenic M6 Pro vs M7 Pro?


I like that the robot has a High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter, which captures allergens from the air. If you’re an suffer from allergies like I do, make sure to look for a vacuum with a HEPA filter. 


Setting up the M6/M7 Pro is easy. You connect the power cord to the charging base, plug it in, and place the base against the wall. Proscenic recommends placing the base station around 1.6 feet away from objects on either side and 3.9 feet across from anything.

To turn the robot on, press and hold the Power button on top and the light will turn blue, then press the Home button to send it to its charging dock. Once the robot starts charging, the light turns green. 


The Proscenic M6/M7 Pro comes with a remote control, but accessing all of its features can only be done using the ProscenicHome app (Android and iOS). Before connecting to anything, you have to create a login and password within the app. Then you can add a robot. Adding the Proscenic M6 Pro was relatively smooth. Like other Wi-Fi-connected bots, you enter your Wi-Fi password in the app, then connect to the network created by the robot itself in the phone’s settings. Going back into the app immediately afterwards completes the process. 

Alexa voice

The M7 Pro works well with Alexa voice commands. To set it up, I opened the Alexa app on my phone, then searched for and enabled the ProscenicRobot skill. I then used my ProscenicHome account credentials to sign in, and it was good to go. 

All you have to do is say, “Alexa, ask smart bot to start cleaning,” and the M7 Pro fires right up in Auto Mode. You can say, “Alexa, ask smart bot to stop cleaning,” to pause the robot, or say, “Alexa, ask smart bot to start charging,” to end a session early.


Proscenic recommends wetting the microfiber pad before mopping. I ran it under water, squeezed out the excess, then attached it to the plate and snapped it onto the rear of the M6 Pro. Despite wringing out the excess water, I was amazed at how wet my floor was as the M6 Pro vacuumed and mopped its way across the kitchen floor. There are three water settings: Low, Medium, and High. The default setting is Medium, which is what I initially used

The M7 Pro works best as a vacuum, but it can also mop. It comes with a tiny 110ml water tank, onto which you attach a machine-washable mop cloth. It also comes with a package of 10 disposable mop cloths. 

Alternate of Proscenic M6 Pro vs M7 Pro

Roborock S6


  1. Charging dock
  2. Charging cable
  3. 2 HEPA filters
  4. brushroll
  5. Dirt compartment
  6. Brushroll guard
  7. Water container
  8. 2 mopping cloths
  9. 10 disposable mop cloths
  10. 6 water filters
  11. User guide       


1.Easy portability
2.Great at picking up pet hair
3.Excellent maneuverability
4.Great automation features
5.Good capacity dustbin
6.Removable brushroll
7.Utilizes smart pathing feature


1.It has recurring maintenance costs
2. Struggles to pick up debris on carpets

The Roborock S6 is another high-performance robot vacuum cleaner with a generous amount of good reviews. Depending with the cleaning mode and suction level, this vacuum cleaner has a good battery life.

It is good at cleaning on all types of floors, although it struggles a bit picking up debris on carpets. Also, this vacuum has the mop feature which comes in handy when you want to mop the floors. If you have pets, this is the robot cleaner you should consider buying as it does an excellent job at picking up pet dander.

It has a low profile which enables it to go under the low profile furniture. Like the S5, the S6 is easy and quick to set up and use. You can connect it to the Mi Home Application or the Roborock apps. These applications help you to know the accessories you should use.
The dust compartment of this vacuum cleaner is good size allowing you to clean over a large area without the need to empty the bin.

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