iLife robot vacuum comparison – which is good for pet hair?


How iLife robot vacuum comparison can help you? Which is good for pet hair? iLife robot vacuum has low profile design to clean under beds, furniture where dirt hides. Ideal for hardwood, tile, laminate or stone. With a tangle-free pet hair care technology, focuses on picking up hairs, dirt, debris on hard floors. Find more in iLife robot vacuum comparison.

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Pros & Cons – iLife robot vacuum comparison

iLife A4


  • Max Mode creates a boost in air power that provides a high-powered suction.
  • Can be used on a variety of floor types.
  • Two-in-one cleaning capabilities include both mopping and vacuuming.
  • Boasts a durable, solid, and touch design and outer shell.


  • Dry mopping feature only.
  • A little more costly than other vacuums with the same features.

iLife A4S


  • Improved carpet cleaning performance.
  • Remote with LCD included.
  • Two charging modes offer increased battery.


  • Device does not have wifi capability.

iLife A6


  • Cleans large areas ranging from 180 to 200 square meters.
  • Electrowalls offers boundary markers to keep the vacuum contained within a specific area.
  • Generation 2 Cyclone Power cleaning system.
  • Lasts for 160 minutes on a single charge.
  • Slim design.
  • Designed to handle both mopping and vacuuming.


  • Does not support wifi.
  • No wet mopping.

iLife V3S


  • Includes a remote with an LCD for ease of operation.
  • The V3S has the ability to vacuum, sweep, and mop all at the same time.
  • With its HEPA filters, the V3S helps with allergies.
  • High suction picks up more dirt and debris.
  • Cleans between 120 and 150 square meters.
  • Large RoadRover wheels give the robot vacuum the ability to clean anywhere in your home.


  • No wet mopping capability.
  • Sometimes has trouble with navigation.

iLife V5S


  • Ability to vacuum, sweep, and mop at the same time.
  • Both wet and dry mopping capability.
  • Can be charged manually or via self-charging.
  • Large RoadRover wheels for easier navigation.
  • Remote control included for ease-of-use.


  • Does not have wifi connectivity.

iLife V7S


  • Performs both wet and dry mopping.
  • Can vacuum, sweep, and mop at the same time.
  • Large capacity tank for mopping.
  • Improved battery means longer cleaning cycles.
  • Appealing design.
  • Superb finish.
  • Large cleaning area.


  • Lacks wifi connectivity.

iLife X5


  • Slim design helps the device to fit under beds and furniture while cleaning hard to reach places.
  • High-powered suction capabilities.
  • Offers both wet and dry mopping.
  • Cleans areas of up to 180 square meters.
  • Includes remote control for ease-of-use.
  • Ability to vacuum and mop simultaneously.


  • Only provides 90 minutes of runtime.

What is good in iLife robot vacuum?

Low-profile design

Besides looking like cool little robots, ILIFE robotic vacuums have low profiles to get to hard-to-reach spots. It’s never been easier to clean under beds, dressers, or tables — with no furniture moving required.

Floor type

When it comes to ILIFE robotic vacuums, you should make your decision based on the type of floor you have. A-series models can clean carpeted floors. W-series models are designed to clean wood, linoleum, tile, or stone. The V-series, which is the most versatile, includes models capable of cleaning almost all surfaces. They also have wet and dry cleaning modes.


Depending on the size of your ILIFE robotic vacuum, the dustbin can hold up to 750 milliliters of debris. Larger-capacity models tend to be more expensive, though they require emptying less often.

Battery and auto-charging

The battery life of ILIFE robotic vacuums can be as long as 140 minutes. When the battery runs low, the device returns to its charging station. Once restored, the vacuum continues cleaning.

Voice feedback

Need a status update? Many ILIFE robotic vacuums alert you once cleaning is completed, or if there are any operational issues like clogging or getting stuck.


To traverse various floor types with ease, ILIFE robotic vacuums have patented RoadRover wheels. They won’t get caught or stutter, even when transitioning between floor types as they travel from room to room.


High-end models are equipped with panoramic navigation and route-planning technology. This makes cleaning more efficient, as they don’t go over areas they’ve already cleaned. It also aids in navigating obstacles such as stairs and furniture.


