SHW home office 32-inch computer desk review


Is it sturdy? It comes with steel frame, powder coated finish, Environmental particle board. It is great for home office, studio, bedroom and also kitchen as a dinning table.  it has pre-drilled/installed metal chambers that the screws go into so you don’t have to worry about the screw going to far into and damaging the wood. Know more in SHW home office 32-inch computer desk review.

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Pros & Cons


  • Easy to assemble
  • Modern Design
  • 15-20 minute set-up
  • Good color choices
  • Strong & Sturdy yet light weight and easy to move
  • Excellent size desk for a computer work station
  • Cable management is a very appreciated feature


  • only 28-inch height

Specs – SHW home office 32-inch computer desk

  • Desk design Computer Desk
  • Room Type Office, Bedroom
  • Brand SHW
  • Product Dimensions 16″D x 32″W x 28″H
  • Color Oak
  • Furniture Finish Oak
  • Size 32-Inch
  • Top Material Type Engineered Wood
  • Assembly Required Yes
  • Material: Steel frame, powder coated finish, particle board
  • Color options: Espresso, black, maple, oak, white, cherry

SHW home office 32-inch computer desk review


The top is a beautiful cherry red, legs are black metal. It’s the wooden desk, 4 frame pieces that fit like a rectangle (super easy), and a few screws to make sure it’s all nice and connected. This is as anti-IKEA as it comes.

There are two holes for wiring on either back side of the table which are HUGE and that’s perfect for anyone who likes to keep their wires neat. The covers for those holes are a bit finicky but once you get it in place, it’s not gonna move.


Its dimension is 16 x 32 x 28 inches and weighs around only 13.57 lbs. It is a beautiful desk and is very sturdy. Incredibly easy to put together, it’s just a few pieces that go together without anything and then you screw it on the wood from underneath. Comes with the screws, only need 6, and an allen wrench.

Height support

A really nice, very sturdy desk that can hold a lot of what you put on it, and very comfortable, both in height and leg room. I have measured my desk with 2 different measurers and it still comes up almost, but not quite 28″. The metal frame is 1 1/2 inches. When you screw on the top it is then a little under 2 1/2 inches.


It was super easy to put together, it was together and up in less than 15 minutes. Nice neutral appearance. I appreciated that the desk has the metal channels to set the connection bolts in so you can’t over-tighten or accidently go through the desk. It comes with an Allen Wrench, but you will need a small rubber mallet or hammer to set the legs correctly – or just a really strong push! 


In terms of stability however, if you are on carpet, get ready for a little wobble. This isn’t surprising as the the “feet” (are basically just anti-scratch pads) aren’t individually raised pieces which would have settled and planted in the carpet much better. The design seems more aimed at solid flat floors, as the pictures suggest. But if the wobble gets bad enough for you, the know-how crowd, could easily drill some feet into this thing for carpet as long as they wouldn’t mind a bit taller of a desk.

Alternate of SHW home office 32-inch computer desk

ApexDesk Elite


Type: Motorized

Height range: 29-inches – 48-inches

Desktop size: 60-71-inches x 33-inches


+High-quality build

+Large desktop surface area

+Competitive pricing

+Lifting capacity of 100kg

+Grommets make it easy to run cables


-Slow lifting mechanism

Need a lot of desk space for all your stuff, like multiple monitors, or other peripherals? Then ApexDesk Elite is a good port of call for another high-quality desk that delivers some serious desktop real-estate – and the real bonus is that it’s nicely priced for what you’re getting here.

There are actually two sizes with a 60-inch and 71-inch version of the Elite, but obviously if you want maximum desk space, go with the latter, which also has a depth of 33-inches – more than most (it’s a few inches deeper than the Uplift, for example).

It’s a superbly built standing desk with a dual-motor lifting system, featuring a smooth, albeit a little slow, lifting mechanism (and a controller with the ability to set four preset heights). The lifting capacity is just over 100kg to ensure you can indeed fit plenty of hefty bits of hardware on top of this desk. The Elite is sturdily built with the center beam providing greater stability (without having to have a crossbar underneath).

Furthermore, you can get some pretty smart deals on these desks if you shop around, and if you go the ApexDesk route, you’ll likely get a lot of desk for your money.

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