Most ILIFE robotic vacuums allow for scheduling, which means you can program cleaning and leave it at that. You can change scheduling settings at any time or set it up for a whole week of cleaning.

I-dropping technology

Mop-enabled models come with i-dropping technology, which only drips water while mopping is in progress. This controls how much and when water is dispensed, which prevents unsafe pooling and excess moisture.

Water tank

Mop-enabled models have water tanks that are designed to flow only when the vacuum is in motion. This convenient feature means water won’t pool while the device is idle.


If you’d like to limit your ILIFE robotic vacuum’s access in certain areas, choose a model with Electrowall technology. This is especially helpful if you want to avoid pets or rooms with sleeping babies.

iLife robot vacuum comparison chart

ModelA4SA6A8X5V5V5S ProV7V7S ProV8S Pro
Run time120 – 150 mins.160 mins.160 mins.90 mins.120 mins.2.76120 – 150 mins.140 mins.100 mins.
Power700 – 1,000Pa950 – 1000Pa950 – 1000Pa550Pa – 850Pa600Pa550Pa – 850Pa400Pa400PaN/A
Diameter (inches)12.212.0112.0111.8111.7911.8113.3913.3912.99
Height (inches)2.993.
Number of
side brushes
Cleaning radius180 – 200 sq.m.180 – 200 sq.m.180 – 200 sq.m.180 sq.m.120 – 150 sq.m.90 – 150 sq.m.80 – 150 sq.m.150 – 200 sq.m.150 – 200 sq.m.
Noise≤ 65dB≤ 65dB≤ 65dB≤ 65dB≤ 55db≤ 54dbN/A55 – 60db55 – 60db
Cleaning modes(1) Auto clean
(2) Spot clean
(3) Edge clean
(4) Mini-room
(5) Schedule
(1) Auto clean
(2) Spot clean
(3) Edge clean
(4) Mini-room
(5) Schedule
(1) Auto clean
(2) Spot clean
(3) Edge clean
(4) Mini-room
(5) Schedule
(1) Auto clean
(2) Spot clean
(3) Edge clean
(4) Schedule
(5) Mopping
(1) Auto clean
(2) Spot clean
(3) Edge clean
(4) Schedule
(1) Auto clean
(2) Spot clean
(3) Edge clean
(4) Schedule
(5) Mopping
(1) Auto clean
(2) Spot clean
(3) Edge clean
(4) Schedule
(5) Mopping
(1) Auto clean
(2) Spot clean
(3) Edge clean
(4) Schedule
(5) Mopping
(1) Auto mode
(2) Point mode
(3) Border mode
(4) Path mode
(5) Mopping mode
(6) Self-charge mode
HEPA filterYesYesYesYesYesYesNoNoNo
Motorized brushYesYesYesNoNoNoYesYesYes
Charging baseYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Smartphone appNoNoNoNoNoNoYesNoNo
Virtual wallNoYesYesYesNoNoNoNoNo
Dust Box Capacity0.45L0.3L0.3L0.3L0.3L0.3L0.5L0.5L0.75L
Wet moppingNoNoNoYesNoYesNoYesYes
Water Tank CapacityNoNoNo0.3LNo0.3LNo0.45L0.3L
Dry moppingNoNoNoYesYesYesYesYesYes
Charge timeN/Aless than 300 mins.less than 300 mins.less than 5 hrs.N/A280 mins.N/A300 mins.200-350 mins.

How to choose the best robot vacuum for you

Before you buy, you need to determine what your needs are, and how much you’re willing to spend. Things you’ll want to consider include:

  • How much you’re willing to spend.
  • The size of the space you want to clean.
  • If you need a vacuum to clean up pet hair.
  • If you want to control the vacuum using your smartphone.

Pricier robot vacuums will have more sensors, which they can use to map a room and clean it more efficiently. Some of the best robot vacuums we tested can clean a room in as little at ten minutes. These vacuums also have additional features, such as smartphone control, Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility, and the ability to clean individual rooms.

Generally, robot vacuums fall into two tiers: Budget, non-smart models that cost around $200 and less, and smarter models that cost around $400 and up. While they can be effective cleaners, budget models aren’t as sophisticated, and generally bump around a room randomly until everything is clean. Because of their random cleaning pattern, they can take upwards of an hour to clean a 15 x 15-foot room.

iLife robot vacuum comparison with other vacuum cleaners

Here’s the tl;dr on which robot vacuums are best at picking up dirt and pet hair. Note that while all of the robot vacuums were tested by picking up the same material on the same surfaces, those with an asterisk were tested in a 15 x 15-foot square, whereas the other models were tested in a 5 x 5-foot square.

OverallPet hairhardwoodcarpetpet hair hardwoodpet hair carpet
iLife V3s Pro*9799.599.894.210099
Roomba s986.89896.397.39997
iLife V5s Pro*94.897.395.7949599.5
Roborock s496.259498.294.310088
Neato D4*91.391.393.688.987.595
Roomba i7+90.490.589.8918893
Neato D7*91.389.396.186.692.586
Shark R85*948890.897.277.598.5
Eufy Robovac G30 Edge*88.987.394.483.596.578
Roborock S6 Max V90.680.590.790.47883
Roomba i390.175.596.2849358
Roomba 675*89.774.390.289.27771.5
Eufy Robovac 11s*85.867.58586.76075

iLife robot vacuum feature comparison

V3s proV80 MaxA10Shinebot W400sG50G80
Cleaning routeRandomIntelligent Path Mode & Gyro NavigationLidar navigation+SLAMIntelligent Path Mode & Gyro Navigation
MapMulti-floor mapping, Selective Room Cleaning
Max suction1000 Pa2000 Pa2000 Pa1000 Pa10k Pa22k Pa
Tangle-free suction port2-in-1 Floating Roller BrushRoller BurshRoller Brush
Dustbin capacity300 ML750 ML450 ML650 ML650 ML
Anti-fall&anti-collision&self charging
APP control
Floor Washing
Carpet Boost & Zone Cleaning & no-go zones&barriers
Special Features4.4 lbs light design, Side brush design to clean edges, 4-stage Cyclone filtratione system4.29 lbs light design,Side brush design to clean edges, 4-stage Cyclone filtratione system, Samsung battery

Customer reviews – iLife robot vacuum comparison


iLife A4S

Thanks to the double-V shape of the bristle brush, tangling is kept to a minimum, and even dirt and crumbs that have been lodged deep between carpet fibers can be dug into and extracted.

iLife A6

This brush is in the shape of a spiral and gathers dirt and debris into its large dustbin with its powerful suction.

iLife V5S Pro

The enhanced brushless motor allows this robot cleaner to provide suction power that is 5x stronger than usual. 


iLife A6

This battery ensures that the A6 has enough time to get the entire house cleaned. It will run for up to 160 minutes, covering an area of between 180 and 200 square meters.

iLife V3S

You’ll also get improved battery life with the V3S Pro. The standard version offers 90-100 minutes while the V3S Pro provides nearly two hours of cleaning time.

iLife A4S

With a single charge of its battery, you can get up to 90 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning time, so you can get your cleaning done in no time.

iLife V9e

The V9e can run for 110 minutes per charge before refueling at its charging dock.

Good for

iLife A4

the A4 is capable of fitting under low sitting furniture or beds, avoiding the likelihood of it getting stuck. It’s a lightweight vacuum as well, clocking in at only a few pounds heavier than some of iLife’s more popular devices.

iLife A4S

For your deep carpet and floor cleaning needs, the ILIFE A4S Smart Robotic Vacuum is the ideal model for you.

iLife V7S

iLife robot vacuums the V7S has a strong suction that works well not only on wood and linoleum but on carpet too. Additionally, you’ll get features like various cleaning modes, scheduled cleaning, self-charging, and a remote control with the V7S.

iLife X5

the X5 does not handle high-pile carpet very well, mostly due to the fact that its brush isn’t motorized. However, the device offers both wet and dry mopping.

iLife V3S

Featuring Pet Hair Care technology, this V3s Pro robot vacuum cleaner is especially powerful in vacuuming pet hair.

iLife S5

With 2000 Pa of suction power on its highest setting, this robot picks up and removes tiny debris from low-pile carpets in just one or two passes. 

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